dirt cheap Chinese motorcycle brands/ bajaj tuk tuk spare parts, CG125 325mm motorcycle rear air shock absorber

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341273AUDIA6,A6 AVANT(97-04)F
ROVER 600 Series

Our coilover with really high performance and quality.

-Large cylinder and piston Mono-Tube design to advance driving.

-32 different adjustable damping setting for softer or harder need.

-Ride Height fully adjustable.Can lower very much to meet your needs.

-53MM Monotube designs with gas (Nitrogen) and oil separated.

-Long lasting spring: SAE 9254 steel,color can be chosen.

-Robot welding, high quality and finish.

-High rigidity aluminum alloy strut and pillow ball upper mounts, 6061-T6, color can be chosen.

-High quality components: JAPAN NOK Sealing, GERMANY Fuchs Oil, JAPAN KOYO bearing, durable PURF bumper, PU bush and so on.

-One year Warranty

-Good quality package to protect proucts.

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Q:What is the difference between a car rear suspension and a front suspension?
Q:Did the car change an air suspension after an annual review?
Car decoration is related to the safety performance of vehicles, vehicle modification on the impact of security may be greater. In the car decoration or modification of the time, should be fully aware of its impact on safety performance.
Q:Which kind of suspension is the most solid
Buy to find someone to tune down, feel steady and solid as long as the wide tires, reduce the height of the chassis can be, but the tune up need to spend some time and technology. And the tire width will affect the power output, the chassis reduces the impact of certain sections of the passage
Q:What is the meaning of the independent suspension of the car?
Independent suspension, also known as the McPherson suspension system for the car chassis is the shock absorber shock absorber spring and the lower arm and other components of the suspension system is not independent, such as the Isuzu chassis from the upper and lower arm and torque pole suspension system
Q:The car off into the covers, knock to sit in front suspension? Does it have any effect?
In general, the car's suspension system is divided into two kinds of non-independent suspension and independent suspension, non-independent suspension of the wheel mounted on the end of an overall axle, when the side of the wheel beating, the other side of the wheel also corresponding beating, so that the whole Body suspension or tilt; independent suspension of the axle is divided into two sections, each wheel by the coil spring independently installed in the frame below, when the side of the wheel beating, the other side of the wheel is not affected, both sides of the wheels can be independent movement, The stability and comfort. As the modern people on the ride comfort and handling stability requirements are getting higher and higher, so the non-independent suspension system has been gradually eliminated.
Q:Car chassis ~ and hanging is miscellaneous is?
Suspension is part of the car chassis Suspended length of the trip Hard and soft degree of comfort and encounter bumps when the car bounce reaction time the chassis is much more complex
Q:A strong sense of bumps, is hanging out of the problem?
Tire pressure may be raised. And then one is the four wheel hub is not too dirty, causing the tire imbalance, the wheel when the car washed more
Q:How much is the active car suspension?
Active suspension can not be modified car shop R & D may be your models do not have the best to go to 4S shop modification if there can be no modified air suspension air suspension thousands to hundreds of thousands
Q:What kind of car suspension system, the advantages and disadvantages of the order of comparison
Divided into separate suspension and non-independent suspension ~! Non-independent suspension is a rigid connection with a bar on both sides of the wheel, the impact of the side of the wheel, the vibration must affect the other side of the wheel, so naturally do not get better handling stability and comfort , While the wheels on both sides of the mutual influence, but also easy to affect the stability of the body in the steering time is more prone to rollover. Independent suspension chassis feel very obvious. As the use of independent suspension car on both sides of the wheels are independent of each other with the body connected, so from the use of the process, when the side of the wheel by the impact of vibration through the elastic element itself can absorb the impact force, this impact will not spread to another Side wheels, making the manufacturers at the beginning of the design of the model through the appropriate adjustment of the car ride comfort, stability, handling stability in three areas to obtain a reasonable configuration. Selection of independent suspension car in general, its handling and comfort are significantly better than the choice of non-independent suspension of the car.
Q:What is the rear suspension of the car?
The rear suspension of the car is a general term for all the force connection between the frame (or the loadable body) and the axle (or wheel), which is one of the important parameters affecting the comfort of the car. The suspension includes three parts: elastic element, shock absorber and force transmission device.

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