medical versatile usage operation table with C arm compatible

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hot sale medical versatile usage operation table with C arm compatible

ET700A is a multi-functional operating table that meets various requirements of operations. Long horizontal sliding,suitable for C arm and X-ray.The “T-shape” base  design makes enough free  space for the doctors.

High automation,low noise,high reliability .

Key parts imported from abroad,can be regarded as a ideal electric table.

Made specially for X-raying and C-arm use.

This is also an excellent orthopedics table,which can use with Traction Frame.


1) be used in multiple surgical disciplines

2) cost-effective,multi-performance mobile table

3) real radiolucency for C-arm and X-ray

4) multiple tabletop great for flexibility and stability

5) electro-hydraulic adjustment

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Q:What is the second category of medical equipment
The second category refers to the medical device whose safety and effectiveness should be controlled.
Q:Taobao why not let the sale of medical equipment 5
Because "medical equipment" in Taobao, belong to the national laws and regulations prohibit the release of goods.   Taobao rules, Article 65 (c) issued the following goods or information, each deducted six points: 1, can still use the securities, the government issued the coupons and the corresponding purchasing, recommended services; 2, military uniforms, signs and military and police products; 3, with religious, racial discrimination related to goods or information; 4, toxic chemicals, pesticides and related information; 5, tobacco monopoly goods; 6, contains erotic and vulgar content of the comic books, books, games, audio and video products and SM appliances, adult website account and invitation code, original second - hand underwear, accompany the chat service and other erotic vulgar goods or information; 7. A medicament for the prevention and treatment of a human disease, a blood product or a medical device; 8, personal privacy information and internal data; 9, the state protection of plants and their products; 10, by the production of qualified manufacturers do not produce or do not meet the national, local, industry, corporate mandatory standards of goods; 11, all kinds of SMS bulk equipment and software.
Q:Orthopedic instruments for orthopedic instruments
leather knife knife, Surgical knife handle and blade,wrist stripping knife, lancet, blade, shaving knife, dander scraper, pick knife, front knife, pedicure knife, repair a knife,
Q:What are the commonly used surgical instruments?
In general, the operating room of the equipment will be based on different types of surgery and divided into different surgical package pack disinfection, if you are a nurse, first of all to be familiar with your hospital to carry out the type of surgery and the type of spare package, different surgical package There may be some difference in the equipment inside, but most will be the same, such as towel clamp, large and small trumpet hemostats, line scissors, tissue scissors, knife handle, pin and so on.
Q:The first category of medical device products do not need to apply for medical equipment permits which products can be sold?
There are many, medical equipment is divided into 44 categories, each category below 1,2,3 class products If you want to know what specific search (medical device classification directory) Medical device classification directory 01. "Medical device classification directory" description Basic Surgical Instruments Microsurgical instruments Neurosurgical surgical instruments Ophthalmic surgical instruments 06.9805 ENT surgical instruments Department of Stomatology Surgery Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgical Instruments Abdominal Surgical Instruments
Q:Are disabled items belonging to a class of medical devices?
Some of the disabled products belong to medical devices that are not part of medical devices. The first category of medical devices refers to medical devices that are routinely managed enough to ensure their safety and effectiveness. "Medical device classification directory": Basic surgical instruments Microsurgical instruments Surgical Instruments Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments Otorhinolaryngology Surgical Instruments Stomatology Surgical Instruments Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgical Instruments Abdominal Surgical Instruments Urology anorectal surgery surgical orthopedic surgery (orthopedic) surgical instruments Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgical Instruments Surgical Instruments Injection puncture device burn (plastic surgery) surgery equipment General medical equipment for medical equipment Medical optics, instruments and endoscopes medical ultrasound equipment and related equipment
Q:Will meet the YYT_0294-1-2005 standard medical surgical instruments metal materials, stainless steel, what is the steel? Is the steel Oh!
Model 416 - Added sulfur improves the processability of the material. Model 420 - "cutting edge" martensitic steel, similar to Brinell high chrome steel this first stainless steel. Also used for surgical instruments, can be done very bright. Model 430 - ferritic stainless steel, decorative, for example for car accessories. Good formability, but poor in temperature and corrosion resistance. Model 440 - high-strength cutting tool steel, slightly higher carbon, after the appropriate heat treatment can get a higher yield strength, hardness can reach 58HRC, are the hardest stainless steel column. The most common application example is the "shaving blade". There are three commonly used models: 440A, 440B, 440C, in addition to 440F (easy to type).
Q:Hysteroscopy equipment need cleaning tank?
3 equipment maintenance 3.1 correct maintenance is to ensure good performance equipment to extend the life of the key equipment in any case under the circumstances are necessary to take light, not throwing, friction, collision and at the same time one hand to take a variety of equipment to maintain the flexibility of the shaft, Sharp sharp sharp edges. 3.2 Note the protection of the mirror 3.3 protection of the conductor wire after cleaning can not be folded, the curvature should be greater than 90 °, to prevent fiber damage, affecting the use of results and shorten the service life. 3.4 for all types of pliers to check the activities of the joints often, pay attention to the closure of the clamp, joints coated with special lubricants. 3.5 sharp equipment should be covered with rubber protective cover 1) Piercing cone, the ring on the converter, rubber cap, if aging, the gap should be replaced in time, so as to avoid intraoperative leakage and affect the pneumoperitoneum effect. 2) There is a valve on the flushing pipe, which should be cleaned and cleaned regularly to keep the valve flexible. 3) all the equipment in the use, cleaning, maintenance process, the joints should not be strong pull, the tip can not touch the hard objects, the tube can not beat, the device can not be lost. In summary, laparoscopic equipment should be hand care, laparoscopic instruments and surgical instruments should be a profound understanding of the performance, master the equipment cleaning and sterilization and maintenance to ensure that the operation to maintain an effective working condition, making it more widely used In surgery.
Q:Is the electronic colposcope two types of medical devices?
3, ENT surgical instruments oral surgery equipment 4, Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgical Surgery Abdominal Surgical Instruments
Q:Surgical equipment after the initial soaking disinfection with what the best disinfectant
Surgical instruments, generally first with water brush clean blood, and then, carefully check the equipment, medical suture needle, medical surgical blade, are directly throw away do not wash, check the equipment if found unqualified equipment, promptly removed, qualified equipment, into the ultrasound Clean, and then wash, and then dry, the equipment room will be sharp things such as blade, suture needle, mounted in the box, and then, and other equipment, accessories, surgical towel, wrapped in a large blue cloth surgical equipment package And then hit the rope, paste the high-pressure steam disinfection instructions stickers, into the high-pressure steam disinfection pot disinfection, each disinfection pot, put sterile indicator card, 5 points to stay thermometer, inserted in the upper left, right upper left lower right lower disinfection 30 minutes, the package should not be greater than 55 by 33 by 22 CM can also boil disinfection for 2 hours, you can also use 0.1% benzalkonium bromide soak for 30 minutes, or 0.1 chlorhexidine soak for 30 minutes, you can also boil for 1 hour, after 0.2 Glutaraldehyde, soak for 10 hours, completely disinfected.

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