pipe floater/pipe floater/pipe floater/pipe floater

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pipe floater/pipe floater/pipe floater/pipe floater

GENERRAL FEATERS OF Floater or floats pipe/piping as follows.
1. For sand dredging
2. For mud dredging
3. For sea water dredging
4. Good floating
5. Buoyancy is better

FLOATER for HDPE/UHMWPE sand dredging pipe:



Structure of Floater for Dredging Pipe


Structure Name



Polyethylene Hull



Hard Polyurethane Foam

Closed-cell Polyureshane


Steel Bolts & Nuts


1. Tolerance:

Length: 1.5%, Diameter: ±1%, Thickness: ±1mm, Weight: ±2%

2. Appearance must be smooth and homogeneous, bright color, the diameter of burned dots must be under 100mm.  

Main Technical Properties


Technical Index of Hull


Inside Technical Index

Tensile Strength


Water Absorption


Bteak Elingation


Breaking Strength


Impact Strength


Breaking Elingation


Bending Strength

≥15.7 MPa

Compressive Strength


Weather Resistance


After tital aging energy≥3.5GJ/m2

Break Elingation    %≥



Oxidative Induction Time 200°Cmm≥





Dredging Floater Specification Table
Pipe OD (mm)Floater ID (mm)Floater OD (mm)Floater Length (mm)Wall Thickness (mm)Net Buoyancy (kg)Weight (kg)


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