Portable mini electric Yogurt machine Household Auto Timing Yogurt Maker

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Product Description:

1. Description of Yogurt Maker

Yogurt is good for health. It’s good to intestines and stomach, helping digestion, regulating endocrine, protein and calcium, and functions for women.

Yogurt maker is a machine to make yogurt. It is developed with a device providing stationary temperature among 35 to 45 degree centigrade. Under this temperature, the proiotics multiply and the lactose turn into lactic acid, eventually the milk is ferment into yogurt. Our Yogurt maker is automatic, electric heating directly. It’s easy to process.

2. Features of Yogurt Maker

1)  Exquisite design, fashion appearance.

2)  Clear lid and Automatic making yogurt.

3)  Use automatic constant temperature of the PTC heating element heating, security and saving energy, only 20W Power.    

4)  U.S. FDA certified food grade safety material.

5) OEM is availabe.

6)  Certificates SGS ,CE,CIQ ,FDA etc.

3. Specifications of Yogurt Maker

Product Name

Yogurt Maker
Capacity1 L
Product Size200X200X145mm
Carton Size64.5X43.3X47cm

4. Images of Yogurt Maker

Portable mini electric Yogurt machine Household Auto Timing Yogurt Maker

Portable mini electric Yogurt machine Household Auto Timing Yogurt Maker

Portable mini electric Yogurt machine Household Auto Timing Yogurt Maker

5)  FAQ

1)   Are free samples available?

Yes. But express delivery cost is to be collected and we will pay it back after confirming the order.

2)  What about the lead time for mass production? 


Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. Generally speaking, we suggest that you start inquiry two months before the date you would like to 

get the products at your country.


3)  What is your terms of delivery? 


We accept EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.  

4)  Do you inspect the product? How?

Yes, each step of production and finished products will be carried out inspection by QC before shipping.

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Q:Yogurt machine intelligent split cup what do you mean?
A yogurt machine inside the cup is used for cup use
Q:Yogurt machine, a whole winter made yogurt is very successful, but the two time the yogurt is not solidified!
I have been using the fungus powder homemade yogurt, with my little experience is yogurt bacteria powder problem, before I buy fungus powder in other seasons are relatively stable to fermentation success, when summer high temperature often do not, the seller said that the high temperature, the express process is long, some brands add the yogurt fermentation agent activity design standard is not high, easy to make bacteria powder lose activity, you can try to solve by prolonging the fermentation time, but if all the inactivated bacteria powder, it also do not come out
Q:What is the working principle of yoghurt machine?
Household yogurt machine is different. In order to minimize the difficulty of the operation of consumers, as much as possible to simplify the operation process. Therefore, the requirements of domestic yogurt machine: corresponding to different yogurt fermentation agent, yogurt machine can provide different fermentation parameters, consumers only need to choose. The manufacturing principle of yogurt machine must be strictly in accordance with the orderly design of lactic acid bacteria growth and reproduction, physiology of symbiosis, symbiosis provides optimum fermentation parameters for lactic acid bacteria, different temperature conditions, to ensure the growth of lactic acid bacteria in the process of individual cell division and reproduction needs, meet the nutritional conditions of inoculation temperature incubation period. Over temperature conditions of temperature bacteria symbiosis balance and culture activity of stable generation of logarithmic phase.Therefore, home yogurt machine should not be a simple insulation or thermostat, according to the special use of yogurt fermentation agent, reasonable design fermentation parameters and functional control.
Q:Want to buy a yogurt machine, I do not know what good
DesignGood yogurt machine in the design also pay attention to, we should pay attention to the structure design of temperature at the time of purchase, it can make the local temperature consistent yogurt machine, to prevent some local high temperatures kill the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt, ensure the activity of lactic acid bacteria. Also note that the best choice of transparent cover, so you can observe the yogurt machine yogurt changes. Finally, it is necessary to see whether the container is designed to ensure a good seal between the container and the container so that the yogurt is protected from contamination by other impurities during the manufacture process.
Q:Can you tell me how to use the yogurt machine? Does anybody know that?
C). With cold and hot water mixed to 38 DEG --40 DEG, the scale line added to the corresponding infrared temperature class: making a liter of yogurt to add water to the tank under constant temperature infrared scale line; production of two liters of yogurt to the constant temperature water tank infrared scale line at first;D). Put the sealed reaction cylinder containing mixture into the infrared thermostatic cabin, and cover the inner and outer coversE). Plug in the power and switch, the LCD screen shows 0:00, indicating that the power supply is in good contactF). Adjust the time button, usually between 5-7 hours, the length of time to adjust the acidity and acidity of yogurt, the longer the yogurt, the thicker the acid, the more concentratedG). Press the start button, LCD screen display sun icon, said the yogurt machine works normally; when the liquid crystal display screen snowflakes icon, time becomes 0:00, indicates that the setting time is up, please check the yogurt quality, such as consistency, sour deficiency, re set the time, continue to meet the requirements of production; such as, refrigerate or short time room temperature preservation
Q:How do you put the baking powder when making yogurt with yogurt machine?
5., yogurt machine glass bowl, put a little water, 3 glass bottles sitting in a large bowl.The 6 cover cover, cover, plug in the power, press the button to select the required time, time 8 hours. Press the confirmation button, when the temperature indicator is on. When it automatically heats up to the required temperature, it automatically jumps to the thermostat and the indicator light is on.7. morning, the yogurt has been solidified.
Q:What's the cost per one hundred milliliters for making fresh milk with a yogurt machine?
Green: plain yogurt, fresh and mellow. Preservative free, thickener, essence and sugar, suitable for all people (especially diabetics and dieters).
Q:How do you make yogurt without yogurt?
5 or 8-10 hours later, the yogurt is ready. If it's cold, it may take a little longer[attention]1, after the yogurt should be put into the refrigerator, do not let it continue to ferment. Good yogurt should be eaten within 1 weeks2, homemade yogurt taste sour, not outside delicious, should eat some honey or white sugar seasoning3, sometimes made of yogurt may be precipitated pale yellow water, this is normal, it does not matter, it is not bad
Q:Yogurt machine js-102 how to use?
[methods of making yogurt quickly]If you want to speed up the production of yogurt, you can advance the milk to 40 degrees, and then put yogurt, so you can shorten the production time. Yogurt can not be heated, because the heating temperature is too high will affect the activity of lactic acid bacteria, resulting in failure to manufacture. In addition, it can also increase the proportion of yogurt, which can also speed up production.1. What are the features of the yogurt machine?Oval geometry, lines of clever combination, concise, fashionable, and with bright colors. The product has applied for patent.2, yogurt machine is how to control temperature?The PTC ceramic heating PTC ceramic heater with adjustable temperature function, Guangzhou Seoul Electric Co. Ltd. engineers after repeated tests to determine the parameters of the PTC ceramic heating body, to ensure that the fermentation cylinder temperature accurately, suitable. The temperature and the unique structural design, consistent temperature throughout the container, to prevent local heat killed lactobacillus, ensure that the activity of lactic acid bacteria. This part of the structure has applied for the national utility model patent.
Q:Yogurt machine yogurt as long as possible?
Yogurt machine yogurt is not the longer the better, the longest not more than 14 hours (using pure yogurt as the source of fermentation, the longest is not more than 10 hours). Time is too long will affect the taste of yogurt, while easy to bacteria contamination.

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