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Gas filter
caliber is 1/2,3/4,1',2'4'6'

Gas filter

Used for gas filter in combustion system, or oven,

to quiz water, oil, dust...

long running life,

Convenient to test the pressure in pipe.



Operation Limits

Type of Gas

Natural gas, town gas, LPG (gaseous), biologically produced methane and air.

Max. inlet pressure Pe:

1 bar GFK 15 to 250,

4 bar (60 psig) GFK 15R to 65R, GFK 15TN to 100TN,

6 bar GFK 40F to 100F.

Ambient temperature:

-15 to +80°C (5 to 176°F).

Pressure test points on the cover

GFK 15 to 100:

Inlet side: Rp 1/8 pressure test nipple,

Outlet side: Rp 1/8 pressure test nipple.

GFK 125 to 250:

Inlet side: Rp 1/8 plug,

Outlet side: Rp 1/8 plug.

GFK 15T to 100T:

Inlet side: Rp 1/8 plug,

Outlet side: Rp 1/8 plug.

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Q:Someone recommended to me the electric saver, which is a pressure drop device between the meter and the equipment. Is that against the law?
The line before the meter is not illegal, the problem is that this saver is to reduce the power of the equipment, and did not play a real power-saving role, but also will reduce the efficiency of equipment, it is likely to outweigh the benefits
Q:How to evaluate the energy saving of air compressor energy saving equipment?
The most simple, the most intuitive, with a meter, we will add a meter run after 1 weeks of record in the installed electricity installed before running after a week of record, if not up to an average of 29.5, we not only pay you more for electricity will take the machine away, returned to you to buy the equipment about money
Q:On the implementation of environmental protection special equipment enterprise income tax preferential list, energy-saving water-saving special equipment enterprise income tax preferential items
It is also important to note that the special equipment and related technical indicators announced now refer to the standards implemented in 2008. With the development of the situation, these special equipment and its corresponding index standards will also be adjusted and changed. Taxpayers should pay attention to the adjustment and publication of these preferential catalogues in time.
Q:According to the national development and Reform Commission published on the "energy saving and water-saving special equipment enterprise income tax preferential list", the market publicity environmental protection products too much, please ask the air compressor energy saving transformation program with what equipment?
Generally speaking, the existing air compressor energy saving transformation program is divided into two kinds. First, the air compressor frequency conversion, two is: air compressor waste heat recovery.
Q:Beijing Hailin energy saving equipment Limited by Share Ltd products and systems solutions
The main products: static hydraulic balance valve, dynamic flow balance valve, dynamic pressure balance valve, dynamic balancing electric two way valve, the pressure independent edrv Hailin solar hot water solutions to achieve the integration of solar energy and building, Hailin Taiwan, solar roof, solar solar solar solar curtain wall as part of a building the appearance, under the premise of ensuring safety, a large area of installation, provide a large number of continuous free hot water for the work, living, life.
Q:What are the stainless steel kitchen equipment?
The central kitchen construction needs five supporting systems, including design and construction system, facilities supporting system, equipment supporting system, management system and supply chain system.
Q:How about Anhui conch Kawasaki energy saving equipment manufacturing Co. Ltd..
Anhui conch Kawasaki Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., formerly Anhui conch Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd., founded in May 1997, is a Anhui Conch Cement Co, in August 2009, the company and Japan Kawasaki equipment Engineering Corporation joint venture successful reorganization, became a Sino Japanese joint venture.
Q:What are the energy-saving equipment?
Is the most used intelligent motor energy-saving equipment, intelligent equipment, intelligent fan and water pump energy-saving air compressor energy-saving equipment, central air-conditioning intelligent energy-saving equipment, intelligent lighting power-saving equipment, in addition to energy-saving equipment, energy-saving and machinery.
Q:What kind of energy saving equipment can a general family use?
Some power consumption is relatively large, but relatively old products are energy-saving, such as induction cooker than ordinary electric furnace power-saving, frequency conversion air-conditioning than ordinary air-conditioning power saving. Small displacement diesel cars are more energy efficient than large displacement gasoline vehicles.
Q:Special equipment energy saving responsibility system
Responsibility system should be formulated according to special equipment, such as boiler development! I think I write energy saving work for you, you see: first, strengthen leadership. 1, to strengthen the energy saving work of special equipment with high energy consumption of the Leadership Council established special equipment energy conservation supervision work leading group consists of office, responsible for energy-saving work of special equipment in the city; 2, formulated the "measures for supervision of special equipment with high energy consumption"

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