Retarding Superplasticizer Concrete Additive

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1000 m.t.
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50000 m.t./month

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Powdered:   plastic bag, outer woven bags, each bag 40KG liquid: metal pail, 250KG

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1:Improve the fluidity and workability of concrete
2:No corrosion of steel

Product Description

High quality of retarding superplasticizer concrete additive mix for construction

High quality of retarding superplasticizer concrete additive mix for construction is retarding superplasticizer water reducing component, and It’s water-reducing rate, the effect of enhancing is significant, can

significantly improve the fluidity and workability of concrete.

Technical performance:


Taupe powder

Solid content

Powder ≥ 92%


0.15mm sieve residue<15%<   span="">

PH value


Water reducing rate



0.75 - 1.5% powder

(recommend 1.0% )

The initial slump of concrete

Increased more than 375px

The corrosion on steel


The approach of using

Especially suitable to significantly reduce the   amount of cement pumping

performance with special requirements,   commodities, crowd-state, large volume concrete foundation and RCC


1.When the concrete strength and slump basically the same with the reference concrete, cement consumption can be reduced by 15-20%

2.The concrete impermeability and freeze-thaw resistance can be significantly improved with

the incorporation of this agent.

3.This product’s water-reducing rate, enhancing effect is significant.

4.Could significantly improve the fluidity and workability of concrete, before the initial setting retarding effect is obvious, after final setting the early strength effect is significant,

5.It can greatly improve the strength of concrete in every ages, cement adapt to a wider variety.

Retarding Superplasticizer Concrete Additive



1.    Q:Are you a manufactory or trading company?

A:We are a professional manufactory with 12 years’ experience and 2 years of export experience, covers an area of 30 acres.

2.    Q: May I know your MOQ request?

A:MOQ is 1 TON. 

3.    Q: Could you offer free sample?

A:We can provide free samples to you for quality testing.

4.    Q: Does your product is dangerous merchandise?

A: Not dangerous merchandise, It belongs to Not legal Inspection merchandise.

5.    Q: What about your packing?

A: Liquid in IBC tank or Flexitank;Powder in woven bags. 

6.    Q: How about your productive capacity?

A: 900000 tons/Year.

7.    Q: What is your export port?

A: China main port.

8.    Q: What is your delivery time?

 A: Within 7 days after received advanced payment.

9.    Q: Can you print logo or label on packing as customer request?

A: Yes, we can customize according to your requirements. 

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