Vermiculite Board Brick Grade A1

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1.Cold crushing strength: 2.0MPa


2.Material:expanded vermiculite SGS test report


4.Non asbestos


5.Slab and irregular boards


6.Accept OEM



Porduct Introduction

The Vermiculite boards are mainly made of expanded vermiculite and mixed with certain proportion of inorganic polymer adhesive. The boards have good function of not burning, heating insulation and preservation, sound insulation, moisture adjustment and without any harmful substance. Vermiculite board is not containing asbestos and smoke-free, non-toxic when it is been heated. They are nature. green, innovation construction materials.

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Q:Puzzle 24 walls per square meter to how much brick cement and sand lime
Brick a deep 4 m . 3 m in diameter 8.24 wall. Need brick, cement, sand how much
Q:How much of the acceptance of gravel material is an inspection lot
Raw material acceptance inspection lot is generally according to the number of sand and gravel inspection shall prevail, a project inspection once to do once on the line.
Q:World of Warcraft when the sand of the bottle of the required materials and price, detailed, thank you.
Need to material: fuel steel crystal bottle × 1 (Odum NPC sold -5000G) when the sand × 8 (Odum NPC sold -3000G × 8 = G) real money × 12 (AH about 380G a, 380G × 12 (I F60-70G or so, other F seems to have more cheap? 70G × 8 = 560G) deep stone of the Oil × 8 (AH10G or so, 10G × 8 = 80G) sum: 5000 + + 4560 +680 +60 +80 = G hand less than 1000G basic basic can win
Q:Who can know the proportion of the building multi-storey building materials, steel, cement, red brick, sand and the percentage of each.
According to a large number of statistics, the amount of building materials used in China according to the nature of their buildings are as follows: ordinary residential building concrete and steel consumption: . multi-storey masonry residential: steel 30kg / m2 concrete 0.3-0.33m3 / m. reinforced 38-42kg / m2 concrete 0.33-0.35m3 / m. high-rise 11-12 layers of reinforced 50-52kg / m2 concrete 0.35m3 / m. high-rise 17-18 layers of reinforced 54-60kg / m2 concrete 0.36m3 / m. senior 30 layer H = 94 meters steel 65-75kg / m2 concrete 0.42-0.47m3 / m. high-rise hotel apartment 28 layer H = 90 meters steel 65-70kg / m2 concrete 0.38-0.42m3 / m. villa concrete and steel an amount between residential and high-rise multi-story masonry above 7 degrees seismic data by district rules of structural design (two), ordinary multi-storey residential building construction budget and economic indicators . outdoor doors and windows (not including unit door between 11-12 layers, anti-theft The area occupied by the building area of ​​0.20-0.. the template area of ​​the building area of ​​2.2 or so . outdoor plaster area of ​​the building area of ​​0.4 or so . the indoor plaster area of ​​the building area of ​​3.8 (four), the basic data . m. weight per linear meter of reinforced 0. * d * d. sand dry weight 1500kg / m. greensand An amount of 1700kg / m. gravel weight 2200kg / m. about one cubic meter brick 525 (partial thickness of the wall) . one cubic meter of about 175 hollow bricks . the screen one side and clean sand for an ordinary sand 1.3
Q:Why do you want to use sand and soil and gravel soil after retaining wall
This is for drainage. Sandy soil and gravel soil usually require the filling of good water blocking clay, and then in the cohesive soil and sandy soil layer at the junction of the set of drainage pipes, or leave out of the exhaustive arc remnants of the old mixed. So that you can avoid the rainwater leakage on the retaining wall to produce erosion, endangering safety.
Q:Iron ore waste rock can do building materials? You said SiO2 content of more than 65%, that is less than 65% sulfur can be used? Thank you!
Silicate products Type: autoclaved silicate products, lime sand bricks, requirements for siliceous materials, in addition to chemical composition and impurity limits, the sand particles are graded, less than 100 mesh (015mm) particle content Less than 25-30% Aerated concrete blocks, sand can be less than 200 mesh; no burned no steamed brick (such as cement brick, foam brick, etc), siliceous materials and lime sand brick requirements; waste rock for concrete Stone, gravel, to maintain the chemical composition requirements, but also on the gravel for particle strength test, to achieve the required performance after the unit dare to apply Ask the answer so, hope to be useful to you
Q:What is the difference between the aerated concrete block and the fly ash concrete block?
As the industry, I think it is necessary to say to you; gray plus gas, sand plus gas collectively autoclaved aerated concrete block. (The main material of fly ash, lime, cement, etc.), sand plus gas (the main material after grinding the quartz sand, lime, cement, etc.) because of the different materials used, the weight and insulation effect is also very different, AAC its products with light weight insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant green and other characteristics, its thermal conductivity is equal to or less than 0.. its quality is far away. Higher than the ash and gas, is the cold northern areas of China's masonry do not have to do the second insulation can meet the relevant requirements of the country one of the few products, the price is higher than the ash but to do the second insulation to do Of the cost of comprehensive use of the cost is lower than the ash plus gas. And the building has no other secondary insulation material caused by short life, easy to fall off, flammable, and other shortcomings.
Q:Can sand in the desert be used as a building material? The The The
the value of the material is not high, are generally local procurement If the transport distance is far, the cost is too high Of course, if one day to dig the river to further increase the harm, legislation completely prohibit the use of river sand, it is possible to achieve the idea of the landlord
Q:Please experts advise, the production of 1 ton of coated sand raw materials, how much each need, about how much cost?
The ratio is not the same as the resin accounted for more than ten percent of the sand, Urotropine accounted for long duo short Xin of the geese rejuvenated resin resin a few percent, and calcium stearate is also the amount of resin A few percent This is out of the general coated sand
Q:I now have a corundum wear-resistant floor, urgent request material formula
There are common ratio of cement 42540 ~ 45% quartz sand 50 ~ 150 mesh 20 ~ 30% emery 10 ~ 50 mesh 30 ~ 40% redispersible latex powder 2 ~ 3% Hope to help you
Our company has quite a wide range of business scope, mainly including mica, vermiculite, quartz, carborundum, colored sand, kaolin, medical stone, tourmaline, cobble stone, and marble etc. In addition to selling products well in domestic big cities, our products such as vermiculite and mica also sell well in Japan, Korea, America, India, Russia and other international markets. We are honored by users at home and abroad for the high quality products and rich supply of goods in time.

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