Banding Tape Portable Edge Bander

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Product Description:

Banding Tape Portable Edge Bander
Key Specifications/Special Features:
  • Portable edge bander can band the wooden edge's frame with wooden band, PVC band or melamine paper band

  • Used for large size boards as well as incomplete wooden products

  • For different banding requirement, all kinds of low temperature hot-melt adhesives whose melting point is below 200°C are suitable to this bander

  • Model: KM07, KM08

  • Minimum radius of banding: 20mm, 20mm

  • Feeding speed: 4m/min, 4m/min

  • Thickness of banding: 0.3-3.0mm, 0.3-3.0mm

  • Width of banding tape: 10 to 45mm, 10 to 45mm

  • Working temperature: 200°C below, 200°C below

  • Engine's power: 25W, 25W

  • Total power: 525W, 765W

  • Power supply: 220V/50 to 60Hz, 110V/60Hz, 220V/50 to 60Hz, 110V/60Hz

  • Glue pot capacity: 330mL, 160mL

  • Net weight: 11kg, 8.5kg

  • Machine size: 410 x 370 x 450mm, 410 x 370 x 450mm

  • Material of tape: PVC, wood paper, melamine PVC, wood paper, melamine

Technical Data :

Mini radius of banding : 20mm

Feeding speed  : 2-6 meter/min

Thickness of banding :0.3-3.0mm

Width of banding tape:10-60mm

Working temperature : 200°C below

Motor Power         : 25W

Total Power         : 650W

Power supply        : 220V/50-60HZ ,110V/50-60hz

Glue pot capacity   :320ml

Net weight          :9.2kg

Machine Size        :410 x 370 x 450mm

Material of tape    : PVC , Venner , melamine

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Q:Do you have an edge seal for each contract?
For original truth
Q:What oil is added in the motor of the automatic edge sealing machine? How often do you add a motor with a belt? Is there a small hole on it?
Grease for motor. You say the belt, that's the gear box, and the liquid gear oil.
Q:Which is better, the furniture edge, the button strip and the edge banding strip?
Each one has his good points, edging good-looking but easy to fall off; buckle out but firm bonding
Q:What is the difference between edge press and edge sealing machine?
Did you say that kind of tin press? You can refer to Yangzhou as a margin press, and their products are used for processing iron sheet. You said the edge machine should be processed clothes.
Q:PVC sealing strip extrusion black lines when what is the reason?
If the black line fixed appear continuously in the same place, it is often the mold or the extruder die dead, resulting in black from the same location with continuity, produce the material in the dead long residence time and carbonization coke materials after blackening.If it occurs at different times in different locations, it is more likely that the recipe system needs to be trimmed
Q:What's the aluminum alloy edge for cabinet door?
Good。This view represents only the Chinese kitchen and toilet network users,
Q:Do the overall wardrobe, piecework wages can count to how many square meters, blanking, edge banding, drilling, all the procedures should be considered?
You can use the software to solve Oh, Hongguang wardrobe software you can draw a three-dimensional renderings in about 20 minutes, then according to the actual scheme, can be a key to generate the CAD size map, quotation, material etc..
Q:Shaving board is the key to furniture
The common way of edge banding is to use edge banding machine for edge banding. Commonly used edge banding material is PVC. The function of edge banding is mainly 1, and 2, the end surface of the shaving board is separated from the air to prevent the particle board from absorbing moisture in the air to produce deformation.
Q:Notes on the application of hot melt adhesive for furniture
1. always check the rubber roller surface, remove impurities, and ensure uniform coating;2. always adjust the temperature of the temperature control system;3., the temperature should be reduced by 30-40 degrees during the working interval;4. when the environment and material temperature is near 15 degrees, the temperature of the upper roller should be set at 215 degrees, and the temperature of the groove should be set to 210 degrees centigrade;5. unused hot melt glue should be sealed to avoid contamination and moisture absorption.
Q:Line edge to use what glue
White latex adhesive or sealing material, to see you.

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