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Q:Which of the following statements is NOT true about lockout/tagout?
D is not true - a lock out tage is used whenever applying electricity to the circuit would result in dangerous conditions. When repair work is being done on the circuit equipment for example. Lock out tage are used for more then just electrical too.
Q:how to start a small business?
Q:What exactly is a procurement engineer?
You will probably be responsible for specifying electrical equipment required for purchase for various projects, for recommending various vendors to obtain bids from, for putting request for equipment bid packages together, and then for making recommendations for which vendor(s) to buy from. Seems like you should have asked your employer what your duties would be.
Q:Electrical or Mechanical Engineering?
both electrical and mechnical are good field.
Q:Why is teflon used in laboratory equipment?
Teflon is used in laboratory equipment and electrical insulation for its resistance to heat and many chemicals. Teflon is a trade name for a variety of fluoro-chlorocarbons, though it's pretty much become a generic term now. It's expensive compared to many other plastics, but some types are fairly cheap, and anyhow, there's not much stuff in a roll of teflon tape or a teflon frying pan. It starts to outgas at around 450°F. Technical applications are usually careful to keep it below that, but in the home, preheating an empty pan can take it to 700° or more, releasing enough toxic gas to kill your pet bird.
Q:Would Raser Technologies be a good stock to invest in?
Get and browse their prospectus first. Then overview AT LEAST the beyond two or three years valued at of annual reviews and examine earlier 12 months projections to how they did in years to come. Are they doing what they are saying they are going to do in years to come? How good have they weathered the recession? Is leadership conservative or dicy? Are there any pending regulation fits that would have an impact on their percentage fee (up or down)? Educate your self earlier than you make investments. NEVER take a scorching tip in a public discussion board. EVER. As normally as no longer it is a pump and sell off rip-off and for those who get stuck up in it you are prone to both lose your blouse or uncover your self at the horrifying finish of an SEC research, relying upon the way you time your buys and sells.
Q:school video help on electrical safety?
1. Don't overload receptacles with too many plugs. 2. Don't cut up extension cords to make them work on equipment they shouldn't. (for example - Don't cut a standard extension cord plug end off, and splice it with a printer power cord, if the plug end of the printer is still good, but the wire is bad. - The cable you splice may not be rated high enough to handle the amperage of the printer) 3. Make sure electrical items aren't in areas they can get wet - A leaky roof, dripping onto a light fixture. 4. Don't run power cords across the path of forklifts, or other vehicles unless they are rated to be able to withstand that kind of traffic. 5. Make sure a qualified electrician does electrical installations - Things can get wired incorrectly and short out, spark, or catch fire if wired wrong. 6. Always use wire nuts, and/or electrical (rubber) tape when applicable when connecting wires together - this prevents loose connections, and prevents arcing or sparks from the live wires touching metal objects or each other. 7. When digging in the ground more than 12 deep, make sure you call the electric and gas companies first - Usually electrical and gas lines (water lines sometimes too) are about 18 below the surface. If you cut or break these, you can potentially be killed if you come in contact with the electrical lines, because the voltage outside of your home or building is considerably higher than the voltage wired indoors. Hope these help!
Q:What is the AC Voltage at which domestic electricity is supplied in India ?
Power in the US is 120 VAC +- 5% so 114 to 126 is within tolerances per the maintenance people who were fixing a high voltage at my place. I used to measure 117 at my house. People often say we have 115/230 for our single/double delivery voltages. Most equipment with a range printed on it says 110-125. India presumably is nominally 240.
Q:what is the average salary for an entry level electrical engineer?
Entry Level Electrical Engineer Salary
Q:My wireless speed has dropped suddenly, why?
It could be interference from other electrical equipment, or if there are other wireless networks around you, they could be operating on the same channel. Try shutting off any new electronics you may have gotten or try changing the channel that your router broadcasts in.

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