medical exam operating table with CE marked

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medical supply : operating room table

MT300 is widely used in chest,Abdominal surgery, ENT, gynaecology and obstetrics, urology andorthopedics etc.

Hydraulic lift by foot pedal,head operated movements.

The base and column cover all made by premium 304 stainless steel.

Tabletop is made of Composite laminate for X-ray,makes a High definition image.


1) be used in multiple surgical disciplines

2) cost-effective,multi-performance and mobility

3) ergonomic working conditions for doctors

4) individual leg plate adjustment

5) easy cleaning and user-friendly

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Q:Surgical instruments belong to several categories of medical equipment ah?
Surgical instruments on their own one, two, three to points. Depends on the specific name of the device Caixing.
Q:Disposable oral instrumentation belongs to which type of medical device
Belong to a class of 6806 stomatological surgical instruments. Production conditions: a class of product filing, a class of production registration form. Operating conditions: to resolutely open a class of medical equipment business liberalization, so as long as the legal procedures can be legitimate business.
Q:How much of the device is soaked in 70% alcohol or 0.1% benzalkonium bromide solution
5% sodium nitrite (0, soak for 5 minutes), the role of strong and fast, should not be used for cystoscopy, disinfection equipment (placed at 0, low temperature may gradually form a waxy), the use of dilution can be used to wash hands before surgery (0, soak for 5 minutes) (0.05%), avoid the use of aluminum containers, skin disinfection and fungal infections (0.05%), the use of aluminum containers, skin disinfection and fungal infections (0% 0. weak against Gram-negative bacilli and enteroviruses
Q:What are the equipment and names of the operating room?
Equipment cabinet, medicine cabinet, anesthesia cabinet, writing desk, anesthesia clock, hanging tower, shadowless lamp
Q:How to identify a class, two types of medical equipment?
1. Look at the logo on the product nameplate 2. "Medical device product registration management approach" is provided The following products are included in the third category: 1. All implanted human products (regardless of what kind of biological materials used); 2. Radiation treatment equipment; 3. Respiratory anesthesia equipment; 4. Cardiopulmonary bypass equipment; 5. X-ray CT, MRI, ultrasound CT, positron CT , Single photon CT; 6. contact with the body blood or body blood of the polymer materials, medical equipment with interventional treatment equipment, ultrasound imaging equipment with the implantation of human products; 7. oxygen treatment cabin, baby incubator as Life support products; 8. Heart and vascular endoscopy, radioactive radiation diagnostic equipment as potential dangerous products; 9. Simulation of auxiliary equipment as a potential danger of special cases. Two categories: The fifth This "catalog" will be divided into two parts of medical equipment, that is, equipment and equipment, equipment, materials category. The utensil category "this catalog" lists only the first class of appliances and the third category of appliances, the second category of equipment is not listed. Belong to 6801-6819 various types of products, in addition to implanted in the human body, disposable polymer products, new varieties, energy products, are naturally classified as the second category. 6846 - Function Aids - Hearing aids are the second category. (That is, similar to the ECG and the like) one type: There are directories (Note: Because of the various components of the surgical package is not sure, so this catalog does not contain such products. Where the surgical package contains Class III medical devices, as a class III product management; only contain Class II and Class I medical devices, As a class II product management; only contain Class I medical devices, as a Class I product management.)
Q:Why can not the boiled disinfectant be used for surgical disinfection?
Boiling can make protein denaturation, so as to achieve the role of killing bacteria, so the method can be used to boil the medical device disinfection
Q:What is the best sporting device?
Five, the shoulder: all kinds of dumbbell exercises can develop shoulder muscles. For example, with the dumbbell to do side of the flat, the former lift and leaning on the birds to develop the shoulder flap in the beam, the front beam and the rear beam. The development of the trapezius muscle can be used to dumbbell shrug or wrap around. Six, brachial biceps: dumbbell curl is a lot of bodybuilding champion used to practice biceps muscle "peak" of a best practice. Different ways of dumbbells can make the upper arm more sturdy, and from the back to see the muscle separation, clear and prominent. Seven, triceps: dumbbell to do with a single arm or arms and arm of the arm to flexion and extension exercises, can make triceps developed horseshoe-shaped. Practice can be dumbbells as low as possible to enhance the training effect. 8, forearm: dumbbell is wrist gripping can develop forearm medial muscle group; the development of forearm lateral muscle group is anti-gripping.
Q:Is the electronic colposcope two types of medical devices?
5, urinary anorectal surgery surgical orthopedic surgery (orthopedic) surgical instruments 6, obstetrics and gynecology with surgical instruments for family planning surgical instruments
Q:Surgical equipment after the initial soaking disinfection with what the best disinfectant
Surgical instruments, generally first with water brush clean blood, and then, carefully check the equipment, medical suture needle, medical surgical blade, are directly throw away do not wash, check the equipment if found unqualified equipment, promptly removed, qualified equipment, into the ultrasound Clean, and then wash, and then dry, the equipment room will be sharp things such as blade, suture needle, mounted in the box, and then, and other equipment, accessories, surgical towel, wrapped in a large blue cloth surgical equipment package And then hit the rope, paste the high-pressure steam disinfection instructions stickers, into the high-pressure steam disinfection pot disinfection, each disinfection pot, put sterile indicator card, 5 points to stay thermometer, inserted in the upper left, right upper left lower right lower disinfection 30 minutes, the package should not be greater than 55 by 33 by 22 CM can also boil disinfection for 2 hours, you can also use 0.1% benzalkonium bromide soak for 30 minutes, or 0.1 chlorhexidine soak for 30 minutes, you can also boil for 1 hour, after 0.2 Glutaraldehyde, soak for 10 hours, completely disinfected.
Q:Medical equipment classification in one, two, three specific only what? What is the classification basis?
Meinova Medical Solutions: The first is to regulate the classification of medical devices, in accordance with the "Medical Device Supervision and Management Regulations" to develop these rules. Article 2 Medical devices refer to instruments, equipment, appliances, materials or other materials that are used alone or in combination with the human body Items, including the required software. The purpose of its use is: (A) the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring or remission of the disease. (2) diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, remission or compensation of injury or disability. (C) research, substitution or regulation of anatomical or physiological processes. (D) pregnancy control. Its body surface and the role of the body is not used pharmacology, immunology or metabolic means to obtain, but may have this Some means to participate and play a supporting role. Article 3 These Rules shall be used to guide the formulation of the Catalog of Medical Device Classification and to establish a new category of product registration. Article 4 The classification of medical devices shall be based on the structural characteristics of medical devices, the form of medical devices and medical devices The use of three aspects of the situation to conduct a comprehensive decision. The specific judgment of the classification of medical devices can be based on the "Medical Device Classification Judgment Form" (see Annex).

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