Outdoor Furniture Rattan Sofa CMAX-WM3037

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Material: Rattan/Wicker Style: Modern Usage: Outdoor & Garden
Color: White,Black,Yellow Structure: Unfolded Customized: Customized
Height Adjustable: Unadjustable

Product Description:

Product Details:   

Outdoor Furniture Rattan Sofa CMAX-WM3037



Sofa 1: 197" W x 85" D x 85" H

Sofa 2: 75" W x 85" D x 85" H

table: 145" W x85" D x 68" H


Why choose us:

1. We are professional manufacturer;

2. Rattan is made by ourselves. We can find high quality & reasonable raw materials in China, so we have a competitive price;

3. OEM designs are welcome.

Our advantages:

1.Green product, UV-Resistant, Weatherproof and colorfast

2.Excellent hand weaving technique with fashion design.

3.Small MOQ and mixed container are acceptable! 

4.High Quality with competitive price and timely delivery.

Outdoor Furniture Rattan Sofa CMAX-WM3037

Outdoor Furniture Rattan Sofa CMAX-WM3037



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More Detailed Product Information:

1. Material

    1)  PE rattan,  UV resistance, waterproof, 1.2mm aluminum frame, high density sponge of cushion ,all color is available

    Best quality fibers to create the rattan, 100% high density polyethylene, resist the elements, also being recyclable and nontoxic;

    2)  Cushion,  High density foam, with removable cushion covers for easy cleaning, resistant against UV rays, and anything else the weather could throw at them;

    3)  Fabric ,  SGS tested and approved,waterproof & prevent UV;

    4)  Frame construction ,  light weight but strong, spray with good powder coating, which resist the elements further and ensure furniture retain its good looks;

2. Colors and Usage

    Colorful rattan and cushion are optional;

    Suitable to use the products both in indoor house and outdoor place.

3. Package 

     1. Inner with very soft plastic protector(waterproof bag), outer with carton

     2. Strong export package foam + corrugated/kraft paper + PE film

4. Payment terms

1). West Union , fastest ,safe , takes only 15 mints ,working 24 hours .Just need the receiver's full name and the sender's full name and the money control number .

2). Bank wire transfer, I can send you my company bank account .T/T, 30% deposit before placing an order, the balance of 70% should be paid against the B/L copy.

5. Delivery time 

    About 15-45 days after deposit , in addition to busy time. 

    About hand weaving furniture ,too short time may bring more troubles for each other.

6. MOQ 

    Negotiable, over 5 Sets of each furniture is welcome.

7. Warranty  

     The period of our guarantee is 2-year warranty.

8. Quality Control

   Our QCs would control our quality,such as hardware, PE rattan, and handicraft art.

1). Before producing, all of QC will check the original material, especially hardware and PE rattan, and the process of controlling is very strict.

2). In the process of producing, every step will be check before next step.

3). When all producing process has been finished, the QC coming from installation will check PE rattan, iron pipe, and handicraft art, if OK, this garden furniture will be passed.

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Q:Bedroom sofas???????
How about a chase.(I know its misspelled)
Q:Should I buy a recliner or a formal sofa set for apartment?
hai, instead of buying full set you can buy a single seater its really wonderfull to take snap after lunch and also so many ways you can utlise.normaly rexin made sofas suitable for a/c rooms.tropical climate use a cotten cloth above it to avoid sweating.after a hard day you will get a good relaxsation.
Q:will somebody explain to me what is funny or dumb about sofa king we todd did?
so-fo king toddid(tarded) = so ******* retarded
Q:My husband bought me a new expensive sofa, but the cat keeps trying to claw it...?
some cats you can train not to do it using spray bottle of water when caught or punishing or using furniture padding but mostly since it is a normal behavior to use claws your best bet if you cant get cat use a scratching board or toy and cant leave in a shut room while gone and only have cat out when someone home and can keep constant watch and try train then only other way is have it declawed by vet.good luck
Q:Reupholstering a sofa?
A good part of the cost is in the material. Figure $ 300 - 500 for labor. You may want to consider custom slip covers instead. This way you can unzip them and put them right in the wash or take them to the cleaners depending on the material. If your sofa needs restuffing that may be an issue. If just the cushions need help you can have new ones made.
Q:How to re-upholster a sofa? DIY or professional only?
Honey go pro but sometimes it is better to just buy a new one. Check abound and compare the cost of new or redoing it
Q:real leather=cow skin for sofas?
If it says leather it is leather, leather comes from cows, the price depends on the grade of leather. DFS do not use particularly fine grades. That is not particularly cheap, there plenty of cheap leather sofas on the market,You can pay thousands for any kind of sofa whatever it's made from. DFS sofas are not very good quality, granted that looks nice but how long for? and how comfortable is it? are the backs and undersides of cushions full leather? - I doubt it, Wait a bit it will be half that price in the next promotion, which will probably start before they even deliver it, they can take 12+ weeks, so November and the Christmas promo will start about 6 weeks before Christmas when they will say 'guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas' don't ask me how they can go from 12 weeks standard delivery to 6 weeks or less before Christmas.
Q:Can a SOFA sponsored person get a Japanese Drivers License?
I was able to get a Japanese Drivers License (JDL) while having a SOFA license but... I was less than a month from my retirement date and already had my gaikokujin toroku (resident alien card) in hand. The official at the license bureau was very specific that I had to show my JDL from then on. My wife, who is a Japanese citizen, was able to get both a JDL and a SOFA license while I was still in since in order to drive a SOFA car one must possess a SOFA drivers license. It would seem to me that if you are in Japan solely under SOFA status you will not get a JDL but that if you are in Japan and have status other than SOFA (i.e. Japanese citizen or resident alien) you can have both.
Q:Everything emits EM waves. Your sofa emits IR radiation.?
The key word is EVERYTHING emits EM waves. That means literally everything. The walls, floor, ceiling, and everything else in your room (including you) are also emitting IR radiation. If they are all at the same temperature as your sofa, then the sofa is receiving as much radiation from everything else in the room as it is emitting. That is why it stays at the same temperature, and all this radiation doesn't contradict the principle of conservation of energy. The amount of EM radiation that is omitted and its wavelength depends on the temperature of the object. Hot objects emit more radiation at shorter wavelengths. If you switch on an electric hotplate, first you can feel the heat (IR radiation) coming from it. When it gets hotter it emits shorter wavelengths and eventually is starts to emit visible red light. The filament of a light bulb gets even hotter and emits the whole spectrum of visible light, which is why it appears (approximately) white. If also emits a lot of IR radiation as heat. Everything that is at a temperature above absolute zero (0 degrees Kelvin or -273 Celsius) emits EM waves. One of the best pieces of evidence for the big bang is that it is still possible to detect the EM radiation from the original explosion traveling through space, though it has now cooled down to a temperature of about 2 degrees K.
Q:I hate my peach with pale green flowers sofa(husband' choice)My living room looks incomplete.?
Purchase a good sofa slip cover then add pillows of your choice to match, cheaper than a new sofa/

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