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        This type of pump is a large flow. single­

stage pump designed by our factory for central airconditioning system. It can be used in different refr igeration system . especially in central airconditioning system with high pressure , it also can be used in other water supply project. Because of its many merits such as large capacity , high efficiency , low noise, long service life, security and reliability, etc. , it can replace the import pump.


 Type KT air-conditioning pump is a kind of single-stage centrifugal pump for central air-conditioning.

        The flow-rate of this type of pump ranges from 11m3/h to 1920m3/h with a head ranging from 6.8m

to 100m.

        The working temperature ranges from-10 to 80,and the working pressure(include inlet pressure)

may reach 1.6Mpa.

        This type of pump is used in various refrigerating system,specially in places where the pump bears

a high pressure such as central air-conditioning system.It can also be used for water supply and drainage

in factory,mine and power plant.

      The pump features high efficiency,energy saving,low noise and vibration.The performance,structure

and dimensions meet ISO2858 standard.

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