Semi-Automatic Edge Banding Machines of Many Kinds with High Quality

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Product Description:

1.   Structureof 3 Head Multi Borer Machine (MZ73213A) Description:

This design banding watering machine nozzle support cost low, the easy to operate, suits the fixed spray irrigation and the motion type spray irrigation.

    2. 3 Head Multi Borer Machine Advantages:

Flexible thickness application

Easy to assemble and disassemble

Low weight

Competitive price

   3. 3 Head Multi Borer Machine Products Pictures:

Semi-Automatic Edge Banding Machines of Many Kinds with High Quality 

    4. 3 Head Multi Borer Machine Specification:

Drill joint assembly aperture diameter         10mm

Minimum processing hole spacing of          130 x 32mm


5.FAQ of Banding Machine.

1) What can we do for you? 

    .We can ensure the quality of the banding machine and avoid extra expenses for customers.    

    .We can provide you the professional technical team.    

    .We can provide professional building proposal for your projects.        

2) What promises can be done by us?

   . If interested in this kind of formwork, please feel free to write us for any QUOTE.

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Q:How to seal the opening of the cabinet?
The hole edge edge site now has two cabinets, one is aluminum foil edge, two with type U edge of the two cases Xiaobian recommend using aluminum platinum paper, because of its strong plasticity, can be required to turn into various radian, and type U is the edge of objects the shape requirement is very high, only U can better seal! So it is not a higher price of U banding can make cabinets more environmentally friendly.With both edge edge banding strip for good, edge edge is directly determines the firmness, durability and safety, the Bai Li love home cabinets manufacturers with the German import edge machine, can make the adhesive edge and the plate more tightly.
Q:Etoon edge problem
You are up and down the two sides have, or on the one side, the two sides are available, you have to adjust the pressure wheel before and after the number of positions, or else the right angle of the nose is wrong
Q:What oil is added in the motor of the automatic edge sealing machine? How often do you add a motor with a belt? Is there a small hole on it?
Oil with high viscosity can be substituted.
Q:Heat transfer edge sealing machine which good?
Of course, buy thermal transfer sealing machine for Qingdao Sanlong Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co Ltd new thermal transfer cylinder edge tracking hot stamping, no matter how thick transfer finished debugging of the door, are required to adjust, with a door device film can save 4-5 yuan hot stamping film, welcome you to visit the former boss Tel: 18562586086 Mr. Zhao
Q:How much is the banding strip one meter?
Cabinets used on the edge banding, the price of a few cents a meter, there are also a few dollars a meter. The price is different from its thickness, width, and manufacturer's.. Therefore, suggest that you go directly to the store, or find business advice better.
Q:Is it good to have edge metal or PVC at home?
Best use of solid wood banding leather, good-looking and grade. Construction is also convenient.
Q:What is woodworking edge banding machine?. What role does it play?
There are many kinds of woodworking machinery, such as coating machine, laminating machine, engraving machine and so on, in which the edge sealing machine is one of them. It is a kind of machine tool that can automatically complete the work of edge sealing of sheet metal. It has linear edge banding machine and curve special edge banding machine (portable), but it uses portable edge banding machine less. Edge banding machine according to the degree of automation points, there are fully automatic and semi-automatic. Whether it is automatic or semi-automatic edge banding machine, its structure is the fuselage, processing components and control systems. Full automatic and semi automatic the main difference lies in the different processing parts, semi automatic gluing, generally only: upper and lower edge, trimming, polishing, automatic: pre milling, gluing, sealing, block, repair, rough finishing, copying tracking, scraping, polishing, slotting. These two pieces of equipment are used for edge sealing of panel furniture. Under normal circumstances, semi-automatic edge sealing machine is enough. In addition, the price of more than 20000, semi automatic, automatic more than 50000.
Q:The best window tile the edge? Answer urgently. Thank you
I looked at the front of the reply, feeling is the choice of marble is better, you can choose black Jinsha, white jazz, beige marble series, although it is said that the marble radiation, why grade decoration will choose it, but not the wall ground in large area this does not matter, the threshold sill board is best choice of natural stone stone, artificial stone appearance was flattered, no more than the hardness of artificial stone, natural stone, with long scratches easily into the dust, not for a long time to, if it is because of the natural stone is not long enough for two pieces of good, on the not so obvious, the two pieces or three pieces can be, the most important the future is on the table cloth mat can be customized, the seam is even less to
Q:PVC what's the glue for the edge banding?
UPVC special glue will do. It's cheap. About five or six dollars a bottle.
Q:Who can tell me the name of this kind of edge sealing wood paper? Anyway, not called edge banding, Taobao only the kind of 1MM thick PVC
Kraft wood veneer, I hope to help you ~!

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