super deluxe multi-functional medical surgical table with C arm

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Super deluxe multi-functional medical surgical table with C arm

ET700 electromotion facilitates the various adjustment of positions,intellectualized reposition enables the table a quick

return to  horizontal position.Automatically lockable remote control in case of wrong operation.

Large-scale elevation makes it easier for C-arm fluoroscopy examination .

With built-in kidney bridge.suits for kidney operation .

One button reposition function,designed and made specially for X-raying and C-arm use.

This is also an excellent orthopedics table,which can use with Traction


1) electro- hydraulic adjustment

2) ergonomic comfort

3) cost- effectively

4) muti-performance

5)advanced longitudinal shift

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Q:The type of scalpel blade
The surgical scalpel material is made of 18/10 high quality stainless steel.     The scalpel consists of a shank and a detachable blade. The handle is generally based on its length and size to type, a knife handle can be installed several different types of blades. The handle is generally stored and disinfected separately from the blade. The type of blade more, according to its shape can be divided into round knives, machetes and triangular knives, etc .; according to its size can be divided into large blade, the blade and small blade.     
Q:Do you have any responsibility for chest infection after surgery?
It must be the responsibility of the hospital ah! Now the doctor is too dark.
Q:What are the specific types of medical devices?
14.6815 injection puncture equipment 15.6816 burns (plastic surgery) surgery equipment   Medical Devices and Equipment for Medical Devices    18.6822 Medical optical instruments, instruments and endoscopes 19.6823 Medical ultrasound equipment and related equipment   Medical high - frequency instruments and equipment   Physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment 23.6827 Chinese medicine equipment   Medical magnetic resonance equipment 25.6830 Medical X - ray equipment   Medical X - ray accessory equipment and components 27.6832 Medical high - energy radiation equipment   Medical radionuclide equipment 29.6834 Medical radiation protection articles, installations
Q:Surgical orthopedic surgery equipment hollow drill plug how to clear?
You can take a solid small drill to drill a hollow drill inside the thing can not be a red, where things can be and then come to the road
Q:What is the principle of postoperative wound pressure
After surgery, the wound must have different degrees of bleeding, bleeding, and even the formation of hematoma or the formation of scrotal hematoma. The presence of these factors will affect the wound healing, is not conducive to the complete cure of abdominal hernia, and the presence of bleeding and hematoma, prone to wound infection, induced hernia recurrence, leading to surgical failure. Through the use of sandbags or other heavy objects to oppress the wound, can effectively reduce the wound bleeding, prevention of wound exudation and lead to hematoma formation and the occurrence of scrotal hematoma, for the success of surgery to create favorable conditions.
Q:Is it suitable for maximal maxillofacial surgery?
Lanzhou Asia and South Korea maxillofacial surgery Note: first in the 2-6 months before surgery to quit smoking, alcohol, do not use sugar, tea, coffee, while reducing the intake of dairy products.
Q:Will meet the YYT_0294-1-2005 standard medical surgical instruments metal materials, stainless steel, what is the steel? Is the steel Oh!
Model 416 - Added sulfur improves the processability of the material. Model 420 - "cutting edge" martensitic steel, similar to Brinell high chrome steel this first stainless steel. Also used for surgical instruments, can be done very bright. Model 430 - ferritic stainless steel, decorative, for example for car accessories. Good formability, but poor in temperature and corrosion resistance. Model 440 - high-strength cutting tool steel, slightly higher carbon, after the appropriate heat treatment can get a higher yield strength, hardness can reach 58HRC, are the hardest stainless steel column. The most common application example is the "shaving blade". There are three commonly used models: 440A, 440B, 440C, in addition to 440F (easy to type).
Q:TST is a technique or a surgical instrument
TST is (Tissue-selectingTherapystapler) minimally invasive surgery, also known as selective hemorrhoid mucosal anastomosis, was anorectal clinic as the most secure minimally invasive technology, is the recent development of PPH on the basis of a new type technology.
Q:Is the electronic colposcope two types of medical devices?
3, ENT surgical instruments oral surgery equipment 4, Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgical Surgery Abdominal Surgical Instruments
Q:Surgical equipment after the initial soaking disinfection with what the best disinfectant
Surgical instruments, generally first with water brush clean blood, and then, carefully check the equipment, medical suture needle, medical surgical blade, are directly throw away do not wash, check the equipment if found unqualified equipment, promptly removed, qualified equipment, into the ultrasound Clean, and then wash, and then dry, the equipment room will be sharp things such as blade, suture needle, mounted in the box, and then, and other equipment, accessories, surgical towel, wrapped in a large blue cloth surgical equipment package And then hit the rope, paste the high-pressure steam disinfection instructions stickers, into the high-pressure steam disinfection pot disinfection, each disinfection pot, put sterile indicator card, 5 points to stay thermometer, inserted in the upper left, right upper left lower right lower disinfection 30 minutes, the package should not be greater than 55 by 33 by 22 CM can also boil disinfection for 2 hours, you can also use 0.1% benzalkonium bromide soak for 30 minutes, or 0.1 chlorhexidine soak for 30 minutes, you can also boil for 1 hour, after 0.2 Glutaraldehyde, soak for 10 hours, completely disinfected.

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