radiolucent orthopedic operating tables with C arm compatible

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Orthopedic C-arm electrical operating table with X ray compatible

ET700 operating table is all electro-hydraulic operation.Which is possessed of terse European type external form.The surface is made of  all 304 stainless steel . It's safe and reliable,the operation is simple and convenient.It very suits general operations,automatic base lock by remote control.

One button reposition function,designed and made specially for X-raying and C-arm use.

This is also an excellent orthopedics table,which can use with Traction


1) universally applicable

2) real radiolucency

3) advanced longitudinal shift

4) individual leg plate adjustment

5) flexibility and precision

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Q:What are the types of scalpels?
Other knife class has an amputee knife, bone knife, shaft take leather knife, drums and so on. In addition there are a variety of knives, R knife, laser knife, etc., they are mainly the use of high-frequency current, R-ray, laser, etc., through a specific device to achieve the purpose of cutting tissue at the same time to stop bleeding.     The scalpel is mainly used for cutting and separating tissue. Can be based on different surgical requirements, the use of unused tools. There are four ways to correct the way   1. Bow bow: is the most commonly used way of a knife, a wide range of action and flexible, forced to cover the entire upper limb, mainly in the wrist. For longer skin incision and incision of the anterior sheath of the rectus abdominis.      2. Written: gentle, flexible and accurate operation, easy to control the dynamics of the knife, its action and power mainly in the fingers. For short incision and fine surgery, such as dissecting blood vessels, nerves and incision peritoneum.
Q:Is the electronic colposcope two types of medical devices?
3, ENT surgical instruments oral surgery equipment 4, Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgical Surgery Abdominal Surgical Instruments
Q:Are medical tweezers a medical device?
Medical tweezers are medical device management Due to the many types of medical tweezers, tweezers of different uses may belong to different management categories, such as small vascular tweezers in the "basic surgical instruments", no injury tweezers, tissue tweezers, plastic tweezers, needle tweezers, ), Pull hair tweezers, towel tweezers, dressing tweezers, anatomical tweezers and so on are class Ⅰ medical equipment management;
Q:The state on the implementation of medical equipment according to what classification management
Refer to the international classification, strictly grasp. Use risk is the basis for product classification. State Food and Drug Administration to develop a "medical device classification rules" Article 1 To regulate the classification of medical devices, in accordance with the "Medical Device Supervision and Management Regulations" to develop these rules. Article 2 Medical devices are instruments, equipment, utensils, materials, or other items that are used alone or in combination with the body, including the required software. The purpose of its use is: (A) the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring or remission of the disease. (2) diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, remission or compensation of injury or disability. (C) research, substitution or regulation of anatomical or physiological processes. (D) pregnancy control. Its use in the body surface and the role of the body is not used pharmacological, immunological or metabolic means to obtain, but there may be these means to participate and play a supporting role. Article 3 These rules are used to guide the development of the Catalog of Medical Device Categories and to identify new product registration categories.
Q:Business license in the scope of a class of medical equipment, but also to do with medical equipment business license it?
Need to handle. According to the Measures for the Administration of Licenses to be Licensed by Medical Device Enterprises, the municipalities (foodstuffs) supervisory and administrative organs that are located in the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government (food) drug supervision and administration departments or those entrusted by the enterprises are responsible for accepting "medical equipment management Enterprise license "of the application for certification. Appendix: There are many, not sticky. Medical device classification directory "approved the first category of medical device products 6801 basic surgical instruments No. Code Name Name Example 6801-2 basic surgical knife knife and blade, leather knife, warts stripping knife, lancet, shovel Knife, shaving knife, dough scraper, picking knife, front knife, pedicure knife, repair a knife, scalpel 6801-3 basic surgical scissors ordinary surgical scissors, tissue scissors, integrated tissue scissors, broken scissors, gypsum scissors, Surgical scissors, gauze bandage scissors, surgical surgical scissors
Q:What is the principle of postoperative wound pressure
To use conventional sandbags (or salt bags) to suppress the wound, the purpose is to use the weight of sandbags to resist the pressure of the abdomen to reduce the wound tension, conducive to wound healing.
Q:Medical equipment company operating range
Business scope is the business scope of business activities, should be approved within the scope of business activities. According to the provisions of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, "the scope of business registration management," the provisions of the company's scope of business should refer to the national economic industry classification standards and the relevant provisions. 4, apply for general business projects, the applicant should refer to the "national economic industry classification" and the relevant provisions of the choice of one or more types of business, according to the law directly to the enterprise registration authority for registration. The business scope of the business scope of the business should be consistent with the industry name of the enterprise name. The business scope of the enterprise shall be registered by the enterprise registration authority according to the application of the investor or the enterprise. The scope of business shall be consistent with the provisions of the articles of association or the partnership agreement. The applicant shall apply to the examination and approval authority in accordance with the laws, administrative regulations and the State Council, and upon application, it shall apply to the enterprise registration authority for approval through the approval documents and documents. The enterprise registration authority shall, in accordance with the approval documents, documents and registration of the examination and approval authority, operate the project.
Q:Hysteroscopy equipment need cleaning tank?
3 equipment maintenance 3.1 correct maintenance is to ensure good performance equipment to extend the life of the key equipment in any case under the circumstances are necessary to take light, not throwing, friction, collision and at the same time one hand to take a variety of equipment to maintain the flexibility of the shaft, Sharp sharp sharp edges. 3.2 Note the protection of the mirror 3.3 protection of the conductor wire after cleaning can not be folded, the curvature should be greater than 90 °, to prevent fiber damage, affecting the use of results and shorten the service life. 3.4 for all types of pliers to check the activities of the joints often, pay attention to the closure of the clamp, joints coated with special lubricants. 3.5 sharp equipment should be covered with rubber protective cover 1) Piercing cone, the ring on the converter, rubber cap, if aging, the gap should be replaced in time, so as to avoid intraoperative leakage and affect the pneumoperitoneum effect. 2) There is a valve on the flushing pipe, which should be cleaned and cleaned regularly to keep the valve flexible. 3) all the equipment in the use, cleaning, maintenance process, the joints should not be strong pull, the tip can not touch the hard objects, the tube can not beat, the device can not be lost. In summary, laparoscopic equipment should be hand care, laparoscopic instruments and surgical instruments should be a profound understanding of the performance, master the equipment cleaning and sterilization and maintenance to ensure that the operation to maintain an effective working condition, making it more widely used In surgery.
Q:How to strengthen the care before and after cardiac surgery
Day height measurement, body weight, calculate the body surface area. Measure T, P, R, BP, if a cold, fever or other changes in the disease, should report the doctor, whether the extension surgery.
Q:Why can not the boiled disinfectant be used for sterilization of surgical instruments?
Clinical methods are generally used to high temperature and high pressure to the surgical instruments of the basic disinfection, life safety is no small matter, in the disinfection at the same time also use the indicator tube or instructions to verify the effectiveness of disinfection, to ensure foolproof.

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