radiolucent orthopedic operating tables with C arm compatible

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Orthopedic C-arm electrical operating table with X ray compatible

ET700 operating table is all electro-hydraulic operation.Which is possessed of terse European type external form.The surface is made of  all 304 stainless steel . It's safe and reliable,the operation is simple and convenient.It very suits general operations,automatic base lock by remote control.

One button reposition function,designed and made specially for X-raying and C-arm use.

This is also an excellent orthopedics table,which can use with Traction


1) universally applicable

2) real radiolucency

3) advanced longitudinal shift

4) individual leg plate adjustment

5) flexibility and precision

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Q:What are the sterilization methods commonly used in medical devices?
5, low-temperature plasma sterilization: Low temperature plasma sterilization is a new low temperature sterilization technique developed in recent years. Plasma is the gas or steam by the electric field or magnetic field effects, so that most of the molecules formed by ionization. Plasma sterilizer is composed of power, excitation, gas, transmission system and sterilization chamber, after the vacuum through the steam, steam in the electric field under the role of change into the plasma. The advantages of plasma sterilization is the sterilization effect is reliable, the role of low temperature, sterilization equipment does not need to be placed in the air to remove residual gas, no corrosion with the same. At present, many countries have begun to use this technology, mainly for heat-resistant medical equipment. Summary: The validation of the sterilization process is a necessary condition for aseptic assurance that the sterility of the sterilized product depends on the choice of the sterilization material, the appropriate sterilization process in the production process, the standardized GMP management quality management system, and the sterilization process Should be considered in conjunction with bioburden testing, environmental monitoring, sterilization procedures validation and sterility testing. It is important to emphasize that the sterility test does not guarantee the sterility of each batch of product, but it is the last inspection procedure before the product is manufactured. Adherence to the sterility check helps to improve the confidence of the sterilization process and the sterile operation The
Q:What is counterfeit medical equipment
At present, many medical and medical devices have exaggerated propaganda, illegal operation, illegal tickets, etc. illegal To tell the truth, people think that the medical and medical equipment industry is a million profits profiteering industry, this sentence is biased, the industry is very competitive, the same type of product, many similar products do not say, there are many imitation, exaggerated propaganda Products, illegal products, inferior counterfeit products, and so confused the market.
Q:Are medical tweezers a medical device?
Medical tweezers are medical device management Due to the many types of medical tweezers, tweezers of different uses may belong to different management categories, such as small vascular tweezers in the "basic surgical instruments", no injury tweezers, tissue tweezers, plastic tweezers, needle tweezers, ), Pull hair tweezers, towel tweezers, dressing tweezers, anatomical tweezers and so on are class Ⅰ medical equipment management;
Q:Why should I use iodophor before surgery to disinfect without alcohol?
Povidone-iodine has a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, can kill bacteria propagules, spores, fungi, protozoa and some viruses. While alcohol can only kill bacteria, can not kill spores and viruses.
Q:What are the commonly used surgical instruments?
the operating room of the equipment will be based on different types of surgery and divided into different surgical package pack disinfection, if you are a nurse, first of all to be familiar with your hospital to carry out the type of surgery and the type of spare package, different surgical package There may be some difference in the equipment inside, but most will be the same, such as towel clamp, large and small trumpet hemostats, line scissors, tissue scissors, knife handle, pin and so on.
Q:Surgical route of exogenous infection
Q:Where is the sale of surgical instruments?
I just bought a set of Taobao a few days ago, not sent to, look forward to.
Q:Surgery in the fifties, what medical equipment, amputation
Surgery are "brutal", hacksaw is not an exaggeration, brain surgery, drill, hammer, all have. But done willing to give you more than usual tools to clean, strict disinfection ~ looks good ^ ^
Q:Surgical equipment after the initial soaking disinfection with what the best disinfectant
Glutaraldehyde is a highly effective disinfectant. Because of the bactericidal spectrum is wide, the bactericidal spores are reliable, the bactericidal effect is less affected by the organic matter, the metal is corrosive and so on. It is suitable for the disinfection and sterilization of the heat-resistant medical equipment and precision instruments, especially the endoscope Disinfection and sterilization. However, since glutaraldehyde is potentially toxic to the human body and is irritating to the skin and mucous membranes, some people are actively looking for alternatives to sterilization for endoscopes and other medical devices.        The new dilution can be used to wash hands before surgery (0.05 to 0.1%, which can be used to remove the clothes, and it is easy to be preserved. It is a kind of anti- Soak for 5 minutes), skin disinfection and fungal infection (0.1%), mucosal disinfection (0.01 ~ 0.05%), disinfection equipment (0.1% solution in boiling for 15 minutes and then soaked for 30 minutes) Or other synthetic detergent used to avoid the use of aluminum containers, disinfection of metal equipment need to add 0.5% sodium nitrite rust, should not be used for cystoscopy, ophthalmic equipment and synthetic rubber disinfection. Gram-negative bacilli and intestinal The virus is weak and has no effect on Mycobacterium tuberculosis and spores.
Q:Medical equipment classification in one, two, three specific only what? What is the classification basis?
Article 5 The basis for judging the classification of medical devices (A) the characteristics of medical equipment The structural features of medical devices are divided into: active medical devices and passive medical devices. (B) the use of medical equipment form According to the different intended purpose, the medical device into a certain form of use. among them: 1. The use of passive equipment in the form of: liquid delivery preservation equipment; change the blood, body fluid equipment; medical dressings; Surgical instruments; repeated use of surgical instruments; disposable sterile equipment; implantation equipment; contraception and family planning equipment; Cleaning equipment, in vitro diagnostic reagents, other passive contact or passive auxiliary equipment. 2. The use of active devices in the form of: energy treatment equipment; diagnostic equipment; transport body fluid equipment; ionizing radiation Equipment; laboratory equipment, medical disinfection equipment; other active equipment or active auxiliary equipment. (C) the use of medical equipment status According to the use of the possibility of injury to the human body, the impact on medical effects, the use of medical equipment can be divided into

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