Newest mechnical-hydraulic operating table with large castors

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Newest mechnical-hydraulic opeating table with big castors  

MT 600 is widely used in multiple surgery disciplines..

Table design are adopted Europeanism precise appearance.Matte surface premium 304 stainless steel are anti-corrosion and anti-rust.Central controlled large castors enables free wheeling without noise.

Individual leg plates meets different surgery requirements such as X-ray.

Key parts are imported from Germany.


1) easy control on back and leg section by gas spring from germany

2) pads are easily removable and totally sealed to facilitate cleaning

3) four easy glide, antistatic castors, two of which are swiveling, ensure mobility

4) optimally designed base provides ample toe space for the user, along with extreme stability

5) designed, manufactured, and tested according to international standards, yet offered at a very attractive price

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