Newest mechnical-hydraulic operating table with large castors

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Newest mechnical-hydraulic opeating table with big castors  

MT 600 is widely used in multiple surgery disciplines..

Table design are adopted Europeanism precise appearance.Matte surface premium 304 stainless steel are anti-corrosion and anti-rust.Central controlled large castors enables free wheeling without noise.

Individual leg plates meets different surgery requirements such as X-ray.

Key parts are imported from Germany.


1) easy control on back and leg section by gas spring from germany

2) pads are easily removable and totally sealed to facilitate cleaning

3) four easy glide, antistatic castors, two of which are swiveling, ensure mobility

4) optimally designed base provides ample toe space for the user, along with extreme stability

5) designed, manufactured, and tested according to international standards, yet offered at a very attractive price

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Q:Why should I use iodophor before surgery to disinfect without alcohol?
This problem is made from the composition of iodophor. Generally speaking, iodine or iodide dissolved in alcohol, this is commonly known as iodine. Iodine is a highly oxidizing substance that can react with the protein and cause it to lose its activity. A large part of the bacterial component is protein.
Q:What the emergence of medical equipment, greatly promote the progress of medicine
Usually by the needle body and handle composition, head bending, needle Body end with lead hole. Usually made of stainless steel production. Reusable. Basic surgical hooks Usually consists of a handle and a retractor, which has a single head and a retractor Double-headed Reusable. 6 Basic surgery with retractable Device Retractor Manual operation, self-locking surgical instruments for temporary use Sexual separation of tissue or other anatomical structures, exposure to surgery Close to the internal organization or organ, with a blunt shape, sharp shape , Open window and other forms of hook-shaped blade. Heavy Reusable. Curettage Usually slender design, proximal handle, distal for Spoon-shaped, single or double-headed. Reusable. Skin tissue drill Usually straight rod-like device, proximal handle, distal For the cone. Reusable. Stripper Usually by the head and handle composition, handle the top can be Oval or curved. Reusable. Suction tube Usually by the body and joints, tubular form. can reuse. Product Category (Level) 1 Microsurgical knife Micro knife By the handle and turret composition, a triangular edge, straight edge, Sickle, round edge, side round blade and egg blade and other shapes formula. Reusable.
Q:What principles should be followed to determine the classification of medical devices
(6) of the medical effect has an important impact on the active contact with human devices, in accordance with the third category of medical equipment management. (7) Medical dressings should be treated in accordance with the third category of medical devices, including: expected to have anti-tissue or organ adhesion function, as artificial skin, contact with the deep or less damaged tissue wounds, for chronic wounds, Or can be absorbed by the human body in whole or in part. (8) Medical equipment provided in the form of sterile, the classification should not be lower than the second category. (9) through the stretch, distraction, twisting, pressure grip, bending and other modes of action, take the initiative to apply sustained force on the human body can be dynamically adjusted limb fixed position of orthopedic equipment (not only have a fixed, support the role of medical equipment, Nor does it include medical devices for temporary orthopedic surgery or medical devices for orthopedic surgery after surgery or other treatments), the classification should not be lower than the second category.
Q:What is the material for the surgical scalpel?
Some of the tiles are tungsten steel, SiCr is a wide range of widely used cutting tool steel, for the production of small deformation of a variety of low-edge cutting edge cutting tools, cutting ability is relatively strong.
Q:How many types of codes are there in the catalog of medical devices in China? 10
296834 Medical radiation protection equipment, installation Clinical testing equipment Medical laboratory and basic equipment Extracorporeal circulation and blood treatment equipment 33.6846 Implanted materials and artificial organs 34.6854 operating room, emergency room, treatment room equipment and apparatus Stomatology equipment and apparatus 36.6856 Ward care equipment and apparatus Disinfection and Sterilization Equipment and Appliances 385858 Medical cold therapy, low temperature, refrigeration equipment and appliances 39.6863 Stomatological Materials Medical hygiene materials and dressings Medical suture materials and adhesives Medical polymer materials and products 43.6870 software 44.6877 Intervention equipment
Q:What is the principle of postoperative wound pressure
However, the use of sandbags or heavy oppression of the wound to prevent wound bleeding and exudation, is only one of the methods, does not mean that physicians in the course of surgery do not regular operation and careful bleeding. The view of modern surgery that the complete hemostasis in surgery is the most important way to prevent incision bleeding (usually completely coagulation hernia sac margin of the margin), and after surgery in the wound pressure sandbag method is only an auxiliary method.
Q:How to determine the classification of medical devices
Generally from the "medical device classification directory" 2002 version of the query. From the "Medical Device Supervision and Management Ordinance" (State Council Decree No. 276) Article 5 The State shall classify and administer medical devices. The first category refers to medical devices that are routinely managed enough to ensure their safety and effectiveness. The second category refers to the medical device whose safety and effectiveness should be controlled. The third category refers to the implantation of the human body; used to support, maintain life; the human body is potentially dangerous, its safety, effectiveness must be strictly controlled medical equipment. Medical device classification directory by the State Council Drug Administration Department of medical equipment classification rules, the State Council health administrative departments to develop, adjust and publish.
Q:What is good for the surgical instrument soaking solution
Glutaraldehyde is a highly effective disinfectant. Because of the bactericidal spectrum is wide, the bactericidal spores are reliable, the bactericidal effect is less affected by the organic matter, the metal is corrosive and so on. It is suitable for the disinfection and sterilization of the heat-resistant medical equipment and precision instruments, especially the endoscope Disinfection and sterilization. However, since glutaraldehyde is potentially toxic to the human body and is irritating to the skin and mucous membranes, some people are actively looking for alternatives to sterilization for endoscopes and other medical devices. The new dilution can be used to wash hands before surgery (0.05 to 0.1%, which can be used to remove the clothes, and it is easy to be preserved. It is a kind of anti- Soak for 5 minutes), skin disinfection and fungal infection (0.1%), mucosal disinfection (0.01 ~ 0.05%), disinfection equipment (0.1% solution in boiling for 15 minutes and then soaked for 30 minutes) Or other synthetic detergent used to avoid the use of aluminum containers, disinfection of metal equipment need to add 0.5% sodium nitrite rust, should not be used for cystoscopy, ophthalmic equipment and synthetic rubber disinfection. Gram-negative bacilli and intestinal The virus is weak and has no effect on Mycobacterium tuberculosis and spores.
Q:Surgical orthopedic surgery equipment hollow drill plug how to clear?
You can take a solid small drill to drill a hollow drill inside the thing can not be a red, where things can be and then come to the road
Q:Why can not the boiled disinfectant be used for sterilization of surgical instruments?
Clinical methods are generally used to high temperature and high pressure to the surgical instruments of the basic disinfection, life safety is no small matter, in the disinfection at the same time also use the indicator tube or instructions to verify the effectiveness of disinfection, to ensure foolproof.

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