Resin Crack Pouring Adhesive

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Resin Crack Pouring Adhesive

1. Grouting enclosure of concrete crack >=0.1mm
2. Grouting repair for cracks in the concrete wall surface, the floor and the basement.
3. Compact grouting repair for veneerings of the granite, marble and tile as well as hollow joints.

1. Low viscosity, suitable for repair of the slight concrete cracks.
2. Long operating time, loose solidification conditions, and large adhesive strength after the solidification.
3. Outstanding toughness and the anti-impact ability.
4. Excellent ageing resistance, water resistance and anticorrosion property.

Process flow
Hole surface treatment ¡ú buried grouting nozzle ¡ú crack enclosure¡ú pressure testing ¡ú crack sealing repair ¡úpreparation of pouring gel¡ú low-pressure fast pouring gel

Construction keys
• Cracks and surrounding sundries and floating dust shall be cleaned up with steel brush.
• One base shall be buried every 150mm - 300mm, with additional one at crack crosses.
• The base shall be pressed for another 3- 5 seconds after the gel is out of the next base, followed by the next step.
• The application time is 50 -60min.
• The injector shall be cleaned with the thinner immediately after use of each batch.
Package, reference consumption and shelf life
Package: 4kg/barrel, 1kg/barrel,
Guarantee period: 12 months
Main Technical Performance Indices


A and B double components

Temperature resistance


Compression strength ( MPa)


Mixed density (9/cm3)


Steel-steel adhesive strength (MPa)


¡Ý 3.5

Mixing proportion (weight ratio)

A:B = 4:1


¡Ý 12

Operating temperature (¡æ)


Steel-concrete adhesive strength

C60 Damage

Operating time ( 20¡æ)


Mixed viscosity (25¡æMPa¡¤s)


Curing time ( 20¡æ, h)


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