Popular Outdoor Rattan round bed for garden

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Product Description:


High Quality PE Rattan Outdoor Wicker Sofa
1) PE Rattan+ Alu. Frame
2) In Modern Design
3) Waterproof and UV-Resis

Products Features:

1). SGS HDPE rattan: Flat or Round options with sizes 8*1.4mm, 9*1.5mm, Dia3mm, Dia5mm  etc,SGS tested. Good UV radiation. All weather.
2). Aluminum Frame: 40*40*1.2mm, 25*25*1.2mm, 22*22*1.2mm etc, strong and durable. With powder-coading to against rust.
3). Cushion Fabric: made of polyster and cotton, 280-560g/SQM, waterproof, high quality texture, won't fade or wash away.
4). Sponge Cushion: completely high-density sponge with woven-fabric cover.

5). Cushion workmanship: with durable zipper to be washable, carefully corded inside and piping outside.

6). Packing Options:  Double bubble wrapped  Or Export Carton.  

7). OEM Service Offered   Design Service Offered   Buyer Label Offered.

3. Our Primary Competitive Advantages:

1). Competitive Price
2). Prompt Delivery  

3). High Quality Raw Material and Quality Approvals  

4). 2 Years Warranty                                
5). Form A
6). Small orders and Various models mixed accepted!

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Q:My dog pees in the sofa. How do I stop him?
House-train - is lost when it is no longer enforced Peeing in your new sofa, after the incident where your dog first peed in your new sofa, it is no longer a new sofa because he has already marked that territory so unless you buy a new sofa or use a odor-remover (pet supplies have this) your dog will continue to pee in this same area always. I suggest if you have time to do this, OBSERVE your dog, what time he usually pees in this same area although tedious, you could time him and when he is about to pee you immediately take him out of the house or remove him from that spot so he wouldn't pee there.
Q:Thoughts on this sofa..?
it's very nice, but white leather doesn't work!! trust me!! but if your heart is really set on it, i think it depends on what color your floor, wall, etc is to match colors. i'd go with a sky blue, chocolatey brown, or even dark green pillows and rugs.
Q:How about imitation imitation rattan chair sofa rattan chair sofa is good.
Although the imitation rattan sofa is not really a natural material, it is also very healthy and environmentally friendly. The imitation rattan sofa is very breathable and comfortable, and a relaxing atmosphere at home. To furniture is not afraid of sunshine and water. Even outdoors, it can be used as usual, with a wider range of applications.
Q:what are important factors when purchasing a sleeper sofa?
Working out what you want to use the sleeper sofa for most of the time will be important: do you need it mostly as a bed, or as a sofa? If you're expecting it to be used mostly as a bed, then it's worth looking at the quality of the mattress, how easy it is to fold up and back again, and the general quality of the sleeper sofa. If you're expecting it to be used mostly as a sofa, perhaps getting a sofa that's large enough for guests to sleep on (without having to fold it out) would be a better idea. You could also put the s sleeper sofa mattress on the floor and have your guests sleep just on the mattress: this avoids the problem of having the bars pushing into your guest's back.
Q:How to upholster a sofa?
Upholstering is a very hard job and you are right about slip covers. You can buy fabric and cover over the upholstery that's already there. You can use fabric tape and some fabric glue and a staple gun. Cover the cushions to start then use the fabric tape to hold it in place. Then cover the arms and such and staple it underneath the sofa on the wooden frame. I DO NOT recommend this on a good sofa, but if it's something that you got at a yard sale, have fun.
Q:Will Sofa Fit through Storage Room Door?
i would call the storage place
Q:You need to move a 145-kg sofa to a different location in the room.?
2 forces are acting on the sofa. Force moving the Sofa forward = P = 80 N Frictional force = f Mass of the Sofa = M = 145 kg Weight of the Sofa = W = M g = 145*(9.8) N μ = Coefficient of static friction f = μ W = μ*(145 * 9.8) N When the Sofa just starts moving P and f balance each other i.e. P = μW μ*(145 * 9.8) = 80 = μ = 80 / (145 * 9.8) = 0.0563
Q:Most comfortable sofa bed available?
Oh my gosh! There is this thing called a Yogibo. They have many different types of Yogibo's but they work as a sofa, bed, chair and they are easy to mold. They are perfect for dorm rooms, but great for regular household furniture. Check out the website.
Q:Do you ever sacrifice things to the Sofa Gods?
Almost every night I make the ultimate sacrifice -- myself! That sofa is just so darn comfy that I eventually get horizontal and, next thing I know, the TV screen is buzzing at me and its five o'clock in the morning!
Q:How can i tell if i have a t-style sofa?
When you take a cushion off the sofa, is it a perfect rectangle, or does it have a little bump where it goes in front of the sofa arm? If it does have the bump, it is a T-style sofa cushion.

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