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Product Description:


High Quality PE Rattan Outdoor Wicker Sofa
1) PE Rattan+ Alu. Frame
2) In Modern Design
3) Waterproof and UV-Resis

Products Features:

1). SGS HDPE rattan: Flat or Round options with sizes 8*1.4mm, 9*1.5mm, Dia3mm, Dia5mm  etc,SGS tested. Good UV radiation. All weather.
2). Aluminum Frame: 40*40*1.2mm, 25*25*1.2mm, 22*22*1.2mm etc, strong and durable. With powder-coading to against rust.
3). Cushion Fabric: made of polyster and cotton, 280-560g/SQM, waterproof, high quality texture, won't fade or wash away.
4). Sponge Cushion: completely high-density sponge with woven-fabric cover.

5). Cushion workmanship: with durable zipper to be washable, carefully corded inside and piping outside.

6). Packing Options:  Double bubble wrapped  Or Export Carton.  

7). OEM Service Offered   Design Service Offered   Buyer Label Offered.

3. Our Primary Competitive Advantages:

1). Competitive Price
2). Prompt Delivery  

3). High Quality Raw Material and Quality Approvals  

4). 2 Years Warranty                                
5). Form A
6). Small orders and Various models mixed accepted!

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Q:recommend aerobed or folding bed or sleeper sofa?
Totally recommend aerobeds. The others are much less comfortable - the sofa beds have a bar across them, and the folding cots are too thin. Make sure you get the aerobed that has the frame, not the one that goes directly on the floor. The other thing you could look at is a thick mattress futon - very comfortable.
Q:What is microfiber in sofa?
Today it is called microfiber but it is a man made replacement fabric that simulates mohair. Mohair was used big time up until the 50s because it is so durable. But its cost when up so high it was priced out of the market. ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
Q:King Size Sleeper Sofa Mechanism (just insert, without sofa)?
The standard size of sofa beds is 'single', 'double', and 'queen size'. A few years ago, Castro Convertible's did produce a king size unit, but it turned out to be a flop. The couldn't sell. Not because of bad manufacturing, but because no one wanted king size. And that's the only company that I know of that tried that size. And of course, they manufactured all the parts to their products. No outside manufacturing. And I have a feeling that they must have some king size units laying around collecting plenty of dust. Why don't you contact them. I'm sure that you could buy a complete unit from that at a low low price. Probably cheaper than if you had a supply manufacturer build a king size mechanism from scratch. Just take out the mechanism from the Castro. And bingo, you're in business. Castro Furniture is on the internet. Good Luck.
Q:what is required to obtain a SOFA stamp ??? PLEASE HELP !?
In order to gain sofa status u must be in your husbands orders to the overseas base. He has to hav accompanied orders and you listed as the dependent who is accompanying him. When me and my children pcs'd with my husband upon entering the country over seas in which he is stationed I had to present my husbands orders. To obtain my sofa license which allows you to drive in another country and work I took the class on base and received if from security forces my husband is air force. But I do know that you can stay longer than 90 days if you exit the country and then return the following dAy,you can research Germay's visa laws and it will mention something about getting a longer visa. This is your best option or your husband can put in to amend his orders so they are accompanied and you can move there for the remainder of his tour. Depending on how long he has left of his tour it may not be worth it because amending orders takes time.
Q:who invented the sofa bed?
Fred Sofa, a Hungarian engineer in the 19th century. The Swedes claim it was Alfred Ikea, the famous inventor and founder of IKEA, but that's not true. Wrong forum
Q:are sofa beds comfortable?
Comfortable for sleeping? Depends on the quality. Some are awful -- Like the soft, folding mattresses with a metal bar underneath that you feel on your back all night. Or the solid foam that flips out -- and is as hard as sleeping on the floor. But some of the newer ones can be really comfortable for sleeping. We have a Lazyboy sofabed that has an extra inflatable, cloth-covered topper attached. It opens like a regular folding mattress, with springs, but when you inflate the topper, you don't feel any bumps underneath at all. It's kind of like a mini-aerobed on top, with a quiet, quick electric pump. We did pay extra for this, but it is our only guest bed, and everyone who has stayed has been amazed at how comfortable it is. And as far as being a sofa-- it does have good support. - Another problem w/ sofabeds is that they often aren't very comfortable sofas. This one is. Hope this helps.
Q:what do you use to get urine smell out of a sofa?
you can go to petsmart or any other pet store and get something. they have a great variety. most of that stuff should work great because it's got the right enzymes to break down the urine. the only problem you might have is if someone has already tried to get the smell out with the wrong products. then the smell might be locked in. but there is not only ONE product or brand name to buy, many will work if they got the enzymes. the last thing i bought wasurine gone or something. i really liked it because it had a great smell. whatever you use, make sure you soak the area that smell like urine really good and let it air dry. if you think it might just be topical you might use a spray bottle and soak it that way. but don't hesitate to use a lot! i deal with that a lot because of my 2 cats and 2 rats! good luck!
Q:im looking for a cheap sofabed which is a 3 seater sofa but also child freindly, any ideas on where to look?
I they have craigslist supposubly for every state or city now and given the economy we're in there's always someone moving you may find a reasonable priced non metal framed yet comfy sofa bed there.. Just look at the link i posted and look on the right hand side under US Cities or US States for your location... then look under the Garage Sale or Household or Furniture category. :) Good Luck :)
Q:Where can i find/buy slipcovers for three seater reclining sofa?
try walmart
Q:where can i get sofa bed recovered?
Somerset...England? .. Call one up and get a quote. They will ask you the dimensions of the sofa and if you will be choosing a fabric to be sent to them or if you want to choose from a selection they have on hand. Hope this helped. Good Luck!

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