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Gas filter
caliber is 1/2,3/4,1',2'4'6'

Gas filter

Used for gas filter in combustion system, or oven,

to quiz water, oil, dust...

long running life,

Convenient to test the pressure in pipe.



Operation Limits

Type of Gas

Natural gas, town gas, LPG (gaseous), biologically produced methane and air.

Max. inlet pressure Pe:

1 bar GFK 15 to 250,

4 bar (60 psig) GFK 15R to 65R, GFK 15TN to 100TN,

6 bar GFK 40F to 100F.

Ambient temperature:

-15 to +80°C (5 to 176°F).

Pressure test points on the cover

GFK 15 to 100:

Inlet side: Rp 1/8 pressure test nipple,

Outlet side: Rp 1/8 pressure test nipple.

GFK 125 to 250:

Inlet side: Rp 1/8 plug,

Outlet side: Rp 1/8 plug.

GFK 15T to 100T:

Inlet side: Rp 1/8 plug,

Outlet side: Rp 1/8 plug.

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Q:The principle of infrared switch
The infrared sensor is developed according to the principle of infrared reflection. It belongs to a kind of intelligent water saving and energy saving equipment. The utility model comprises an induction water tap, an automatic hand drying device, a medical hand washing device, an automatic soap dispenser, an inductive urinal flushing device and an induction toilet.
Q:Is the energy efficient equipment really working? What is the actual situation after installation? Hope someone can share it with you!
Now the country came out "motor energy efficiency promotion plan", and introduced the three batch of high energy consumption elimination equipment, you can control.
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In the water heater, 50 cm between the hot and cold water distance of 10 cm, you buy Smith, Haier, Midea, are 10 cm. The hot and cold water must not be reversed,
Q:What preferential tax policies are there for energy saving and emission reduction?
According to the enterprise income tax law of the People's Republic of China and the detailed rules for the implementation of the enterprise income tax law of the People's Republic of China, the state has issued a series of preferential tax policies to support energy conservation and emission reduction.
Q:Project management: which is more important, open source or throttling?
Energy has been a hot social issue in recent years, and how to solve the energy crisis and a series of problems have brought severe tests to the Chinese government and Chinese enterprises. With the implementation of the renewable energy law in 2006, new energy sources such as wind energy and solar energy have brought a glimmer of light to the grim energy situation.
Q:What preferential policies do enterprises that produce environmental protection equipment enjoy?
Environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises are mainly corporate income tax concessions. Environmental protection industry equipment specializing in the production of "the current state encourages the development of the equipment (products) in the directory" (product) enterprise (factory, workshop), in accordance with the independent accounting, independent calculation of financing conditions, the annual net income of 300 thousand yuan (including 300 thousand yuan) following the exemption of enterprise income tax, part of more than 300 thousand yuan, pay enterprise income tax in accordance with the law.
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The establishment of energy use inspection and inspection system, the establishment of energy use patrol inspection system for the discovery of equipment use and operation of the "steam steam" phenomenon, reduce energy waste. Public toilet, office area faucet drip, toilet bowl water tank Water Leakage should timely find and repair; logistics area of the "long light", "long water" phenomenon through inspection to prevent
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To speak straight is to save money. Beijing section Yu Jie Jie electrical appliances, in addition to the general section of electrical equipment, but also with section / city electricity automatic switching, even if there is a fault, it will not affect production, soft start, soft parking. The utility model has the advantages of longer service life, and the like

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