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    This series of pump has won the first gold prize of National Pump Industry . It is appraised to be  the  first  chosen  product by National Science Ministry , Science and Technology Bureau of Building Ministry, Machinery Ministry, and National Technology Inspection Bureau . It is also the quality exemption inspection product in Shandong Province . The pump is used to pump clear water and liquids which are similar to water in physical and chemical properties   

The series of pumps include 40 basic specifications provided in the ISO 2858 with available 267 kinds of performances by cutting the impeller and changing the rated speed. AIl of performances can meet the  water-supply needs of various industries.

The strict designs of dimension and performance according to ISO 2858 mean reasonable characteristic curve. The differences between series IS single-stage pumps and the same series pumps produced by other manufacturers are its 1.6 Mpa for its working pressure and 2.4 Mpa for hydrostatic pressure test of the casing and casing cover

The series of pump are single-stage single suction horizontal centrifugal pump with overhung impellerwhich is suitable for pumping clean water and other Iiquids with characterlstics of physics or chemistry to similar water and no solid particles The temperature of the pumped media is not higher than 80 for series IS, and 130 for series ISR. Series lSY is suitable for delivering light oils such as petrol, diesel oil, etc.

The meaning of pump model as following

Model IS(R)125-80-160(A)(J)-S


IS...Single-stage centrifugal pump catering to International Standard.

ISY..Single-stage centrifugal oil pump

ISR..Single-stage centrifugal hot-water pump

125...lnlet diameter(mm)  80...outlet diameter(mm).

160...Maximum diameter of impeller(mm).

O...Original impeller diamter.

A...First cutting impeller diameter.

B...Second cutting impeller diameter.

C...Third cutting impeller diameter.

Z...Increasing impeller diameter.

J...The rated speed of 2900 rpm is reduced to 1450 rpm.

S1...Internally-mounting mechanical seal(There is no symbols if soft packing is fitted on the pump.)

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