2014 CE certified operating theatre table

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Medical equipment: 2014 CE certified operating theatre table

ET700A is a multi-functional operating table that meets various requirements of operations. Long horizontal sliding,suitable for C arm and X-ray.The “T-shape” base  design makes enough free  space for the doctors.

High automation,low noise,high reliability .

Key parts imported from abroad,can be regarded as a ideal electric table.


1) logitudinal shift for X-ray compatibility

2) ergonomic working conditions for hospital staff

3) individual leg plate adjustment

4) micro touch remote control

5) functional and versatile

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Q:What is counterfeit medical equipment
At present, many medical and medical devices have exaggerated propaganda, illegal operation, illegal tickets, etc. illegal To tell the truth, people think that the medical and medical equipment industry is a million profits profiteering industry, this sentence is biased, the industry is very competitive, the same type of product, many similar products do not say, there are many imitation, exaggerated propaganda Products, illegal products, inferior counterfeit products, and so confused the market.
Q:Beijing medical equipment company which? Mainly to do surgical tools, surgical implants, joints, trauma plate, no one knows?
Beijing love Kang Yicheng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in surgical implant joint research and production and sales, in the field of domestic medical equipment has a certain position.
Q:What are the surgical instruments commonly used in neurosurgery?
Headscapel, scalpel, scalp clamp, scalp clip, bipolar coagulation, periosteal stripper, spring retractor, nerve stripping, brain pressure plate, skull drill, cutter, wire saw, wire saw guide, menarche , Meningeal tweezers, suction head, brain puncture, microscope, deep lighting .....
Q:Are medical tweezers a medical device?
Medical tweezers are medical device management Due to the many types of medical tweezers, tweezers of different uses may belong to different management categories, such as small vascular tweezers in the "basic surgical instruments", no injury tweezers, tissue tweezers, plastic tweezers, needle tweezers, ), Pull hair tweezers, towel tweezers, dressing tweezers, anatomical tweezers and so on are class Ⅰ medical equipment management;
Q:Surgical instruments belong to several categories of medical equipment ah?
Surgical instruments on their own one, two, three to points. Depends on the specific name of the device Caixing.
Q:Will the medical stapler belongs to which medical device catalog 6854 or 6865, help!
Esophagus, intestine stapler belong to 6808 (6808 abdominal surgical instruments) 6809 (6809 urinary anorectal surgery equipment)
Q:Do not disinfect the first class of medical equipment
Not a lot of disinfection, such as: Visual inspection instrument card projector, vision lamp (box), vision checker, eye opacifier, standard vision word class Ⅰ oral lamp oral surgery lights, oral lighting class Ⅰ medical centrifuge frozen ultracentrifuge, blood type dedicated centrifugal Machine, frozen high-speed centrifuge, high-speed centrifuge, low-speed centrifuge class Ⅰ medical optical equipment accessories and accessories slit lamp table, field meter table, optometry stent and so on.  
Q:How to do with the cloth, a material how much
Medical belly: for abdominal surgery after the bandage, fixed, suitable for postpartum, surgical recovery, obstetrics and gynecology with postpartum recovery period.
Q:Surgical orthopedic surgery equipment hollow drill plug how to clear?
You can take a solid small drill to drill a hollow drill inside the thing can not be a red, where things can be and then come to the road
Q:What should you eat after surgery?
According to the performance of the hair into six categories: One for the heat of things, such as scallions, ginger, pepper, pepper, lamb, dog meat; Two for the hair of things, such as shrimp, crab, goose, eggs, toon buds;

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