2014 C arm Compatible Hospital Operating Theatre Table

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2014 C arm compatible hospital operating theatre table

24V battery that meets the operating demands for one week,better ensure the table work under safe voltage.

Electromotion facilitates the various adjustment of positions,intellectualized reposition enables the table a quick return to  horizontal position.Automatically lockable remote control in case of wrong operation.

Large-scale elevation makes it easier for C-arm fluoroscopy examination .

With built-in kidney bridge.suits for kidney operation .

Optional traction for orthopedics,head rest for Aural surgery,extend functions of the table The cover all adopted premium 304 stainless steel,the main body used cast aluminum,anti-rust and corrosionthe tabletop adopted phenol aldehyde Photograph board which is suitable for X-Ray.

Key parts,such as electrical pump and electromagnetic valve,adopted imported products from Taiwan.

One button reposition function,designed and made specially for X-raying and C-arm use.

This is also an excellent orthopedics table,which can use with Traction


1) C-arm and X-ray interface capabilities to meet imaging requirements

2) Micro touch remote control with low noise movements

3) Flexible adjustments on head plate, back plate, seat plate and built-in kidney bridge

4) Quiet and reliable hydraulic lift system

5) 304 stainless steel design for excellent stability

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Q:Do you have any responsibility for chest infection after surgery?
It must be the responsibility of the hospital ah! Now the doctor is too dark.
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Q:Are disabled items belonging to a class of medical devices?
Medical laser equipment medical high - frequency equipment Physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment Chinese medicine equipment Medical magnetic resonance equipment medical X - ray equipment Medical X - ray accessory equipment and components Medical high - energy radiation equipment Medical radionuclide equipment Medical radiation protection products, devices Clinical laboratory analysis equipment medical laboratory and basic equipment Extracorporeal circulation and blood treatment equipment implanted materials and artificial organs Operating room, emergency room, treatment room equipment and equipment dental equipment and equipment
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A class of scalpel scissors and the like belong to basic surgical instruments.
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Q:What is the material for the surgical scalpel?
According to my used scalpel, the knife is divided into two parts of the handle and the knife head, the handle is generally ordinary stainless steel, mainly surgical instruments generally need dry heat or hot heat sterilization, can prevent rust.
Q:TST is a technique or a surgical instrument
TST is (Tissue-selectingTherapystapler) minimally invasive surgery, also known as selective hemorrhoid mucosal anastomosis, was anorectal clinic as the most secure minimally invasive technology, is the recent development of PPH on the basis of a new type technology.
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Breast is sure to, electric knife, cardiopulmonary bypass machine is to use.

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