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Gas filter
caliber is 1/2,3/4,1',2'4'6'

Gas filter

Used for gas filter in combustion system, or oven,

to quiz water, oil, dust...

long running life,

Convenient to test the pressure in pipe.



Operation Limits

Type of Gas

Natural gas, town gas, LPG (gaseous), biologically produced methane and air.

Max. inlet pressure Pe:

1 bar GFK 15 to 250,

4 bar (60 psig) GFK 15R to 65R, GFK 15TN to 100TN,

6 bar GFK 40F to 100F.

Ambient temperature:

-15 to +80°C (5 to 176°F).

Pressure test points on the cover

GFK 15 to 100:

Inlet side: Rp 1/8 pressure test nipple,

Outlet side: Rp 1/8 pressure test nipple.

GFK 125 to 250:

Inlet side: Rp 1/8 plug,

Outlet side: Rp 1/8 plug.

GFK 15T to 100T:

Inlet side: Rp 1/8 plug,

Outlet side: Rp 1/8 plug.

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Q:Energy-saving transformation of state subsidies, the new installation of energy-saving equipment subsidies?
The reform of central heating supply includes replacing large boilers with large boilers, replacing inefficient boilers and heating pipes with high efficiency energy-saving boilers (excluding new pipe networks), reforming industrial boilers and kilns, etc.. (two) the heat and pressure utilization project mainly includes: Iron and steel industry, coke dry quenching furnace top pressure power generation, power generation, waste heat of sintering machine gas steam combined cycle power generation and transformation of the nonferrous metals industry; flue gas waste heat power generation, radiation furnace flue gas preheater and exhaust gas heat exchanger; heat generation, building materials industry (oxy) oxygen enriched combustion retrofit the chemical industry (gas); waste heat utilization, closed type calcium carbide furnace waste heat power generation, transformation; textile and light industry and other heating pipeline condensate recovery, heating boiler pressure power transformation; oil gas recovery; industrial production of organic waste biogas utilization
Q:On the implementation of environmental protection special equipment enterprise income tax preferential list, energy-saving water-saving special equipment enterprise income tax preferential items
It is also important to note that the special equipment and related technical indicators announced now refer to the standards implemented in 2008. With the development of the situation, these special equipment and its corresponding index standards will also be adjusted and changed. Taxpayers should pay attention to the adjustment and publication of these preferential catalogues in time.
Q:What are the kitchen equipment manufacturers? Which kitchen project is more professional?
The central kitchen construction needs five supporting systems, including design and construction system, facilities supporting system, equipment supporting system, management system and supply chain system
Q:How can the non negative pressure water supply equipment be energy-saving and superposed and pressurized?
Is a kind of non negative pressure water supply equipment can be directly connected with the tap water pipe network, complete water supply equipment and does not have any negative effects on the tap water pipe network, it can replace the water tank, can direct or indirect water supply, the formation of the relay continuous closed pressurization water supply mode. JBW (Grenville non negative pressure water supply equipment) since the launch, optimization and upgrading was continuously, most new types of equipment also has the following obvious advantages: 1, targeted.
Q:What preferential tax policies are there for energy saving and emission reduction?
Enterprises enjoy the preferential treatment of tax reduction or exemption according to the provisions of the project, the transfer deadline in the tax relief in the transferee transferee from the date, can enjoy the preferential treatment of tax reduction or exemption in the remaining period; tax reduction after the expiration of the transfer, the transferee shall enjoy preferential tax relief projects repeat
Q:What preferential policies do enterprises that produce environmental protection equipment enjoy?
We should provide credit support to encourage investment projects in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, and introduce preferential policies to encourage environmental protection in the work of internal and external tax collection. The Ministry of finance is to actively modify the land and mineral resources and other aspects of the tax law and tax policy, given the income tax and expenses concessions on corporate investment in resource conservation and pollution control areas. According to the "renewable energy law", the Ministry of finance is stepping up efforts to establish a special fund for renewable energy development, focusing on supporting the development and utilization of renewable energy scientific and technological research, resource exploration and demonstration projects.
Q:The energy saving and water saving equipment purchased did not apply for income tax benefits in those years. Can you continue to enjoy it next year?
(four) when the new small profit enterprises are established in the current year, the actual profits or taxable income shall not exceed RMB 300 thousand yuan in advance, and they may enjoy the policy of halving the amount of tax payable.
Q:A paper on energy saving of building equipment
In the new building energy specifically refers to the planning, design, building (renovation and expansion), transformation and use of the process, implementation of energy-saving standards, using energy-saving technology, technology, equipment, materials and products, improve the efficiency of heat preservation and insulation performance and heating, air conditioning and heating systems, with the operation and management system building strengthen the use of renewable energy, under the premise of ensuring the quality of the indoor thermal environment, reduce the energy consumption of heating and air conditioning refrigeration and heating, lighting and hot water supply.
Q:Does the clean centrifugal pump belong to energy saving equipment?
Whether energy-saving, mainly compared to power consumption. Your performance has nothing to do with energy efficiency.
Q:Is energy-saving equipment really useful?
In order to change the output of active power, the motor under the minimum power consumption the best operation. The energy saving equipment we used in China is really good.

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