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Regulator for gaseous media, to be fitted to all types of gas
Optimum dimensioning allows high throughput performance


VGBF regualtors are general purpose regualtors for controlling gas pressure to furnaces, ovens and other gas consuming equipment. They are suitable for nature, LP and clean biogas at inlet pressure up to 60psig (4bar). Springs are available to allow for a wide choice of outlet pressure.

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Q:leaky heart valve?
well, firstly, almost everyone has trivial valve regurg. it is considered okay and not a need to be alarmed by it. its the severity that matters most. so i see that u have a valve regurg but just trace amounts so it should be alright. this may well due to your pregnancy, (just a possible cause) that u get this but it may also be all along even before pregnancy. it doesnt affect your pregnancy much unless u have hypertension. it is called hypertensive pregnancy. this is much attention needed than your current trivial regurg. but do go for another scan after pregnancy to make sure that the regurg doesnt worsen. the bottomline is... dont worry. you're doing okay. happy pregnancy! :)
Q:Silent sump pump shut-off valves?
If you mean the discharge check valve, it will clunk when the level switch trips the pump. The head or weight of the water trying to flow back into the crock causes the check valve to slam closed, making a clunking sound. This is pretty common and normal.
Q:control valve selection?
Q:Any idea on selecting and sizing control valves?
Specialty valves should be sized/recommended by the manufacturer because of the different influences that may be encountered by the valve. Example: Temperature ranges, chemical composition of coolant, type of valve(ball, gate, tempering, other) all will have some effect. I would say take a look at the old one if it exists and if you're not satisfied with its performance, then cross reference it with other companies like Amtrol, Wilkins, etc. This would be the safest most logical method.
Q:Where can I buy a trigger valve?
Q:whats a leaking aortic valve?
It just means that one of the valves in your heart doesn't completely close. So when your heart pumps blood it doesn't do it as effectively. I have a leaky mitral valve and I have no symptoms. I just have to take antibiotics anytime I have dental work done. Bacteria from your mouth like to mess up your valves if they are already leaky. But it almost never happens. It's just a precaution. You really need to talk to your doctor about what he found. He needs to explain whether it's serious or nothing to be worried about.
Q:EGR valve problem?
This does not sound like an EGR valve problem. As stated previously, failed EGR valve symptoms tend to occur at an idle. Your problem may be in the passages that feed the inert EGR gasses to the engine. On many engines, there are multiple passages feeding the engine. One for each cylinder. Since EGR flow consists of burned fuel and oxygen, it is an inert gas. Not capable of supporting combustion because there is no oxygen or fuel left in it. It simply takes up space and is used to cool your exhaust output for emissions reduction. If several of these passages plug up, then the remaining cylinders are fed too much of this inert gas and it affects combustion in those cylinders. Normally during highway cruising this inert gas can be fed to all cylinders equally without a noticeable effect on performance. This scenario is possible on any engine that uses EGR ports in the heads or intake manifold to feed individual cylinders. Removing the EGR flow removes the imbalance and your symptom goes away. Barring that, it is still unlikely that the valve is the cause of your symptom. EGR flow at the wrong time such as during acceleration but not at idle can be caused by the vac controls. Hope this helps!
Q:Where can i find a ball valve that.....?
Shouldn't be a problem. all that's needed is a valve with elect contacts on valve stem. should be able to get one with two sets of contacts for on and off...
Q:Leaking shut-off valve on a toilet?
Take out the old one. it is easy it just slides up the over flow tube go to a hardware store and get a replacement ball valve (Ballcock) they are just a couple bucks.slide the new one on! Take the old one when you go to get the new one.
Q:hi guys..What is different between globe valve and stop check globe? Is that stop check globe=SDNR JIS std?
Sdnr Globe Valve

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