Patio PE Rattan Outdoor Wicker Sofa Garden Furniture

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Garden Furniture Outdoor Sofa Description

1). Frame: Iron/Aluminum

2).Rattan: SGS PE RATTAN

3). Fabric: Outdoor UV-Resistant/Waterproof

4).Glass: Tempered Glass

2.Main Features of the Garden Furniture Outdoor Sofa

1). SGS HDPE rattan: Flat or Round options with sizes 8*1.4mm, 9*1.5mm, Dia3mm, Dia5mm  etc,SGS tested. Good UV radiation. All weather.

2). Aluminum Frame: 40*40*1.2mm, 25*25*1.2mm, 22*22*1.2mm etc, strong and durable. With powder-coading to against rust.

3). Cushion Fabric: made of polyster and cotton, 280-560g/SQM, waterproof, high quality texture, won't fade or wash away.

4). Sponge Cushion: completely high-density sponge with woven-fabric cover.

5). Cushion workmanship: with durable zipper to be washable, carefully corded inside and piping outside.

6). Packing Options:  Double bubble wrapped  Or Export Carton. 

7). OEM Service Offered   Design Service Offered   Buyer Label Offered.

3.Garden Furniture Outdoor Sofa Images

4.Garden Furniture Outdoor Sofa Specification

1seater sofa: 82x85x2075px

2sesters sofa: 143x85x2075px

3seaters sofa:204x85x2075px

aluminum tube: D22/19/13mm


1).Table: aluminum rattan tea table:115x60x1175px , with 5mm tempered glass


             rattan: PE, frame with powder coating

2).seater sofa: aluminum rattan 1seater sofa: 82x85x2075px, with 250px thickness spong cushion, 1pc piollow, 250g/m2 short fibre waterproof

             tube: D22/19/13mm

             rattan:PE, frame with powder coating

3).seaters sofa: aluminum rattan 2seaters sofa: 143x85x2075px, with 250px thickness spong cushion, 2pcs piollows, 250g/m2 short fibre waterproof

            rattan:PE, frame with powder coating

4).seaters sofa: aluminum rattan 3seaters sofa:204x85x2075px, with 250px thickness sponge cushion, 3pcs piollows, 250g/m2 short fibre waterproof


             rattan:PE, frame with powder coating

5.FAQ of Garden Furniture Outdoor Sofa

1). How do you guarantee the quality when choosing materials?

Strong powder-coated aluminum frame, SGS tested PE rattan

2). Why such materials are workable for outdoor situation?

Good UV radiation, high temperature resistant, weather resistant, color fadeless.

High quality & waterproof cushion, washable, flexible, corrosion-resistant.

Both suitable for indoor & outdoor place.

3). How do you make sure to meet personal enquiry?

Customized models, rattan designs, fabric colors, sizes all available.

Popular and modern design.

4).How does the furniture made of?

100% hand-woven by skilled craftsmen

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Q:How do you fix a tear in a leather sofa?
hi see i can make out that its your fav sofa, and u didnt want to loose it. so why dont u increase its life by having it repaired by professional. else try this 1. get hold of needle big enough to go 2 to three inches deep. surgeons curved needle will be best. 2. get thread, freferrable nylon thread, again surgeons black/flesh colour thread will be ideal. 3. start from the ends where the tear is just about to widen. 4. give astich tight enough to bring the two ends of leather together and close the tear. 5. continue in a cross stich till done. 6. again at the ends give double stich. 7. then use a sticker to cover this portion. BEWARE it may leave aslight rough edge at the point of stitch. happy hunting
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Q:What color sofas should I buy for my living room?
i would go for a really brightly coloured one, like red or purple! but before you decide make a colour chart of all the furniture and accessories plus wallpaper/carpet first so u know exactly what colour sofa to get and what furniture will suit it
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Q:What color walls go with cream sofas ?
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Q:will a green sofa go on white walls ?
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