Banding Tape Portable Edge Bander

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Product Description:

Banding Tape Portable Edge Bander
Key Specifications/Special Features:
  • Portable edge bander can band the wooden edge's frame with wooden band, PVC band or melamine paper band

  • Used for large size boards as well as incomplete wooden products

  • For different banding requirement, all kinds of low temperature hot-melt adhesives whose melting point is below 200°C are suitable to this bander

  • Model: KM07, KM08

  • Minimum radius of banding: 20mm, 20mm

  • Feeding speed: 4m/min, 4m/min

  • Thickness of banding: 0.3-3.0mm, 0.3-3.0mm

  • Width of banding tape: 10 to 45mm, 10 to 45mm

  • Working temperature: 200°C below, 200°C below

  • Engine's power: 25W, 25W

  • Total power: 525W, 765W

  • Power supply: 220V/50 to 60Hz, 110V/60Hz, 220V/50 to 60Hz, 110V/60Hz

  • Glue pot capacity: 330mL, 160mL

  • Net weight: 11kg, 8.5kg

  • Machine size: 410 x 370 x 450mm, 410 x 370 x 450mm

  • Material of tape: PVC, wood paper, melamine PVC, wood paper, melamine

Technical Data :

Mini radius of banding : 20mm

Feeding speed  : 2-6 meter/min

Thickness of banding :0.3-3.0mm

Width of banding tape:10-60mm

Working temperature : 200°C below

Motor Power         : 25W

Total Power         : 650W

Power supply        : 220V/50-60HZ ,110V/50-60hz

Glue pot capacity   :320ml

Net weight          :9.2kg

Machine Size        :410 x 370 x 450mm

Material of tape    : PVC , Venner , melamine

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Q:PVC what's the glue for the edge banding?
UPVC special glue will do. It's cheap. About five or six dollars a bottle.
Q:Why does our family seal edge fall off, cabinet experience deformation?
Lumber is bad, damp, when water evaporates, cause plate deformation
Q:Can the automatic linear edge banding machine only seal the straight line? How about sealing the curve?
A curve edge sealing machine is a semi-automatic edge sealing machine. When the belt comes out from the gluing shaft, the belt is pressed on the board by hand. There are also automatic, but the automatic is too slow?
Q:Are there any big differences between semi-automatic edge banding and full automatic edge sealing?
There is no greater way than one heaven on earth
Q:How to solve the panel furniture open non explosive edge ```PVC edge, how can I do not see the combination?
I answered the question in detail! Look at my answer!Let me explain it to you!Sliding table saw is two blocks of the saw blade, a main blade, a small guide saw, sawing plates without paint finishes are generally only a piece of the main blade material, only saw a veneer plate was used to guide the small saw slot on a plank opposite to guide the use of the plate, so paint finish will not explode edge, also can also push table saw cutting board, with jargon and can open the wool can also open concentrate.Precision saw belong to larger equipment, which saw general factory to use, this is due to the large quantities of materials to use, and there are some guiding blades, and some are not, no guide blade will burst edgeAs for the plate with ordinary sawn out edge trimming machine and then to trim is not recommended that you use, trimming machine is only suitable for the scattered use, only for special components and good use effect, but also need to put parts of wool trimming trimming machine, if the batch production use, trimming machine will increase a lot of production and material costNow, the most practical thing for you is the platform saw
Q:Who knows what equipment and investment size are needed to produce the furniture edge banding?
The production of furniture edge banding requires mixing machine, granulator, extrusion machine and printing machine, we use the Wuxi qiaonuo plastic machinery limited company equipment, if necessary contact
Q:Cross stitch edge ornaments how?
Sew two pieces of cloth together with a fishing line. I don't have a video.. Otherwise, let me show you.. Let me practice a seal... Let me tell you.. The trick is to sew as casually as you can with your clothes.. The fishing line.. Not visible on the seam.. Got it? OK?
Q:Who can tell me the name of this kind of edge sealing wood paper? Anyway, not called edge banding, Taobao only the kind of 1MM thick PVC
Kraft wood veneer, I hope to help you ~!
Q:When installing the cabinet, does the cut Lushuihe board need edge banding?
Yes, it needs to be dealt with, because the cut on the spot is made by hand, and it is not smooth, so it is difficult to seal the edges. Therefore, it is safest to use glass glue. But this method is only temporary useful, glass glue is valid for a limited period, a few months after the gradual failure, is not appropriate, so it is not recommended to use.
Q:Line edge to use what glue
Generally do not use glue, foam gum can be used

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