KENFLO KPS double suction split casing pumps

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KPS Series Pumps are newly developed by Kenflo The use of 3-D solid model (CAD) Computer Aided

Design and (CFD) Computational Fluid Dynamics ensures high efficiency, energy saving, low pulsation,

low noise, robust and durability, convenient maintenance for this product. Its configuration featured by

single stage, double suction, horizontal split casing and between bearing design

KPS is used for handling clear water or the solid free liquid, short fiber contained weak corrosive liquid. It is

widely used in pressure boosting, fire service applications, air conditioning systems, engineering water

circulation, cooling systems, boiler feed systems, industrial water supply irrigation, especially for


coated with SEBF or constructed of Duplex 1 4460, it can even handle sea water or some other corrosive


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Is a kind of non negative pressure water supply equipment can be directly connected with the tap water pipe network, complete water supply equipment and does not have any negative effects on the tap water pipe network, it can replace the water tank, can direct or indirect water supply, the formation of the relay continuous closed pressurization water supply mode. JBW (Grenville non negative pressure water supply equipment) since the launch, optimization and upgrading was continuously, most new types of equipment also has the following obvious advantages: 1, targeted.

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