Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump

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       This series of product has won the high quality named by National Machinery Ministry . It is used to pump clear water and liquids which are similar to water in physical and chemical properties.

It has many advanced featrues such as high efficiency, smaller mounted space and so on. Allpump parts are machined with high precision technological processing, and the pump shaft is specially heat treated. The strictest type and Ex-works test are required on the pumps before delivering to the users according to the acceptance standards. This product has been put into the market for over 30 years and obtained high reputation among the users and greater expectations in the market.

    This series of pumps are mainly used for pumping clear water and the liquids is similar to water in physical and chemical properties. It is to be able to transfer corrosive medium if the wetted part's materials are changed. for example, the impeller, seal ring, shaft sleeve and casing sleeve and casing and so on. The Max. temperature pumped is generally not more than 80 This series of pumps are very suitable for factory drainage and municipal water supply.

    Meanings of pump type: e.g.DA1-80×5

    Where: DA1-single suction. multi-satge segmental type centrifugal pump;

    80-Outlet dimensions;

    5-Quantity of impel ler

    The rotating direction of pump is clockwise reviewing from the side of the driver.

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Q:Is the energy efficient equipment really working? What is the actual situation after installation? Hope someone can share it with you!
Now the country came out "motor energy efficiency promotion plan", and introduced the three batch of high energy consumption elimination equipment, you can control.
Q:Is the air heater suitable for use? Which is better than an electric water heater?
Although the sale price of air water heater is somewhat expensive, but it is still very low in terms of the cost of use, in general, the use of air heaters can be cost-effective. The Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor Li Fan energy calculations, 1 tons of water from the average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius heating to 55 DEG C, the price standard value 0.62 yuan / kWh, electric water heater cost is 30.5 yuan, while the air heater is only 7.22 yuan. Moreover, the air energy water heater does not release any waste gas, waste water and waste residue to the outside world, and is an ideal green technology.
Q:Experts, the current relatively good boiler energy-saving equipment, what are there? Thank you
There is a company called Shandong sunshine Shanghai, Nanjing Haichen, there is also a three, this is the domestic industry best. I'm not quite sure. You can call and ask about it
Q:What are the types of brewing equipment?
186 boiler type brewing equipment, sixth generation energy-saving equipment and so on. Pure grain pure brewing equipment not only has high technology, high quality, and a wide variety of brewing equipment
Q:How to evaluate the energy saving of air compressor energy saving equipment?
2 sets of the same machine, the same gas equipment. A change of frequency energy, a power frequency. The installed a meter. At the same time after 50 hours. If gas consumption is not large, the frequency change is really power, I did a lot. If one day is loaded, frequency feel hard, the change is white. I don't have to tell the specific calculation. The meter shows the number of himself. A test is the best, trouble spots, long time. Your purpose is: energy saving.3 months to conversion of the money back, then not the province? These data to the customer is not on the line.
Q:What kind of equipment does the energy-saving lamp production require?
Simple line on the line, reflow soldering, wave soldering, electric iron, switching power supply, multimeter, these are essential, placement machine, air compressor. Of course, the assembly should consider aging, it is recommended to introduce some small points ball, DC power supply, aging test stand, etc..
Q:What are the energy-saving equipment?
There are too many energy-saving equipment. I wonder what areas you would like to know? In general, water, coal, oil, gas, electricity and other traditional energy and the residual heat and pressure recovery and application of energy-saving equipment has the technical principle of the equipment are not the same, the effect is different, can be understood according to the specific equipment.
Q:What is energy saving equipment?
As air compressor, three air compressor factory, sometimes a enough, sometimes three scanners, so you need a combined control system to automatically control the opening and closing of the air compressor, to achieve energy-saving effect.
Q:What are the energy saving technologies, including technology, equipment and materials?
Energy saving methods can be applied in many fields, common and special. Direct energy saving and indirect energy saving
Q:The energy saving and water saving equipment purchased did not apply for income tax benefits in those years. Can you continue to enjoy it next year?
In 2016 the taxable income of small profit of not more than 300 thousand yuan, can enjoy preferential halved (equivalent to the preferential tax rate of 10%), the amount of taxable income below 300 thousand yuan, small profit tax deduction equal to the amount of taxable income * 15%, the numbers at the same time fill in the declaration form "which halved" line. The taxpayer shall enjoy the preferential treatment by completing the declaration form without further filing procedures.

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