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SKYLINK AODD Pumps available in the six specifications (1 / 4 inch - 3 inch imports), up to 260GPM (988L/Min), output pressure up to 125Psig (8.6Bar), temperatures up to 135 ℃ (275 ℉).

Structural materials including: aluminum, cast iron, 316 stainless steel, polypropylene, polyvinylidene fluoride, Teflon.

Skylink diaphragm pumps suitable for paint, mining, chemical, pulp and paper, wastewater treatment, electroplating and surface treatment, oil and gas, ceramic, semiconductor, food and pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding and other industries.

Our intense efforts to develop new technology and listen to ever changing market dynamics gives us the ability to solve your tough pumping applications today.

Our knowledge base combined with new technology will give you the confidence when selecting a trustworthy solution for your process.

Examples of applications
AODD pumps are used or have a potential in all types of industries such as:

Petrochemicals - tank cleaning, oil sludge, petroleum, benzine

Pulp & Paper - printing inks, dispersions, pulp and paper slurries

Chemicals - acids, alkalis, suspensions, latex, solvents, electroplating baths

Food & Pharmaceutical - syrups, alcohol, glycerine, ointment, tablets pastes, oils

Paint and Ink

Resins and Adhesives

Mining - sewer cleaning, coal sludge and rock slurry

Utility - waste and sewage treatment, contaminated Liquids

Skylink Pump Advantages:

Skylink pumps features a patented"unbalanced" air valve design
1、 No air lubrication necessary
2、 Uses less power,least cpmpressed air leaking
3、 The exhaust valves quickly divert cold exhaust air from ice-prone components, preventing freezing
4、 Low initial cost & Few replaceable parts
5、 Ultra-rugged body construction prolongs operational life,Strengthens the resistance to the high temperature
6、 Bolted Construction for safe operation
7、 Skylink are accredited with ISO9000&CE


1、 No electric spark,Runs dry without damage,Self-priming,Ease of control & operation,Suction lift up to7.5m
2、 Optional materials for casing and diaphragm used in transferring different fluids including Hazardous liquids
3、 No Seals,Low shear stress ,No damage to the Fluids Submersible & Portable,Easy for removing
4、 No bearing parts,No mechanical seals,No connecting parts,Ease of maintenance
5、 The flow rate could be controlled by the air supply
6、 The suction lift could be controlled by the pressure
7、 Suitable for the hign and low viscosity fluids
8、 Free to disclose the discgarge,No afraid to cause an obstruction.
9、 No need for pressure relief valves

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