Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde FND

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Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde (PNS)
(Na2SO4 ≤18%)

PNS, a high range water reducer with no air entraining component, is also named as Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde Condensate (NSF), SNF, PNS, etc.. It complies with chemical admixture specifications for concrete: ASTM C 494, Type F; ASTM C 1017.

1. PNS is suitable to make autotrophic concrete, steam curing concrete, steel concrete and prestress concrete, all of which are made mainly of portland cement.
2. PNS is applicable in areas with the daily lowest temperature of 0
and for making concrete which requires high fluidity, high strength or steam curing.
3. PNS can be used to make C80 concrete with slump loss between 50mm and 70mm, or C60 concrete with that between 180mm and 220mm.
4. PNS can be used as a raw material to compound accelerator, retarder, anti-freezing agent and pumping aid to satisfy requirements from different construction projects, techniques, materials and environmental temperatures.
5. PNS is compatible with Portland Cement, Portland Slag Cement, Fly-ash Cement, Portland Pozzolanic Cement, etc.




Visual Appearance

Light Brown Powder

Moisture, %

8.0 max

Fineness (0.315mm remains), %

15.0 max

pH value


Sodium Sulfate Content, %

18.0 max

Chloride Content, %


Surface Tension

68-72 Mn/m

Cement Paste Flow

230mm min

Water Reducing Rate

18% min

Steel-bar Corrosion


Features and Benefits
1. High water reducing rate: over 20%.
2. Saving cement without sacrificing slump retention and strength.
3. Good flowability.
4. Early and post strengthening ability.
5. Great compatibility with various types of cement.
6. Improved Compactness: it develops a better pore structure and makes the concrete more compact. It produces high durable concrete of which the anti-infiltrating index is beyond P18.

Uses and Dosages
It can be added during mix or after mix, while the afterward approach is preferential.
Dosage normally ranges from 0.5% to 1.0% by weight of cementitious material, while the recommended dosage is 0.75%.

It's packed in woven fabric bag with plastic liner. Net weight: 25kg.

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Paste before, brush twice 108 glue, and other plastic into a transparent and then posted on the brick all right!

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