OS Double-suction Horizontal Split-casing Pump

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Product Description:

      OS series single-stage double-suction horizontal centrifugal

          pump  is  mainly  used  in  such  occasions  as  water  works,  air

          conditioner, civil  building,  irrigation,  drainage  pumping station,

          power station, industrial water supply system, fire fighting system

          and ship, etc..

      Meaning of type:OS80—210IA

         OS — Horizontal  split  case,  double  suction  single  dual  volute 

             centrifugal type pump

          80 — Suction diameter 80mm

          210 — Impeller Nominal diameter 210mm

          I — Impeller type

          A — Impeller first cut

This series of pump is the latest one among the similar products,

which owns the following advantages:

1).  Compact structure. The international popular linear design is

      adopted to manufacture this pump, which has advantages of

      beautiful appearance, good stability and convenient installation.

2). Stable operation. the double-suction impeller with optimization

     design reduces the axial force to the minimum, moreover, has

     the impeller module with the excellent hydraulic performance.

     Its shaft is short, rigid and tiny vibration.

3). Shaft  seal.  Use  burgmann  mechanical  seal  or  carbon  fiber

     packing seal to guarantee the 8000 hours of operation without

     any leakage.

4). Pump  casing.  Double  casing  is  adopted  according  to  the

     requirements,  which  has  characteristics  of small radial force

     and long life of wearing parts.

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Q:What are the environmental protection and energy saving equipment?
Environmental protection and energy saving equipment mainly refers to: public sanitation facilities filtration equipment, sewage treatment equipment, air purification equipment, solid waste treatment equipment,
Q:How about Anhui conch Kawasaki energy saving equipment manufacturing Co. Ltd..
Anhui conch Kawasaki Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., formerly Anhui conch Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd., founded in May 1997, is a Anhui Conch Cement Co, in August 2009, the company and Japan Kawasaki equipment Engineering Corporation joint venture successful reorganization, became a Sino Japanese joint venture.
Q:Energy saving and environmental protection equipment enterprises how to do marketing?
Marketing objectives: Based on the scientific analysis of the market, grasp the market positioning, target customer needs, through the implementation of the marketing strategy, and constantly improve the product sales and visibility, and gradually expand the market share of the products, make the enterprise sustained development power.
Q:What preferential policies do enterprises that produce environmental protection equipment enjoy?
Environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises are mainly corporate income tax concessions. Environmental protection industry equipment specializing in the production of "the current state encourages the development of the equipment (products) in the directory" (product) enterprise (factory, workshop), in accordance with the independent accounting, independent calculation of financing conditions, the annual net income of 300 thousand yuan (including 300 thousand yuan) following the exemption of enterprise income tax, part of more than 300 thousand yuan, pay enterprise income tax in accordance with the law.
Q:Special equipment energy saving responsibility system
2, in view of boilers, pressure vessels, elevators and other high energy consuming equipment status, vigorously promote new energy-saving technologies. One is to carry out energy-saving boiler, promotion of energy saving technology in coal fired boiler furnace arch, improve energy efficiency; in more than 10 tons of boiler to promote the use of motor frequency conversion technology is mature; to continue with the economic and Trade Commission, the Environmental Protection Bureau, power company to carry out elimination of clean energy area and central heating range coal-fired small boilers; two is a choice one to two elevator for the pilot, in conjunction with the manufacturing unit, maintenance unit, detection unit, measurement and testing departments together to carry out elevator energy consumption test, for energy-saving measures, the promotion of energy-saving technology;
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Zibo Qianfeng Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of ball mill classifier conveying crusher coke machine cutting reducer flotation machine roller, mine pump etc.
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Whether energy-saving, mainly compared to power consumption. Your performance has nothing to do with energy efficiency.
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I would like to explain to you, the family heating or heating must first throttle, just like the exterior wall insulation, doors and windows are not air leakage, run gas; followed by open source, solar heating.
Q:What is the enterprise power saving system?
According to the present this kind of situation, enterprise energy management system is necessary in the future management of each enterprise, is to ensure the power system safe operation, scientific energy consumption data acquisition for energy-saving index of the enterprise to provide evidence. Therefore, energy management is the most important thing!
Q:What's the difference between energy-saving equipment and energy-saving equipment?
Energy saving equipment can include power saving equipment, gas energy conservation, thermal energy saving, etc., and power saving equipment just means saving electricity.

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