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        This type of pump is a large flow. single­

stage pump designed by our factory for central airconditioning system. It can be used in different refr igeration system . especially in central airconditioning system with high pressure , it also can be used in other water supply project. Because of its many merits such as large capacity , high efficiency , low noise, long service life, security and reliability, etc. , it can replace the import pump.


 Type KT air-conditioning pump is a kind of single-stage centrifugal pump for central air-conditioning.

        The flow-rate of this type of pump ranges from 11m3/h to 1920m3/h with a head ranging from 6.8m

to 100m.

        The working temperature ranges from-10 to 80,and the working pressure(include inlet pressure)

may reach 1.6Mpa.

        This type of pump is used in various refrigerating system,specially in places where the pump bears

a high pressure such as central air-conditioning system.It can also be used for water supply and drainage

in factory,mine and power plant.

      The pump features high efficiency,energy saving,low noise and vibration.The performance,structure

and dimensions meet ISO2858 standard.

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Q:What is the most advanced energy saving equipment in the world?
There are many other requirements in application, such as equipment size, equipment investment, equipment service life, management difficulty of equipment operation, and so on, so it is difficult to have the most advanced statement.
Q:Composition of expansion valve of air energy water heater
The temperature sensitive package is filled with refrigerant which is in the state of gas-liquid equilibrium and saturation, and the partial refrigerant is not communicated with the refrigerant in the system. It is usually tied to the evaporator outlet pipe, superheated steam temperature of close contact with the pipe to feel the outlet of the evaporator, the refrigerant because it is saturated, so according to the saturation temperature transfer temperature pressure to the valve body.
Q:Project management: which is more important, open source or throttling?
In dealing with the contradiction between supply and demand of energy and resources, we must first solve a basic problem: cut or throttle open, which is the priority? Of course, open source is very important. Without the "source", where does "water" come from? However, if there is "water", but not throttling, then how much "water" is not enough. For example, last year, the power shortage in a city, people suddenly focused on power development, many places do not make EIA, do not carry out argumentation, have launched power plant projects, and the central authorities had to stop immediately
Q:Is the air heater suitable for use? Which is better than an electric water heater?
The air energy water heater has the unique advantages of safety, environmental protection and energy saving, especially in the aspect of high-efficiency energy saving, far exceeding the other kinds of water heaters. Power consumption is equal to the capacity of electric water heater 1/4, 1/3 of gas water heater, 1/4 of fuel water heater and 1/2 of ordinary solar energy, which greatly reduces the energy consumption. The listing of air water heaters meets the needs of people for more energy saving and environmental protection, as well as the pursuit of safer and more comfortable life. The market for air - water heaters is in good shape. But without the perfect product, the air heater isn't perfect. As a new type of product, what are the disadvantages of the air heater?
Q:What kind of equipment does the energy-saving lamp production require?
An energy-saving lamp, also called a light saving bulb, an electronic bulb, a compact fluorescent lamp and an integrated fluorescent lamp, refers to a lighting device that combines fluorescent lamps with ballasts (stabilizers). The size of an energy-saving lamp is similar to that of an incandescent lamp, and the interface to the holder is the same as that of an incandescent lamp, so you can replace the incandescent bulb directly. The lamp costs only 1/5 to 1/4 of the ordinary incandescent lamp, which saves a great deal of lighting, electricity and cost, and is therefore known as an energy-saving lamp.
Q:Experts, the current relatively good boiler energy-saving equipment, what are there? Thank you
Boiler operation and energy saving management system, to strengthen the general principles of the first chapter 1 Kingway Brewery Co., boiler operation safety and energy saving management, improve the management level of the boiler, reduce fuel consumption, according to relevant national laws and regulations and the company "equipment management approach" to develop the system. 2, the scope of this system applies to the company's power plant and the use of steam sector.
Q:What equipment do you need to open a public bath? How can we save energy and protect the environment?
Can be used in the induction bath shower, water-saving devices, the market has sold the bath dedicated RLRB series of non smoke, energy-saving environmental protection pot
Q:Which kind of water supply equipment is more energy saving and environmental friendly?
When the tap water is not enough, the water stored in the water tank is supplied to ensure the continuity of the water supply. The first choice brand ---- Chi Kang energy conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., water supply equipment manufacturing experts.
Q:Why should companies use economizer or energy saving equipment? Are there any requirements in this respect?
To speak straight is to save money. Beijing section Yu Jie Jie electrical appliances, in addition to the general section of electrical equipment, but also with section / city electricity automatic switching, even if there is a fault, it will not affect production, soft start, soft parking. The utility model has the advantages of longer service life, and the like
Q:What equipment does it need to open an energy-saving lamp assembly plant?
Bitter point: a table, a few stools, manual winding device, tweezers, manual punch machine = conditions are good points: assembly line, electric wire winding device, pressure regulator, sophisticated machine, test device, power machine, light plastic machine, shrink film machine

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