NC-Turning Lathe Automatic Lathe with Woodworking Machine

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Product Description:

 NC-Turning Lathe Automatic Lathe


Automatic lathe


Automatic Lathe Characteristics:


1.User-friendly operation,NC adjustable speed and stroke control

2.Alloyed cutting tool,suitable for various softwood and hardwood with smooth processing stroke

3. We make it with excellent electircal parts


Technical Data:





M ax diameter of workpiece


φ 1200

Max weight of workpiece



Max turning diameter


φ 300

MAX-roll finishing diameter


φ 300

Workpiece length


2000 ~ 2800

Turning precision

IT6 : Ra1.6 Roughness concentration

Roll finishing roughness concentration

Ra ≤ 0.8

Workpiece speed and feed speed

Main spindle


2 step ,6 ~ 500

Roll finishing range

Z-axis X-axis stepless

Roll finishing specification

Roll finishing pressure range


50 ~ 800

Roll finishing style

wo-wheeled two-way synchronization of hydraulic pressure roll

Roller wheel supporting style cantilever

support connected With bearing

Saddle turret

Turret size


230 × 2 30

Section of tool shank


40 × 40

Section of roller wheel bracket shank


65 × 55

Max travel of upper carriage



Max travel of lower carriage



Max travel of left saddle



Max travel of right saddle




Diameter of tailstock quill


φ 200

travel of tailstock quill



Model of tailstock center

Morse 6

Max travel of left tailstock



Max travel of right tailstock



Power system

Main motor model

VFG 160L -33.3-11-4

Rated Power of main motor



Rated speed of main motor



Main driving system belt model


rubberized canvas flat belt 80 × 5 × 3500

Rapid speed

Rapid speed of Z axis

m / min


Rapid speed of X axis

m / min


CNC system and servo

FANUC - 0i mate TD

Machine measurement and weight

L × W × H


5780 × 2720 × 1600





 NC-Turning Lathe Automatic Lathe with Woodworking Machine

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Q:The bag straps on both sides of the sealing gel how to do?
If the black side is not lost if you can buy the special glue leather glue (glue sticky shoes can stick well later), which then coated with a layer of glue, to try if the adhesive is in that will harden the muddy with transparent nail polish can also be replaced, I try also, you can try
Q:Do furniture edge banding, have environmental protection glue?
Some Eagle (hot melt glue). Winter low temperature, as far as possible to choose a high temperature, so that
Q:Edge sealing machine, plastic pot middle part of hot melt adhesive can not melt, what is the matter?
Maybe the bottom of the pot hasn't been cleanedIt could be that the heating system is out of order
Q:Notes on the application of hot melt adhesive for furniture
1. always check the rubber roller surface, remove impurities, and ensure uniform coating;2. always adjust the temperature of the temperature control system;3., the temperature should be reduced by 30-40 degrees during the working interval;4. when the environment and material temperature is near 15 degrees, the temperature of the upper roller should be set at 215 degrees, and the temperature of the groove should be set to 210 degrees centigrade;5. unused hot melt glue should be sealed to avoid contamination and moisture absorption.
Q:Panel type furniture automatic edge sealing machine. How many grams of hot melt adhesive does it need per meter?
Hello, this question is a little general.It depends on the thickness and quality of the board you seal.There is the edge of the machine, adjust the amount of glue will vary.In general, the edge banding machine is not large glue, good edge banding opportunity to glue some, and evenly coated.If you need any equipment, you can contact me by telephone.
Q:What glue does the edge banding of the cabinet use?
Sure, my original company is doing edge banding sold to cabinet manufacturers!
Q:When the carpet is cut, what edge can be used? The needle and thread can not be used and can not be worn.
Go to the garage. Where is the sewing machine. Usually 10 yuan per meter.
Q:Why does my kitchen cabinet door edge strip fall off, and the base board is particle board?
The board is that particle board plate is melamine plate, commonly known as "particleboard, particleboard with PVC edge banding in general, the main role is to prevent moisture and appearance, internal contact sheet after sheet can prevent moisture, chemical gas overflow.There are several reasons for banding off:1. environmental problems caused by high temperature and high humidity;2., furniture manufacturing, edge coating coating uneven;3. furniture manufacturing, edge strength is not enough, not compressed;4. edge gum gum quality not too thin, too little or not uniform, resulting in degumming;5., edge glue quality does not work, cause degumming;6. furniture manufacturing, the edge sealing machine temperature is not adjusted well, resulting in edge melt melting is not ideal.The general judgment of reason, the edge will be torn off the back of observation, if there is no rubber plate, rubber sealing strip, not a layer of white or nearly transparent color is the edge sealing strip on the back, yellow gum coating, usually gum edge problem;Or no glue on the board, but there is glue on the edge banding. It is improper operation during manufacture or the quality of edge sealing adhesive;Simple solution: use blower to align the edge strip to blow hot air. When the back glue is soft or melted, press the edge banding on the original position. After a few minutes cool down, loosen again.
Q:Etoon edge problem
This is not the problem of Yitong edge machine brand, but the models of the problem. All models without pre milling cutters have this problem.
Q:What is the composition of the edge hot-melt adhesive?
Use elastomers, tackifier and plasticizers, antioxidants and so on.Hot melt adhesive with thermoplastic polymer based, can be made into granules, film, rod and other forms. At room temperature, it is the 100% solid without solvent.The raw material of hot melt adhesive is easy to obtain, and the preparation process is simple.Example of hot melt adhesive formulaPolyethylene (medium molecular weight)Sixty-threePolyisobutyleneTenbutyl rubberEightMicrocrystalline waxNineteenIn the formulation, polyethylene is used as the base material of hot-melt adhesive, and the addition of polyisobutylene and butyl rubber is to prevent the dispersion of polyethylene in hot microcrystalline wax and to increase the cohesive strength of hot melt adhesive. Polyisobutylene has high molecular weight and low dispersibility, and mainly plays a role in increasing cohesive strength. Butyl rubber is characterized by high dispersibility and low molecular weight, which mainly play the role of plasticization and crystallization resistance.[application] apply to the vast majority of plastic itself or plastic and metal, ceramics, glass, rubber and other materials between the adhesion.

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