Professional Outdoor Rattan Garden Sofas CMAX-MJT5229

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Professional Outdoor Rattan Garden Sofas  CMAX-MJT5229


1.      UV resistance and waterproof 

2.       High quality PE rattan & aluminum frame 

3.      36 months warranty

A:  Material: Imitated PE rattan/wicker incorporated with high quality Aluminum frame


1)Frame: powder-coated, light, strong and rust-resistant aluminum 

Tube thickness : 1.2mm 1.5mm, 1.8mm 

Circle Diameter: 28, 25, 22, 19, 16mm or customized 

Square Diameter: 50*50, 40*40, 25*25, 20*20, 30*19, 15*15mm or customized

2)Rattan: non-recycled PE Rattan, durable and UV resistant

Flat rattan width : 6, 8,10,12 mm.

Round rattan diameter: 3mm.

Rattan color available: Charcoal, dark brown, chocolate, cream, beige ect

3)Cushion and pillows: 180g-250g waterproof polyester with zipper.

Sofas, beach chairs, sunbeds and lounge: with 200px thick cushions usually  

100px thickness for the chairs.

The regular size of pillow: 45*1125px.

Color is optional.

4)Table Glass: 5mm or 8mm tempered glass top, safe and strong.


B. Features:


·         Popular and modern style

·         Waterproof and UV resistant

·         Cozy and relaxing sitting experience

·         Suitable for indoor and outdoor places

·         Excellent hand woven craft with fashion design

·         Graceful third dimension is the reason why many customers like it

·         Durable, non-toxication, washable, flexible, corrosion-resistant

·         Uniformity, head and foot part is almost the same size, so the line looks smooth

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Q:What color curtains will go best with my red sofas?
Match Make the tiebacks your self...head to a thrift store and find beautiful beading in the costume jewlery then add a tassle or cascade more beads down. Even old large dangly earrings make great tassels.
Q:How to get rid of electrical heather stain on a white leather sofa???
If you mean heater stain as in your heater was plugged in and on and near you sofa and now there is a brown stain on your sofa then you probably can't get it out. what has occurred is that you have actually burnt your sofa and that is a scorch mark. You may be able to get some leather dye/paint and cover the spot but you can't wash away burns.
Q:hide-a-bed,futon or sofa bed???
They are called casual convertibles - they look and sit like a sofa when upright, but when laid out flat, they are the same size and and thickness of an actual queen mattress
Q:Dyeing a sofa?
You Cannot dye a sofa. That'd be pretty awesome if you could though. The best option is getting a covering for it that you can buy to fit your sofa. Custom made- which can be costly, but looks fab!
Q:What's better for a family- a sectional or sofa/loveseat?
Sofa and Love-seat Sectionals don't allow good eye contact when communicating. Moreover, while watching movies with the family a love seat allow parents to have quality connection. The two pieces create dynamics that encourage communication.
Q:Where is vine art better? How about rattan furniture
We are doing the rattan, daily cleaning duster to whisk with soft cloth to wipe salt water to avoid strong direct sunlight.
Q:What are some chic designer sofa brand?
I'm sure there are some designer sofa at your local rooms to go. If not you can always hit those high end stores in the mall to get some idea and then hit the online shops.
Q:ikea solsta sofa bed?
Comfortable as a sofa; however, very uncomfortable to use as a bed. I found the 1/3 hard board very challenging. Even after trying a feather bed and memory foam, I still felt like the princess and the pea.
Q:painting your sofa?
You have done the right thing by removing the fabric first! Depending on what colour and what type the original fabric is... it can be done. If the fabric is particularly heavy, darkly coloured or patterened I would strongly recomend agaist it because any fabric paints or dyes with a propper consistency to leave you with a normal feelin sofa will be semi-transparent. If you think this wont be an issue, I would suggest silk screen fabric paint (availible at art stores) or a permanant fabric dye (make sure it is deffinatelly permanant and rinse it lots before putting it back on or the colour will rub off!). If you go ahead with this, remember its an item of furnature which is going to get lots of use and contact with your skin, so get a good quality paint/dye, and make sure all the ingreedients are non-toxic! (Blues and oranges have a tendency to use poisonous heavy metals to colour so be aware!)
Q:How can i clean stains off a sofa?
Try using an upholstry foam.... Follow the manufacturer instructions.... Or you can try a little bit of shaving foam not the gel the foam... It's basically concentrated soap... Just try in an inconspicuious area to make sure it doesn't remove the color off the fabric.... For crayons... You can try a warm iron and some paper towels.. Just heat up the iron and iron on top of some absorbant paper towels.... Keep moving the paper towel to blot up the crayon.... It may take afew tries... Don't RUB the crayon BLOT and use a clean portion of the paper towel... *Get a slip cover for you sofa... That way when children are present/company or pets you can SAVE your sofa some wear/tear! Good luck

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