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1.   General Instruction

      Type DG pumps are single suction, segmental and multistage

centrifugal pump, which is suitable for pumping the cleaning water

and other liquids with similar characteristic of physics or chemistry

 to water.

      When the head of pump ranges from 100 to 1100 meters, the

capacity ranges from 10 to 100m³/h, the maximum temperature of

liquid pumped is 130. This is series pump is suitable for boiler

feed water, water supplying for factories and cities.

2.    The meaning of pump as following:


       50— inlet diameter(mm)

       DG — multistage and segmental boiler feed water pump

       50 — single stage head(m)

       5 — quantity of impeller

3.    This series of pumps have many advanced features such as

high efficiency, energy-saving. The shaft seal is soft packing gland.

The materials of major parts as follows: suction casing, interstage,

discharge casing, diffuser, impeller——plain cast iron (low pressure

end) and nodular cast iron (high pressure end), shaft——carbon steel. 

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