Ice Maker/ Ice Cube Maker/ Ice Making Machine For Making Ice Cube With Stainless Steel

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Product Description:

1. Description of Ice Maker/ Ice Cube Maker/ Ice Making Machine For Making Ice Cube With Stainless Steel

Ice maker is a kind of machine to make Ice cube.

Yogurt Maker can be divided into three categories:

First, a fully automated, directly heated by electricity, no control circuit, adopt appropriate power heating component to control the temperature.

Second, electronic control type, join a variety of control circuit in the machine, such as temperature and time control, to control the heating circuit on and off. The main difference between the above two type is whether have a control circuit.

Third, is cooling yogurt machine, using semiconductor refrigeration, automatic storage at low temperature.

2. Features of Ice Maker/ Ice Cube Maker/ Ice Making Machine For Making Ice Cube With Stainless Steel

* Elegant compact design with colorful housing optional

* Removable ice basket is included

* Professional anti-bactrium material is included

* Big transparent full-view window.Ice making process is visible through this special window

* Easy-use control design.

* Two ice sizes is optional.

* Self-indicator of full ice&water shortage is included.

3. Specification of Ice Maker/ Ice Cube Maker/ Ice Making Machine For Making Ice Cube With Stainless Steel

Item size360*296*337mm
Capacity2.8L, 12KG/24H
ColorRed/Siliver/White, color is optional.
Container Stainless steel, ABS
Normal packing standard

Voltage220-240V 50/60Hz

4. Image of Ice Maker/ Ice Cube Maker/ Ice Making Machine For Making Ice Cube With Stainless Steel

Ice Maker/ Ice Cube Maker/ Ice Making Machine For Making Ice Cube With Stainless Steel

Ice Maker/ Ice Cube Maker/ Ice Making Machine For Making Ice Cube With Stainless Steel

Ice Maker/ Ice Cube Maker/ Ice Making Machine For Making Ice Cube With Stainless Steel

5. FAQ

1) Could I got a sample to test before I place my order?

   Sure, we can provide the sample for your test.

2) Do I need to pay for the sample?

  Yes,we'll charge you for the samples,the amount is depend on the items you want,and will

refound you after the first order.

3) How long will I got the sample?

  It need less than 4-7 days.

4) How long will you deliver the goods after I ordered.

  25-35 days after order and packaging file confirmed .

5) Can you OEM for me?

   Sure,OEM order is acceptable.

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Q:What's the advantage of making yogurt with a yogurt machine?
What you do will be thicker than any brand sold in the shop. It needs to be sour, but honey will be very good. And do it yourself. It's always better than selling. Raw material, health is very important!
Q:I made a yogurt with the yogurt machine last night. But the yogurt doesn't freeze. I've come as requested
Preservation!! That's what I want to say!Can the factory be sterile?. My family is not necessary. The first is a container to sterilization, then milk and yogurt should be disinfected, preserved bacteria can reduce the growth of bacteria. But we most is a container of yogurt, milk and boiled disinfection, after opening into the container in the process will be exposed to the bacteria, because there is not a clean bench in our family ah, the result do next time is the carrier of yogurt.So I suggest using a yogurt as a starter, try to consume it within 3 days, clean all the appliances, then buy a cup of yogurt and start over.
Q:Yogurt machine, in addition to yogurt, but also what?
The best time to add sugar yogurt produced shall be placed in the refrigerator for 24 hours, that is before eating with honey or sugar can also be best friends, then add a little fruit Ding, Ding, Ding, apple recommended papaya mango Ding, other fruit I did not feel good, if placed in the fruit after still feel not enough sweet, put sugar or honey. If you think the yogurt you've just taken out of the fridge is too cold, put it in warm water for a while. Don't heat it. That will damage the probiotics. A yogurt machine making yogurt, it is really easy, do not think the success is difficult, I did almost a year, yogurt is really good, good, good!
Q:Yogurt machine, a whole winter made yogurt is very successful, but the two time the yogurt is not solidified!
This time I changed the nucleolus of Bifidobacterium yogurt fermentation agent case Taobao trial center recommended, feeling that bacteria powder has high activity and fermentation of 1G loaded 2 pounds of yogurt generally less than 5 hours is good, fungus powder than ever with 2 hours ahead of 5101 or so, now I 1.5L yogurt machine with bear, directly making 1g installed 3 pounds of yogurt, fermentation time is about 6.5 hours, feeling very satisfied.
Q:Yogurt machine, why do it has been thin?
Two reasons, one is less bacteria, a bag of milk, half a bag of bacteria, or in accordance with the specifications required. And there's the question of time. Summer takes eight hours. Ten hours in winter. As for hot water, there is no need to kill viruses. Room temperature milk + bacteria + sugar on it. I do very well every time I do it. Also, two lids should be covered. Keep the seal in place.
Q:I bought a yogurt machine, but I don't know how to make it
With the yogurt at home to do their own yogurt is convenient, fresh and delicious, I have just bought one, do 3, 4 times, to make yogurt is very good, family love, can also according to their own tastes and family special production, share my method, you can believe!
Q:Yogurt machine yogurt, part of the frozen room, frozen
When you eat, add honey and mix thoroughly, it will be as thick as the yogurt bought outside, but thick outside thick, who knows whether it is diluted plus thickening agent?.
Q:Yogurt machine, yogurt, what can replace the fermentation ah?
Making steps:1, disinfection. Yogurt is clean effect is very big, in the production of yogurt before, we must pay attention to the yogurt machine lid, spoon and other appliances into the pot add water to boil 10 minutes for disinfection, ensure the machine clean, eat up a lot of confidence.2. Put in the milk. Yogurt comes from milk. After sterilizing the yogurt machine, we can take out the pure milk and pour a small amount of pure milk into the container. Yogurt requires yogurt ferment, so before you make it, you should buy a good yogurt starter and freeze it in the fridge. Pour yogurt into the container and ferment with pure milk. It should stir well, then add the other pure milk. You can determine the weight of pure milk according to your preference.
Q:Do you need hot water every time?
Leave a little, and then cook the fresh milk with the rest of the yogurt, and use the quilt for a while, he becomes yogurt
Q:Yogurt machine made out of yogurt is too thick, how do?
Thick and your milk.Proportion:Example: pit yogurt starter size: 10 sachet / bag, 1 pouch 1g, can make 1000ml yogurt.

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