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1) Manual work--hand-weave.

2) Professional design, various colors are available.

3) Rustless aluminum frame.

4) Rust proof, insect prevention, stale proof, anti-high temperature.

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Q:Should i tell bf to sleep on the sofa tonite?
Try to talk to him about it, but don't make it an issue as he'll think your whining. Guys don't see the sentimental value in things like girls do, so he may not understand. He probably sees the stuff left behind as just wasteful crap he needs to get rid of someday, not as leftovers of a relationship. It may be easier if you box the crap up and say it's taking up necessary space and what should you do with it. Then you won't have to worry about him getting around to doing it. If he wants to keep it, then maybe you need to go find another couch to sleep on - and don't leave any of your stuff behind! Good luck.
Q:Which slipcovered sofa should I buy? Ikea or Pottery Barn?
I would advice that you go with the Ikea sofa. I doubt your toddler can completely ruin a couch in 3 years and this would make Ikea smarter. Even if they can, that would mean they would be able to ruin the pottery barn one, costing you three times as much. Ikea generally has good quality products so I wouldn't worry about it being ruined. Spot bleaching is easy so I especially vote Ikea.
Q:What color sofas should I get for my living room?
NO, dark colors would just take away the brightness of the living room cream,white,yellow,birght blue stay bright for an all year round summer living room. hope this helpped
Q:How can i clean stains off a sofa?
Try using an upholstry foam.... Follow the manufacturer instructions.... Or you can try a little bit of shaving foam not the gel the foam... It's basically concentrated soap... Just try in an inconspicuious area to make sure it doesn't remove the color off the fabric.... For crayons... You can try a warm iron and some paper towels.. Just heat up the iron and iron on top of some absorbant paper towels.... Keep moving the paper towel to blot up the crayon.... It may take afew tries... Don't RUB the crayon BLOT and use a clean portion of the paper towel... *Get a slip cover for you sofa... That way when children are present/company or pets you can SAVE your sofa some wear/tear! Good luck
Q:I just had sex with the sofa and i'm afraid that the armchair is going to be jealous? What do you think?
You shouldn't have played the armchair like that. That was wrong. But I recognize your love for the sofa. I think you should propose to sofa and apologize to the armchair. Try to be friends with the armchair. Sofa's babies will come out striped, and armchair's will come out purple. You're welcome. 3 OH, and congrats.
Q:Recommendations for a sofa/sectional?
I have a really nice Clayton Marcus sofa which has served me well for years. I couldn't be happier with the construction quality and style. I'd look for something that had eight-way hand tied spring base construction. Also, make sure the frame is hardwood. My sofa cushions are down wrapped which really adds to comfort and durability. Here are other good brands to consider Ethan Allen, Drexel-Heritage, Century and Henredon. I'd stay away from Broyhill, Bassett, or Lane.
Q:whats better a futon or sofa bed?
Futons are SO much better
Q:Best way to handle a LIGHT colored sofa- can it be dyed or is there a super cleaner out there?
I have a great solution, and although it sounds outlandish, it works perfectly, and looks awesome, if you are willing to go darker and the fabric is a natural fiber, like cotton. I am a decorator and I have done this to my own couch, which was a LOUD 1970's white ,lime green and chartreuse botanical, and is now a handsome looking batik-style chocolate and tan, so I am not off my rocker. I swear! Go to walmart and buy all the SCUFF COVER shoe polish they have in a color you like. Dampen your cushions one side at a time with a damp washcloth, not too wet at all, just slightly damp. Dab the scuff cover on, using a random pattern, filling everything in. It will make strong circular patterns if the fabric is completely dry. Try to go slow and prevent drips with the damp rag. If there is any pattern on the sofa, the dye will still reflect the pattern, just changing the color entirely. It seems impossible, but this technique DOES NOT get hard and stiff. The fabric truly retains it's original texture and softness. Also...it does NOT rub off AT ALL. It's very color-fast. Not one soul will believe what you did. I saved the bottom corner of one of my cushions untouched just to prove to people what my couch used to look like. It takes about 15 bottles to do a large sofa, or about $50 bucks. My mom, who is also a decorator, concieved this technique, and I have never seen anyone else who does it, besides us. I can take the ugliest sofas with good bones still-decent (if obnoxious) fabric and turn them into real stunners. If you are scared, try buying a pillow at a thrift store and test it out!
Q:help with how to fix my sofa?
Your not going to like my answer but you are using the wrong thread to repair the sofa the thread you need is almost the size of fishing line as for slip covers if you place some foam rubber under the cover it will stay in place . Good luck with your project.
Q:Will my sofa fit through my door?
There is usually a way by tilting or rotating as it goes thru the door.

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