Bridge Bearing Grouting/Non-SHrink Cementitious grout

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Bleeding: 0% Compressive Strength: 2h>20MPa 30 min Fluidity: >240mm
Compressive Strength: 28d>50MPa

Product Description:

Bridge Bearing Grouting/Non-SHrink Cementitious grout

YH-GJ bearing mortar is used for railway bridge bearing installation of high quality cement base composite materials.Because of its USES a variety of high performance additives, special smooth surface flat after completion.To overcome the traditional mortar uneven, shortcomings and so on crack, flake, self-leveling, high early strength, high strength, no shrinkage, high wear resistance and construction is convenient wait for a characteristic.The performance indicators meet the passenger dedicated line bridge pot rubber bearing interim technical conditions, such as national and industry standards and technical requirements.
Method of use:
0.15 according to water than to join uniform mixing grouting can be used directly.
The construction method
Will be cleaned up at the grassroots level to remove floating dust, oil spots such as adhesive material.Before construction, basic use tap water to wet, cannot leave MingShui when pouring cement mortar.
According to the construction area and construction area per unit time to calculate powder feed rate and water use, guarantee the mortar in lost all before flowing property construction completion.
Add water to mixing barrel, and then gradually add said good self-leveling material, simultaneously stirring, until the required material all adds, continue to stir 2 to 3 minutes, make the paste evenly, let stand 1 minute or so.
Will be treated as mixing the filtered pulp evenly to the good ground, self-leveling.Flow leveling construction time is best done in 30 minutes, after construction machines and tools or rinse.
With an electric mixer mixing powder, it is best to use a gun stirring, large-scale construction of using mortar mixer.
Range of application
YH-GJ production support grouting material is suitable for the repair, orbital filling, pedestal grouting, especially suitable for high speed railway bridge bearings or orbital filling etc.Can also be used for concrete beam local leveling or repair of the concrete pier.

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Q:External wall insulation with anti - cracking mortar but also with waterproof mortar
need. External wall cracking mortar and waterproof mortar is generally two different things. In order to effectively protect the inside of the insulation layer is not damp, anti-cracking mortar outside the general have a waterproof wall putty, and then paint and other exterior coating. This system will eventually ensure that the wall as far as possible from the erosion of rain. But the waterproof mortar is mainly used in the basement, kitchen and toilet, roof and other fields, for the isolation of frequent water there. Waterproof mortar, also known as cationic neoprene waterproof anti-corrosion materials. Cationic neoprene latex is a polymer modified polymer anti-corrosion system. By the introduction of imported epoxy resin modified latex by adding the domestic neoprene emulsion and polyacrylate, synthetic rubber, various emulsifiers, modified latex and other components of the polymer latex. Adding the base material and the amount of chemical additives and fillers, the plastic, mixing, rolling and other processes to join the polymer waterproof anti-corrosion materials. Selection of imported materials and domestic high-quality materials, in accordance with the national industry standards for the highest level of production of quality products, the national well-off residential construction recommended products. Long life, easy construction, long-term soaking in the water life of more than 50 years.
Q:Do the wall waterproofing can be directly on the brick brush on a layer of waterproof material on it
If it has been posted outside the brick, there is water, you can brush a layer of water on the brick.
Q:Stir the mortar to add any material into the mortar to use
, Masonry mortar () mortar raw materials required by the use of raw materials must be tested according to the current standards of qualified use (b) mortar with the ratio of compliance
Q:The following materials, is not commonly used in building mortar cementing material is ().
Answer: This is a building materials on the technical and performance of the title, the main assessment of commonly used building mortar using the knowledge of cementing materials
Q:1: 8 cement ceramic particles to find how to set the amount of slope set
1: 8 cement ceramic particles to find slope layer, according to the amount of 1: 8 cement vermiculite with the amount of vermiculite in the calculation (that is, each cubic 1: 8 cement ceramsite, cement 0.175t, ceramic 1.02 cubic). 1: 8 cement ceramsite to find slope layer cover roof insulation layer quota, and then adjust the material spread, or the preparation of supplementary quotas. The quota is a standard that sets the amount of resources consumed by a unit of qualified products in a reasonable manner and rational use of materials and machinery. It reflects the level of social productivity in a given period. For each construction project, the amount of labor is measured, including basic and other labor. Plus the material of this project, including basic materials and other materials. For the labor unit price, is based on the local labor value of different types of work, the value of the material is based on the pre-market price to develop the budget price.
Q:10 tons of dry powder mortar production line and supporting the need to invest how much money
2-15 tons, 3-5 minutes mixed with a batch of materials, remove the time to feed, an hour to do 8-10 tons no other investment, if you want to engage in a small factory, to hang individual card, if You want to engage in some formal, that But also with the experimental equipment, but also to the building materials for the record, basically on these, if you do not understand, please keep abreast of the exchange
Q:Polystyrene insulation mortar insulation in the external walls. Foreground will be how,
Polystyrene particles insulation mortar market prospects, not very optimistic. The reasons are: 1 now the state of the external wall insulation materials, the level of fire requirements are getting higher, and polystyrene particles fire level can only reach B1 level. 2 glass beads and the appearance of active inorganic mortar will greatly reduce the market share of polystyrene particles, vitrified microbeads and non-polar sand scrambled jar waste Intuit Biao Shizha lotus pulp are A-class fire and easy construction The
Q:Have you heard of waterproof building materials? What are the characteristics of who
Building materials can be divided into structural materials, decorative materials and some special materials
Q:Now what is the general use of indoor plaster material? Please advise, thank you
; according to the building standards, the general plaster For the senior plaster and ordinary plaster two levels; decorative plaster decorative plaster is through the operation of the process and the selection of materials and other aspects of the improvement, so plaster more decorative effect
Q:What are the specific specifications of the external wall insulation material re-examination?
Mainly to see its bulk density, flame retardant and thickness

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