Outdoor Furniture Rattan Patio Sofa

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patio garden coffee sofa outdoor rattan furniture  

Using Dia12mm big round synthetic PE rattan wicker do hand weaving with 1.5mm aluminum frame


1) Dia12mm big round synthetic PE rattan so hand weaving .

2) 1.2-1.5mm Aluminum frame is with powder coating.

3) 8cm thickness seat cushion, waterproof and colorfast cushion.

4) Coffee table with glass (according to the photo), 8mm thickness black color tempered glass.


1: Green Product,UV-Resistant,Weatherproof and colorfast.

2: Excellent Handweaving Technique with fashion design.

3: Perfect for casual and entertaining indoor or outside

4: High Quality with competitive price and timely delivery

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Q:what colour sofas would go with pink paint?
I okorder.com/
Q:What is that thing called that is a sofa like thing but fold down into a bed?
Futon okorder.com
Q:sold my sofa..purchaser want their money back!!?
I wouldn't. They saw it twice before they paid for it, so they knew what they were getting. If they don't like it they can sell it themselves. But if it's on a site that allows reviews of sellers, you might want to consider a partial refund, particularly if you expect to be selling things that way in the future.
Q:Does anyone like red sofa?
I have had a red sofa for a few years now, actually I have had two different ones. I keep the rest of my living room pretty neutral and the red pops. I also have red Accents around the room like candles and pictures. I have a zebra rug though and it looks so good with the red sofa but that's not for every one. I have found that it is versatile, but I don't want to change things up much. If you aren't going to stick to it I would say get a neutral color.
Q:How to paint a leather sofa?
Leo, why in the world would you want to paint a leather sofa. Of course if you paint it, you will ruin it. I would suggest a slipcover for your sofa. There are variety of colors to choose from and its easy to put on. Good luck!
Q:Reupholstering a chair & sofa?
I've had a sofa and a few chairs reupholstered. The sofa was the most expensive because of the amount of materials needed. I think I paid about $175 for that and about $100 each for the chairs. But I didn't have to pay labor because my mom did them for me. Some tech colleges offer upholstery classes and you can do your own for less than paying a professional or sometimes the people in the class are looking for projects to do.
Q:how can i stop my german shepard sitting on the sofa?
well my dog used to sit on the sofa when i was not looking or when i was not home but when i came back home she would go in the kitchen like she did nothing. i realized she did it when she went deaf and never heard me come in .i would leave her on the couch because it might be comfy but if not they have mats that u can put on the sofa and when she jumps up it annoys her or u can get the mat with the sensor that makes a noise when she jumps up there u can buy it at dr.foster and smith they have a website
How about a futon? There a sofa then easily make into a bed and come in diff. sizes and styles. Generally they are less expensive than what you are talking about and they save a lot of space.
Q:Parents of little ones, do you have a new sofa set or a used sofa set?
My parents got the couches from my grandparents when they passed away and they didn't have anywhere to put them, so they passed them to us. That was about 4 years ago. They were barely used, my dad had purchased them for my grandparents only a couple years before that. They are Lazy Boy and I think my dad bought them at an RC Willey furniture outlet. We have both a couch and a loveseat. They are not leather, and they do have a couch cover. Before that, we had a nice couch that we bought new when we first got married. It got worn out fast, though, because we stupidly allowed our hair-shedding dog to be on it all the time for a few years, so by the time my parents gave us the other couches, our first couch was completely worn out even though it was only about 5 years old. When we got the couches from my parents, we made a new rule that the dog was not allowed on them and they seem to be doing much better than the other couch did. And we do have a rule that no food or drink is allowed out of the kitchen by anyone under the age of 12.
Q:Do reclining sofas recline only at the outter two seats or also in the middle seat?
It depends on the sofa. Mine is a corner sofa/sleeper. It has 2 recliners on one side separated by an armrest and small table and the other side is the pull out bed. My rocker recliner does not have any kind of locking mechanism

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