NC-Turning Lathe Automatic Lathe with Woodworking Machine

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Product Description:

 NC-Turning Lathe Automatic Lathe


Automatic lathe


Automatic Lathe Characteristics:


1.User-friendly operation,NC adjustable speed and stroke control

2.Alloyed cutting tool,suitable for various softwood and hardwood with smooth processing stroke

3. We make it with excellent electircal parts


Technical Data:





M ax diameter of workpiece


φ 1200

Max weight of workpiece



Max turning diameter


φ 300

MAX-roll finishing diameter


φ 300

Workpiece length


2000 ~ 2800

Turning precision

IT6 : Ra1.6 Roughness concentration

Roll finishing roughness concentration

Ra ≤ 0.8

Workpiece speed and feed speed

Main spindle


2 step ,6 ~ 500

Roll finishing range

Z-axis X-axis stepless

Roll finishing specification

Roll finishing pressure range


50 ~ 800

Roll finishing style

wo-wheeled two-way synchronization of hydraulic pressure roll

Roller wheel supporting style cantilever

support connected With bearing

Saddle turret

Turret size


230 × 2 30

Section of tool shank


40 × 40

Section of roller wheel bracket shank


65 × 55

Max travel of upper carriage



Max travel of lower carriage



Max travel of left saddle



Max travel of right saddle




Diameter of tailstock quill


φ 200

travel of tailstock quill



Model of tailstock center

Morse 6

Max travel of left tailstock



Max travel of right tailstock



Power system

Main motor model

VFG 160L -33.3-11-4

Rated Power of main motor



Rated speed of main motor



Main driving system belt model


rubberized canvas flat belt 80 × 5 × 3500

Rapid speed

Rapid speed of Z axis

m / min


Rapid speed of X axis

m / min


CNC system and servo

FANUC - 0i mate TD

Machine measurement and weight

L × W × H


5780 × 2720 × 1600





 NC-Turning Lathe Automatic Lathe with Woodworking Machine

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Q:The bag straps on both sides of the sealing gel how to do?
Use a leather of the same color to wrap up the problem. Although it doesn't start to look good, it's better than nothing.
Q:How much is the banding strip one meter?
Cabinets used on the edge banding, the price of a few cents a meter, there are also a few dollars a meter. The price is different from its thickness, width, and manufacturer's.. Therefore, suggest that you go directly to the store, or find business advice better.
Q:How to seal the opening of the cabinet?
The hole edge edge site now has two cabinets, one is aluminum foil edge, two with type U edge of the two cases Xiaobian recommend using aluminum platinum paper, because of its strong plasticity, can be required to turn into various radian, and type U is the edge of objects the shape requirement is very high, only U can better seal! So it is not a higher price of U banding can make cabinets more environmentally friendly.With both edge edge banding strip for good, edge edge is directly determines the firmness, durability and safety, the Bai Li love home cabinets manufacturers with the German import edge machine, can make the adhesive edge and the plate more tightly.
Q:Seamless edge why the price difference between tens of thousands of Red Riding
Some can use one month, some can use ten years
Q:PVC how about the price of the edge banding?
PVC edge banding extruder production line of Henan HuaSu Fei Yang presses can provide a set of PVC furniture production equipment and production technology. The PVC sealing strip mainly plays the role of curing, beautifying and decorating the furniture section, and also plays a role in preventing harmful gas from overflowing and preventing water from entering the inside of the board. PVC sealing strip is widely used in furniture, building materials, interior decoration, soft film, smallpox and many other fields. Hsfy45 edge PVC SJ55/25 single screw extrusion production line of extrusion - adjustable cooling tank - four traction machine - automatic rolling machine edge PVC production equipment PVC furniture production lines, PVC edge banding machine, PVC edge banding machine, PVC production line, professional manufacturer. The company has close technical cooperation with domestic related universities, many years of manufacturing experience, perfect after-sales service system, dedicated to provide you with high-performance PVC edge banding production equipment. The PVC furniture edge banding mainly plays the role of curing, beautifying and decorating the furniture section, and also plays a role in preventing harmful gas from overflowing and preventing water from entering the inside of the board. PVC furniture edge banding is widely used in furniture, building materials, interior decoration, soft film, smallpox and many other fields of industry.PVC edge banding price calculation, formula sales price - (raw material prices + wages, utilities + equipment depreciation + factory rent + unpredictable expenses), =pvc banding profits
Q:Integrated ceiling sealing edge role, not surrounded by edge can be?
The aluminum buckle does not need glue to seal, one is the metal processing neat, the crevice is small and even, is not necessary, two is by the metal keel card, the assembly and disassembly is convenient, easy to open. Periphery also does not need to hit the rubber, hits is not good, but is ugly.
Q:How to solve the problem of sealing the package door?
The door has been sealed, and it can not be processed when loading the door
Q:Who can tell me the name of this kind of edge sealing wood paper? Anyway, not called edge banding, Taobao only the kind of 1MM thick PVC
Veneer Edge banding. There are many treasures in Amoy 1. Hope to help you, thank you, please adopt
Q:Which is better, the furniture edge, the button strip and the edge banding strip?
Must be edge banding, and then the buckle bar, buckle is no way to use the edge banding is used, conditional use of edge banding, it is best to use edge banding, Dongguan Li Da plastic, specializing in the production of edge banding.
Q:Wood composite wooden door, both sides of the paint sealing it?
No edge, but regular manufacturers will spray primer in the process of spraying both sides of the wooden door primer to prevent moisture.Supplementary answer: said air vents are probably no production of on-the-spot investigation on the door, the hole is wooden doors in the baking process with a small iron bar is fixed on the paint frame, not what vent.

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