Quality Garden Set Rattan Garden Sofas CMAX-MJT5253

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Quality Garden Set Rattan Garden Sofas  CMAX-MJT5253


1.      UV resistance and waterproof 

2.       High quality PE rattan & aluminum frame 

3.      36 months warranty

A:  Material: Imitated PE rattan/wicker incorporated with high quality Aluminum frame


1)Frame: powder-coated, light, strong and rust-resistant aluminum 

Tube thickness : 1.2mm 1.5mm, 1.8mm 

Circle Diameter: 28, 25, 22, 19, 16mm or customized 

Square Diameter: 50*50, 40*40, 25*25, 20*20, 30*19, 15*15mm or customized

2)Rattan: non-recycled PE Rattan, durable and UV resistant

Flat rattan width : 6, 8,10,12 mm.

Round rattan diameter: 3mm.

Rattan color available: Charcoal, dark brown, chocolate, cream, beige ect

3)Cushion and pillows: 180g-250g waterproof polyester with zipper.

Sofas, beach chairs, sunbeds and lounge: with 200px thick cushions usually  

100px thickness for the chairs.

The regular size of pillow: 45*1125px.

Color is optional.

4)Table Glass: 5mm or 8mm tempered glass top, safe and strong.


B. Features:


·         Popular and modern style

·         Waterproof and UV resistant

·         Cozy and relaxing sitting experience

·         Suitable for indoor and outdoor places

·         Excellent hand woven craft with fashion design

·         Graceful third dimension is the reason why many customers like it

·         Durable, non-toxication, washable, flexible, corrosion-resistant

·         Uniformity, head and foot part is almost the same size, so the line looks smooth

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Q:How can I stop my dog from hiding behind the sofa?
My puppies started hiding under the couch and it was such a pain to always get them out, so I just had the legs taken off the couch -- no more problems since they cannot get under there anymore!
Q:What is the most comfortable sofa sleeper?
Obviously okorder.com
Q:what kind of sofa material is good to the family has dogs? leather? ?
If you plan on letting the dogs on the couch I wouldn't get leather-it will be easily scratched. That's alot of money to pay for something that is gonna get messed up.
Q:which paint goes with a mint green sofa?
we have a mint green- and white sofa. It depends on if the sofa is more traditional looking, or modern. If traditional, then definitely a brown (tannish colour) If it's more modern, try white. We have mint green chairs to match and a bunch of white and silver tables, and white walls
Q:Where can I get a sofa bed like Cici Dawns?
email and ask where she got it
Q:Cheep Sofas?????????????
Q:how do you remove felt tip pen from leather sofas?
Unfortunately you will have re-dyed the leather and so there is nothing on the DIY basis that will remove this. It will need a solvent to remove the marker and this will also remove the finish and pigment from your sofa (if it is a pigmented suite) which will then need replacing. This is best left to the experts. Call a trained leather technician to do the work. If it is an aniline style leather then the mark will be permanent and only time will help as it will dissipate and blend in slowly. Baby wipes will damage your leather so please do not try this. Hairspray sometimes works on pigmented leather but can also make matters much worse.
Q:I have replacement sofa legs that the screws are to big to fit in the original screw holes?
You can either remove the hanger bolt from the leg using a pair of Vise Grip Locking Pliers and buy a smaller one, or using a pair of needle nose pliers pull the Tee Nut out of the bottom of the sofa and buy a larger one and put in it's place. If you are going to replace the Hanger Bolt on the leg, you will need to plug the hole the existing bolt came out of as it will be too big. Use a small piece cut from a wooden dowel to do so. You could also use chair leg brackets. They are square metal plates that you screw onto the bottom of furniture then screw your legs into them. They work pretty good and are very easy to install using screws. After screwing the legs into them, they are pretty stable too. Those might be more logical for you to do if you don't want to replace the Hanger Bolts and Tee Nuts and pretty easy too. Chair Leg Mounting Brackets, Sold usually in the lumber section of the hardware stores.
Q:I have a sofa in my room that smells like cigarette, should I get rid of it?
Yes, you should I mean when you have company your room is going to be their impression of what kind of person you are. If I stepped into your room and smelt cigarette I wouldent sit on the sofa... I dont smoke so I would notice VS someone who is a smoker it wont bother them as much. If you had a family member come over who hasent seen you in like forever im pretty sure you wouldent want them to think Wow this guy/girl is nasty his room smells like smoke. To me a person who smells like smoke is yucky, but again I dont smoke so to me and other non-smokers it would but for someone who smokes it wont.
Q:curve sofa or corner sofa...?
Yeah I Spilt Black Nail Polish On The Couch I Covered It With A Throw Pillow

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