medical versatile usage operation table with C arm compatible

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hot sale medical versatile usage operation table with C arm compatible

ET700A is a multi-functional operating table that meets various requirements of operations. Long horizontal sliding,suitable for C arm and X-ray.The “T-shape” base  design makes enough free  space for the doctors.

High automation,low noise,high reliability .

Key parts imported from abroad,can be regarded as a ideal electric table.

Made specially for X-raying and C-arm use.

This is also an excellent orthopedics table,which can use with Traction Frame.


1) be used in multiple surgical disciplines

2) cost-effective,multi-performance mobile table

3) real radiolucency for C-arm and X-ray

4) multiple tabletop great for flexibility and stability

5) electro-hydraulic adjustment

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Q:What are the sterilization methods commonly used in medical devices?
5, low-temperature plasma sterilization: Low temperature plasma sterilization is a new low temperature sterilization technique developed in recent years. Plasma is the gas or steam by the electric field or magnetic field effects, so that most of the molecules formed by ionization. Plasma sterilizer is composed of power, excitation, gas, transmission system and sterilization chamber, after the vacuum through the steam, steam in the electric field under the role of change into the plasma. The advantages of plasma sterilization is the sterilization effect is reliable, the role of low temperature, sterilization equipment does not need to be placed in the air to remove residual gas, no corrosion with the same. At present, many countries have begun to use this technology, mainly for heat-resistant medical equipment. Summary: The validation of the sterilization process is a necessary condition for aseptic assurance that the sterility of the sterilized product depends on the choice of the sterilization material, the appropriate sterilization process in the production process, the standardized GMP management quality management system, and the sterilization process Should be considered in conjunction with bioburden testing, environmental monitoring, sterilization procedures validation and sterility testing. It is important to emphasize that the sterility test does not guarantee the sterility of each batch of product, but it is the last inspection procedure before the product is manufactured. Adherence to the sterility check helps to improve the confidence of the sterilization process and the sterile operation The
Q:Help out the closure of medical devices and staplers What is the difference ah? Is the same product? What do you use?
6807 Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgical Instruments (Cardiovascular) Closures such as: Cardiovascular Abnormal Channel Closure   6808 Abdominal surgical instruments: such as stomach stapler   6809 Urinary anorectal surgery instruments such as intestinal stapler
Q:Why can not the boiled disinfectant be used for surgical disinfection?
Boiling can make protein denaturation, so as to achieve the role of killing bacteria, so the method can be used to boil the medical device disinfection
Q:How long can the wound be wiped after surgery?
According to the size of surgery knife ~ ~ ~ generally in the half months to January after
Q:What principles should be followed to determine the classification of medical devices
(A) if the same medical device for two or more of the classification, should take the highest degree of risk classification; by a number of medical equipment consisting of medical equipment package, the classification should be the highest risk of medical equipment consistent with the package The (2) Medical equipment that can be used as an accessory, the classification of which shall take into account the effect of the annex on the safety and validity of the supporting main medical device; if the accessory has important influence on the supporting main medical device, the classification of the attachment shall not be lower than that of the supporting body Classification of medical devices.
Q:Are medical tweezers a medical device?
"Neurosurgical instruments" in the neurosurgery brain with tweezers, such as meningeal tweezers, pituitary tumor tweezers, tumor clamp clamp is a class Ⅱ medical device management. In general, medical tweezers are mostly class I medical devices.
Q:Hysteroscopy equipment need cleaning tank?
3 equipment maintenance 3.1 correct maintenance is to ensure good performance equipment to extend the life of the key equipment in any case under the circumstances are necessary to take light, not throwing, friction, collision and at the same time one hand to take a variety of equipment to maintain the flexibility of the shaft, Sharp sharp sharp edges. 3.2 Note the protection of the mirror 3.3 protection of the conductor wire after cleaning can not be folded, the curvature should be greater than 90 °, to prevent fiber damage, affecting the use of results and shorten the service life. 3.4 for all types of pliers to check the activities of the joints often, pay attention to the closure of the clamp, joints coated with special lubricants. 3.5 sharp equipment should be covered with rubber protective cover 1) Piercing cone, the ring on the converter, rubber cap, if aging, the gap should be replaced in time, so as to avoid intraoperative leakage and affect the pneumoperitoneum effect. 2) There is a valve on the flushing pipe, which should be cleaned and cleaned regularly to keep the valve flexible. 3) all the equipment in the use, cleaning, maintenance process, the joints should not be strong pull, the tip can not touch the hard objects, the tube can not beat, the device can not be lost. In summary, laparoscopic equipment should be hand care, laparoscopic instruments and surgical instruments should be a profound understanding of the performance, master the equipment cleaning and sterilization and maintenance to ensure that the operation to maintain an effective working condition, making it more widely used In surgery.
Q:What is the meaning of the stitches after surgery?
Three days should dressing, that is, re-disinfection dressing, 12 days the whole can be stitches, casually find a small hospital clinics can be stitches
Q:How much of the device is soaked in 70% alcohol or 0.1% benzalkonium bromide solution
Sun Jie off both sterilization and detergency, do not contaminate the clothes, is a disinfectant anti-corrosion drugs, disinfection of metal equipment need to add 0, with aromatic smell, but very bitter taste. 1% solution for 15 minutes and then soak for 30 minutes ) .
Q:Surgery in the fifties, what medical equipment, amputation
Surgery are "brutal", hacksaw is not an exaggeration, brain surgery, drill, hammer, all have. But done willing to give you more than usual tools to clean, strict disinfection ~ looks good ^ ^

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