2014 CE certified operating theatre table

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Medical equipment: 2014 CE certified operating theatre table

ET700A is a multi-functional operating table that meets various requirements of operations. Long horizontal sliding,suitable for C arm and X-ray.The “T-shape” base  design makes enough free  space for the doctors.

High automation,low noise,high reliability .

Key parts imported from abroad,can be regarded as a ideal electric table.


1) logitudinal shift for X-ray compatibility

2) ergonomic working conditions for hospital staff

3) individual leg plate adjustment

4) micro touch remote control

5) functional and versatile

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Q:What are the equipment and names of the operating room?
Equipment cabinet, medicine cabinet, anesthesia cabinet, writing desk, anesthesia clock, hanging tower, shadowless lamp
Q:Help out the closure of medical devices and staplers What is the difference ah? Is the same product? What do you use?
6808 Abdominal surgical instruments: such as stomach stapler   6809 Urinary anorectal surgery instruments such as intestinal stapler
Q:Surgery in the fifties, what medical equipment, amputation
Surgery are "brutal", hacksaw is not an exaggeration, brain surgery, drill, hammer, all have. But done willing to give you more than usual tools to clean, strict disinfection ~ looks good ^ ^
Q:Surgery has the number of kinds of equipment, what is the name, there is no picture. Or such a website?
Fourth, surgical forceps (Forceps) Surgical tweezers are used to hold and lift tissue to facilitate dissection and suturing, and to hold stitches and dressings. There are different lengths, divided into teeth tweezers and toothless tweezers two kinds: 1. Teeth Forceps (Teeth Forceps): also known as tissue tweezers, tweezers tip teeth, teeth are divided into coarse teeth and fine teeth, coarse teeth tweezers for holding hard tissue, more damage, In fine surgery, such as tendon suture, plastic surgery and so on. Due to the tip of a hook, clamping firmly, but the organization has some damage. 2, no teeth tweezers (SmoothForceps): also known as flat tweezers or dressing tweezers. Its tip has no hook teeth for holding fragile tissues, organs and dressings. Shallow operation with short tweezers, deep operation with long tweezers, pointed flat tweezers less tissue damage, for blood vessels, nerve surgery.
Q:Why should I use iodophor before surgery to disinfect without alcohol?
Povidone-iodine in the hospital is generally used for disinfection before surgery; skin disinfection before surgery; a variety of injection site skin disinfection; equipment soaking disinfection; vaginal surgery before disinfection and vaginitis treatment.
Q:Surgical instruments do not have to disinfect, how long and then disinfected
Properly preserved, not used aseptic equipment package, valid for seven days.
Q:Orthopedic instruments for orthopedic instruments
leather knife knife, Surgical knife handle and blade,wrist stripping knife, lancet, blade, shaving knife, dander scraper, pick knife, front knife, pedicure knife, repair a knife,
Q:Why can not the boiled disinfectant be used for surgical disinfection?
Boiling can make protein denaturation, so as to achieve the role of killing bacteria, so the method can be used to boil the medical device disinfection
Q:Surgical scissors belong to several types of medical devices?
A class of scalpel scissors and the like belong to basic surgical instruments.
Q:Do not disinfect the first class of medical equipment
The first category of medical devices refers to medical devices that are routinely managed enough to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Classified as follows: basic surgical instruments microsurgical instruments Surgical Instruments Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments Otorhinolaryngology Surgical Instruments Stomatology Surgical Instruments Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgical Instruments Abdominal Surgical Instruments Urology anorectal surgery surgical orthopedic surgery (orthopedic) surgical instruments Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgical Instruments Surgical Instruments Injection puncture device burn (plastic surgery) surgery equipment General medical equipment for medical equipment Medical optics, instruments and endoscopes medical ultrasound equipment and related equipment Medical laser equipment medical high - frequency equipment Physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment Chinese medicine equipment Medical magnetic resonance equipment medical X - ray equipment Medical X - ray accessory equipment and components Medical high - energy radiation equipment Medical radionuclide equipment Medical radiation protection products, devices Clinical laboratory analysis equipment medical laboratory and basic equipment Extracorporeal circulation and blood treatment equipment implanted materials and artificial organs Operating room, emergency room, treatment room equipment and equipment dental equipment and equipment Ward care equipment and utensils Disinfection and sterilization equipment and apparatus Medical cold therapy, low temperature, refrigeration equipment and equipment dental materials Medical Sanitary Materials and Dressings Medical Suture Materials and Adhesives Medical polymer materials and products involved in equipment.

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