Rattan Furniture Beach Chair Chaise Beach Seat

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Product Description:

1.Material introduction:


1) Aluminium: brand-new aluminium, not recycled.

2) PE rattan is polymerized by high-quality rattan . The kind of rattan is suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture for its non-toxication, washablility, scalability, UV and corrosion resistance . 

3) cushion: foam and water proof cover. 


2. Description:












Outdoor bench

3. Container Capability



40HQ = 85 PCS


4.Color offered:


1). rattan swatches contain brown, black, mixed grey, yellow, blue, white, etc. 

2). Fabric: moka, grey, white, black, blue,etc. As your requirements.



EPE package (80%). Carton(20%) it depends to the products.

 6. Usage tips:


Usually, just to use it as other home products. don't need special care. But Rattan furnitures are

relatively fragile compared with home products because of its special material. So, please avoid

the friction on surface of products  by sharp objects. 

In Winter, we suggest you put these furnitures inside, coz the big difference of temperatures

from day to night may cause some cracks. Or you can buy a big furniture cover to hide them 

(just like car cover).


1. Q: What is the MOQ? Can I have a trial order?

A: Normally, the minimum quantity is 10 sets in New Way, However, we kindly understand an order intention is outlined with a sample order request. Therefore, we welcome customers to initiate a business opportunity by giving us a sample order.


2. Q: How many shapes for the rattan? 

A: Flat rattan, round rattan and half moon rattan are available.


3. Q: What kind of fabric density can you offer?

A: Normally we offer fabric density of 180 gram/square meter, 220 gram/square meter and 280 gram/square meter.


4. Q: What can be customized on the product specifications?

A: Customizations can be made on rattan color, rattan size, rattan shape, product size fabric color, cushion size, glass color, fabric density, packing and artwork etc.

Rattan Furniture Beach Chair Chaise Beach Seat

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