super deluxe multi-functional medical surgical table with C arm

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Super deluxe multi-functional medical surgical table with C arm

ET700 electromotion facilitates the various adjustment of positions,intellectualized reposition enables the table a quick

return to  horizontal position.Automatically lockable remote control in case of wrong operation.

Large-scale elevation makes it easier for C-arm fluoroscopy examination .

With built-in kidney bridge.suits for kidney operation .

One button reposition function,designed and made specially for X-raying and C-arm use.

This is also an excellent orthopedics table,which can use with Traction


1) electro- hydraulic adjustment

2) ergonomic comfort

3) cost- effectively

4) muti-performance

5)advanced longitudinal shift

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However, the use of sandbags or heavy oppression of the wound to prevent wound bleeding and exudation, is only one of the methods, does not mean that physicians in the course of surgery do not regular operation and careful bleeding. The view of modern surgery that the complete hemostasis in surgery is the most important way to prevent incision bleeding (usually completely coagulation hernia sac margin of the margin), and after surgery in the wound pressure sandbag method is only an auxiliary method.
Q:The type of scalpel blade
When loading the blade, hold the tip of the blade with the needle holder so that the notch of the blade is aligned with the knife edge of the handle, and pull it with a little force. After use, with a needle holder to hold the blade back of the back, a little force to extract the blade to push forward to remove.     Other knife class has an amputee knife, bone knife, shaft take leather knife, drums and so on. In addition there are a variety of knives, R knife, laser knife, etc., they are mainly the use of high-frequency current, R-ray, laser, etc., through a specific device to achieve the purpose of cutting tissue at the same time to stop bleeding.     The scalpel is mainly used for cutting and separating tissue. Can be based on different surgical requirements, the use of unused tools. There are four ways to correct the way   1. Bow bow: is the most commonly used way of a knife, a wide range of action and flexible, forced to cover the entire upper limb, mainly in the wrist. For longer skin incision and incision of the anterior sheath of the rectus abdominis.      
Q:How to do with the cloth, a material how much
Stretch belly: for the general surgery after the bandage fixed, obstetrics and gynecology postpartum recovery period. All the abdominal band: for abdominal surgery after the bandage fixed, with easy to use and so on.
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1. Look at the logo on the product nameplate 2. "Medical device product registration management approach" is provided The following products are included in the third category: 1. All implanted human products (regardless of what kind of biological materials used); 2. Radiation treatment equipment; 3. Respiratory anesthesia equipment; 4. Cardiopulmonary bypass equipment; 5. X-ray CT, MRI, ultrasound CT, positron CT , Single photon CT; 6. contact with the body blood or body blood of the polymer materials, medical equipment with interventional treatment equipment, ultrasound imaging equipment with the implantation of human products; 7. oxygen treatment cabin, baby incubator as Life support products; 8. Heart and vascular endoscopy, radioactive radiation diagnostic equipment as potential dangerous products; 9. Simulation of auxiliary equipment as a potential danger of special cases. Two categories: The fifth This "catalog" will be divided into two parts of medical equipment, that is, equipment and equipment, equipment, materials category. The utensil category "this catalog" lists only the first class of appliances and the third category of appliances, the second category of equipment is not listed. Belong to 6801-6819 various types of products, in addition to implanted in the human body, disposable polymer products, new varieties, energy products, are naturally classified as the second category. 6846 - Function Aids - Hearing aids are the second category. (That is, similar to the ECG and the like) one type: There are directories (Note: Because of the various components of the surgical package is not sure, so this catalog does not contain such products. Where the surgical package contains Class III medical devices, as a class III product management; only contain Class II and Class I medical devices, As a class II product management; only contain Class I medical devices, as a Class I product management.)

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