Multi-stage Coal and Muddy Pump Multi-stage Coal and Muddy Pump

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DDM series multi-stage horizontal centrifugal pump

is used to deliver the mine pulp or mine drainage over

long distance, its medium size is less than 2 mm, weight

 concentration is less than 20% and water temperature

 is less than 80 .

     The  pump  impeller  is  back -to-back  symmetrical

arrangement ,  and  its  balance  device  is  canceled, so

the  auxiliary  pump  in  the  working  room  can not be

installed  to  supply  the  balance  device  to  overflow

water .We use cast steel  to  manufacture  the  wetted

parts ,  and  all  the  wearing  places  are  painted

antifriction  alloy ,  so  it  has  such  advantages  as

high  efficiency ,  wear  resistant  and  long life, etc..

      DDZ series pump is improved from DDM series, so

its  loading  capacity  is  double  than  DDM  series and

its inlet pressure can reach up to 10 Mpa, this series of

pump  can  be  used  in  hydraulic  coal  mining  for

pressurization. Installation dimension of this two

pumps  is same ,  so  their  wearing  parts  can  be

interchangeable and can achieve the effect of

multi-usage.Under the conditions of bad water (solid

particles is 30 g/L and particle size less than or equal

to 0.5 mm), the pump can continuouslywork for 5000 hours.

Meanings of pump type : e .g . DDM360-75

DDM - Symmetric multi-stage coal and mud pump

360 - Capacity of the designed point

75 - Single stage head

10 - NO.of stage

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