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60Hz 55KW to 573KW Doosan Series Diesel Generator 
1) Generator factory direct sale 
2) Doosan with Mecc alte 

60Hz 55KW to 573KW Doosan Series Diesel Generator


DOOSAN started producing diesel engines for the first time in 1958. Doosan production facility is in Incheon, Korea and Doosan went into full production under the license of MAN technology in 1975, and ISUZU technology in 1979. Furthermore, Doosan began to produce the CNG engine in 1998, so our reinforced line up from Diesel engine to Natural Gas engine could supply more choices and meet the various needs of our customers. 
Doosan acquired Daewoo Machine in 2005 to strengthen the ability of designing and producing the engine.


Features of Genset Powered by Doosan: 
1. International Warranty Service 
2. Short delivery time 
3. With ISO9001& CE certification 
4. High performance cost 
5. Coupled with Stamford alternator, Leroy Somer alternator or Mecc Alter alternator 
6. Perfect after-service network 
7. Power range from 60kva to 700kva 
8. Rigorous test including 50% load, 75% load, 100% load and 110% load 
9. Warranty: One year or 1000 Working Hours from the shipment date, whichever comes first.

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Q:Will the U.S. phase out commuter trains that use diesel and switch to electric trains in the future?
I'd like to think that the US will catch up with Europe in terms of rail electrification. Unfortunately it seem unlikely. As has been hinted, electrification works best when there are high passenger densities together with a high frequency service. The set-up costs are initially high, but the running costs compared to diesel are generally lower. Besides, an electrified rail network can be as green as the power supply it's hooked up to. Sure it could be supplied from a dirty great coal-fired power station, but there is nothing to prevent the energy being generated in greener, more environmentally responsible ways where such facilites exist (or can be provided).
Q:How much fuel does generator consume?
I'll tell ya how to operate one of those machines, you put some diesel in the tank till it started to overflow, you turn it on full blast so it is chugging and heaving away. when it starts sputterin and chokin put in some more diesel.
Q:what is the smallest diesel engine that can use oxyhydrogen?
I'll guess HOH can be used, with all sizes of diesel and gasoline motors, likely even in gas turbine motors and jet engines, BUT it as near zero utility for any of them. Even the fractional hp model airplane motors should work. More than a pint of HOH Brown's gas is a serious explosion hazard, so be sure production is reduced while the motor is idling.
Q:a hospital has a back up generator to power medical devices in case of a power failure. which of the following?
most likely d. gasoline or diesel fuel
Q:how to calculate the required torque in a electrical generator? for ex: Portable generator?
i've got confidence it particularly is fullyyt based on the generator. It relies upon on the exchange in cutting-edge going throughout the time of the generator, the ability of the magnetic field, and the size of the coils. i think of yet another common thank you to do it would be to idealize the engine. Its skill output is x watts, so assuming consistent torque (huge assumption) it would be something like torque * rotational velocity of the engine x (skill). it particularly is why electric powered autos have huge quantities of torque at low speeds.
Q:Which would be the most efficient and eco-friendly car type: Hydrogen, Electric, Diesel, Gasoline, Battery?
Electric cars are very efficient. The Volt is a very interesting hybride. It can get 32 on electric only, and an additional 300 miles on gasoline powered generater using on 1.4 gallons of gasoline.
Q:What happens if you put diesel in a generator that is unleaded?
drain the tank and discard the mixed fuel refill with unleaded and it should be fine
Q:What to pack going to Tanzania, Africa.?
Emma Not knowing your race, I will give you some advice if you are African-American: don't where trousers. Black women in Tanzania who do are viewed as prostitutes in many areas. Secondly, as a black person, you will automatically be expected to speak Swahili or the local tribal language. That said, bring along a small, quality flashlight and extra batteries. Also, extra batteries for other equipment such as a camera. Don't expect to be able to charge these items as many mission sites are remote and likely to run on a diesel generator that is not equipped with an inverter. Bring comfortable footwear with a solid sole and up to your ankles. There are often minute larvae which will become embedded in the soles of your feet and can be uncomfortable. They are removed with a sterilized needle. At age 15, bring a supply of female necessities because they will not be readily available. Leave your cosmetics at home. Here are some things that come in handy - a few quart and gallon size baggies, string, a bungi cord or two, rubber bands, small Tupperware containers, matches or a lighter, water canteen, candles, sun hat, small super glue, band-aids,paper,envelopes, pens/pencils. As far as money, you should consult your group adviser. An ATM is hard to find in the jungle or on the open plain, as is a bank. You will be able to find these things in Dar es Salaam, where you should stock up on Tanzanian shillings, depending on the frequency you expect to travel to a city. When I lived in the jungle, I got to a city 2 or 3 times a year, so it was essential to know what I needed before heading back to the mission. Chances are, you will not be in a remote area. I know these things came in handy for me, but I spent years in Sundi Lutete.
Q:can I add more starting wattage to a small power generator by adding more starting capacitors ?
The old style, pre- electronic wash machines used that same principle. They had a relatively small motor and used one or two huge capacitor's to get the motor going. Those capacitor's save up the maximum amplitude on the voltage sine wave (120V) and bleed out the power when the amplitude reverses each 1/60 th of a second. You might luck out, but I'm not sure if the AC compressor motor is an induction motor like the wash machine motors are so check out how to wire the capacitor in the circuit first and if it works with a compressor motor. It should, come to think of it, a lot of compressor's have capacitor starts s I can't see why a refrigerator compressor would be much different. You did say the running wattage of the generator is enough to keep the fridge going.right?
Q:Why would someone say that a GENERATOR can run on BioDiesel ??
if it is a diesel powered gen set it could run on bio fuel as long as it has been processed correctly a diesel gen can run on several different types of fuel

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