Bridge Bearing Grouting/Non-SHrink Cementitious grout

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Bleeding: 0% Compressive Strength: 2h>20MPa 30 min Fluidity: >240mm
Compressive Strength: 28d>50MPa

Product Description:

Bridge Bearing Grouting/Non-SHrink Cementitious grout

YH-GJ bearing mortar is used for railway bridge bearing installation of high quality cement base composite materials.Because of its USES a variety of high performance additives, special smooth surface flat after completion.To overcome the traditional mortar uneven, shortcomings and so on crack, flake, self-leveling, high early strength, high strength, no shrinkage, high wear resistance and construction is convenient wait for a characteristic.The performance indicators meet the passenger dedicated line bridge pot rubber bearing interim technical conditions, such as national and industry standards and technical requirements.
Method of use:
0.15 according to water than to join uniform mixing grouting can be used directly.
The construction method
Will be cleaned up at the grassroots level to remove floating dust, oil spots such as adhesive material.Before construction, basic use tap water to wet, cannot leave MingShui when pouring cement mortar.
According to the construction area and construction area per unit time to calculate powder feed rate and water use, guarantee the mortar in lost all before flowing property construction completion.
Add water to mixing barrel, and then gradually add said good self-leveling material, simultaneously stirring, until the required material all adds, continue to stir 2 to 3 minutes, make the paste evenly, let stand 1 minute or so.
Will be treated as mixing the filtered pulp evenly to the good ground, self-leveling.Flow leveling construction time is best done in 30 minutes, after construction machines and tools or rinse.
With an electric mixer mixing powder, it is best to use a gun stirring, large-scale construction of using mortar mixer.
Range of application
YH-GJ production support grouting material is suitable for the repair, orbital filling, pedestal grouting, especially suitable for high speed railway bridge bearings or orbital filling etc.Can also be used for concrete beam local leveling or repair of the concrete pier.

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Q:Construction site masonry mortar requirements M5 should be how to configure how the calculation is very urgent Thank you, ah
Construction site masonry mortar requirements M5 should be how to configure how the calculation is very urgent Thank you, ah
Q:What is good for the waterproofing layer of the outer wall of the basement?
masonry wall, the best, but pay attention to the wall to build the bottom of the structure of the bottom plate to prevent the foundation settlement caused by the protective wall and the relative sliding between the waterproof layer
Q:Civil building insulation materials, combustion performance grade A What is the material
In the benefits of low-carbon energy-saving thermal storage materials (slurry) can collect excess heat, timely and stable fit. To achieve the role of Dongnuanxialiang, the detection reached the national A-level fire safety standards. :
Q:Basement wall wipe 20 thick PG waterproof mortar, what is "PG waterproof mortar"?
Definition: the so-called refers to the cement mortar mixed with a variety of waterproofing agent prepared by a class of new waterproof building materials products; usually joined the waterproofing agent is a variety of inorganic or organic chemical raw materials consisting of admixtures, Can improve the mortar impermeable, so the name was born
Q:Cement mortar ground lining non-metallic wear-resistant material is what it means
With the combination of high strength with the metal, easy construction, facade is not flowing, curing without shrinkage, wear resistance and other characteristics
Q:10 tons of dry powder mortar production line and supporting the need to invest how much money
10 tons of dry powder mortar production line, first of all to figure out the 10 tons, is one day production, or an hour of production if it is a day of production, it is only a small production line, you buy a set of cubic mixer is enough, the total investment is not To 3 million, because it does not need a lot of square, 100 square enough, this you see your local situation; simple analysis: 1 cubic once can be mixed 600-800KG, one day down, 8-10 tons is enough if Is a 10-hour hour, the production requirements on the higher, the most basic need to support: a bucket elevator, a 2 cubic biaxial mixer, a finished warehouse, two pneumatic packaging machine, a control system, a Air compressor, plant 300-600 square meters enough, equipment, about
Q:Decoration in the ground leveling 1 square meters need how much cement river sand
Decoration of cement and yellow sand ratio of 1: . according to a bag of cement 50 pounds to calculate a bag of cement can shop 2 square meters of floor tiles that shop 1 ㎡ to 25 pounds of cement, according to the ratio of 1: 3 to calculate the need Yellow sand 75 pounds. So paste 1 ㎡ tiles need 100 pounds of sand cement. Tile is used 325 tons of cement, strength grade 32.. initial setting time in 1 to 3 hours, and the final condensate for 4 to 6 hours.
Q:1 ton of inorganic insulation mortar is equal to how many cubic
Used to build a building surface insulation layer of a building material Insulation mortar is a variety of lightweight materials for the aggregate, cement as cement, mixed with some modified additives, mixed by the production enterprises made of a mix of dry mortar Mainly used for building exterior insulation, with the construction of convenient, good durability and so on There are two kinds of insulation mortar on the market: inorganic insulation mortar (vitrified microbead fire insulation mortar, composite aluminum silicate insulation mortar, perlite insulation mortar), organic insulation mortar (powder polystyrene insulation mortar )
Q:Flexible waterproof layer of protective layer there are several? Rigid waterproof layer of protective layer and there are several?
Is it possible to protect the waterproof layer of fine concrete? Is the mortar protective layer applied directly to the linoleum? Like the rough sand will Ge broken linoleum it? And mortar layer thickness strength is not large, can play a protective role? In fact, do not understand what the protective layer to protect, is the roof of the people, set the load crushed waterproof layer? Rigid waterproof layer I do not know what to protect. More
Q:M15 in the building that the strength of mortar? What is the unit?
The mortar strength grade is determined by the compressive strength values maintained at 28 d under the standard conditions [at (20 ± 2) ° C and relative humidity of 90% or more) using cubic cubes with a side length of 7

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