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green/color is optional

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Packaging:color box ,1PCS per 1color box, 12PCS per 1carton
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New design
Stainless steel bowl
Exact temperature 42 degree control
Clear lid allows for viewing
Removable plug


2).Capacity:1.0L,for 2-4 people.
3). Elegant design and fineness of appearance
4).Unique structure for equal heat transmission, maintaining the activation of lactobacillus
5).Transparent top cover and container lid, making the state observable
6).PTC adopted for constant temperature and safe operation, and low power of 15W for cost saving
7).Container design of freshness box-like, preventing the yogurt from pollution before drinking


Yoghurt Maker SNJ-534
Item size 200*200*145mm
Capacity 1L
Color Orange/ Green/ Pinkcolor is optional.
Lid removable
Container Stainless steel  bowl
Material Plastic
Power15W, 220-240V~50HZ
Featuredisconnect - plug
easy operating and cleaning

Normal packing standard

Carton Size:645*437*470mm

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Q:Buy yogurt confidential, pay attention to what?
Homemade yogurt is used in constant temperature fermentation, so the yogurt machine is the most basic heating and constant temperature, constant temperature heating and can be as long as you can in the appropriate temperature, this machine can make yogurt yogurt; besides temperature, another major factor is the homemade yogurt yogurt fermentation time, and time is not immutable and frozen. The quality of the milk, yogurt, fermented milk quality, environmental temperature, initial temperature and the constant temperature yogurt machine will affect the duration of the fermentation, so even with the timing control function, but also be empty, need to adjust after practice, every change of factors can change time; and yogurt is good, even if the automatic power-off yogurt machine, also cannot be ignored, must be quickly placed in the refrigerator, so as to avoid the invasion of harmful bacteria, This kind of yogurt is safe.
Q:Ty-s10a home full automatic yogurt machine, set your own time?
Hello! Yogurt machine press the time button, the default is 8 hours, each time by half an hour, because your machine model is uncertain, temporarily we accumulated to the highest time after zero, and then in half an hour as a unit accumulation. Thank youThe use of domestic yogurt machine for making yogurt, yogurt home 1 benefits of yogurt made higher nutritional value, taste more pure, more health, do not add any preservatives, fresh taste and can according to their own needs any modulation taste: for consumers of fashion consumption, individual life yearning and pursuit to provide convenient enjoy yogurt making fun. Myself. Apart from making...
Q:Yogurt machine, how to do yogurt, to be detailed
Step:1. a box of 250 ml pure milk, a small packet of yogurt starter.2., first of all, yogurt machine washed, glass bottles open water, pot disinfection.3. when sterilizing bottles, deal with the milk. Pour 250 ml of milk into 0.3g starter.4. add 1 spoons of sugar and mix. Stir until the sugar melts and wrap it in 3 small glass bottles.
Q:Yogurt machine, yogurt ah! Concrete steps! And the amount of yeast powder! I bought 1.5L
I have a yogurt machine, very cheap, generally fifty or sixty can buy,You go to the supermarket to buy a box of pure milk to come back (the most common bag will do)Buy another bag of sour milk containing probiotics,
Q:I used yogurt machine for yogurt for almost eight hours,
Disinfection and temperature are important. Yogurt is very convenient, 1 liters of milk mixed with 1 grams of Xiuchuan fermentation powder, mixing evenly, add the yogurt machine, the temperature is set to 43 degrees, holding about 8 hours, can make the ideal yogurt, we eat now, no additives, very popular. Hope to have the opportunity to cooperate, detailed space to understand
Q:Why can't my yogurt machine make yogurt?
1., bacteria problems, if you use yogurt blending, then there must be a problem, the activity is poor, must use yogurt baking powder, but also a sufficient quantity
Q:Home yogurt machine okay? FiftyFirst of all, is yogurt made from yogurt machine good to drink?
You do yogurt, if the source of the original milk is bought by the store, to fermentation, I suggest you do not buy, buy has been deployed once, and then you make yogurt production meaningless
Q:Is the yogurt machine a heating appliance?
Is useless, need to adjust after practice, every change of factors can change the time; and even after the fermentation of yoghurt, automatic power-off yogurt machine, also cannot be ignored, must be quickly placed in the refrigerator, so as to avoid the invasion of harmful bacteria, this kind of yogurt is safe.
Q:Yogurt machine snj-10k5 operation,Easy, pure milk, please
Add a starter to pure milk or fresh milk, or 10% pure yogurt sold in a supermarket. Stir well.Put the container in the yogurt machine and cover the outer cover.Connect to the power supply, 8-10 hours, yogurt automatically completed.
Q:Recently, the preparation of yogurt machine yogurt, I heard the cost of homemade yogurt is higher than the direct purchase of ready-made
Improve the situation: Bao Ma bought online show of lactic acid bacteria, 5 kinds of bacteria 1.6 yuan package, you can make 1000 milliliters of yogurt; produced yogurt can also do primers, and then make 2 times 1000 milliliters of yogurt. You can continue doing this, but the more you get sour, the more you need a new pack of lactic acid bacteria.

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