Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde snf,

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Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde (SNF)
(Na2SO4 ≤ 5%)

SNF is a high concentrate naphthalene-based superplasticizer, also named Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde Condensate (NSF), SNF, PNS, etc.. FDN contains no chloride. It conforms to the requirements of chemical admixture specifications for concrete: ASTM C 494, Type F; ASTM C 1017.

1. SNF is suitable to make autotrophic concrete, steam curing concrete, steel concrete, prestress concrete, etc.
2. SNF is compatible with Portland Cement, Portland Slag Cement, Fly-ash Cement, Portland Pozzolanic Cement, etc.
3. SNF can be used to make C80 concrete with slump loss between 50mm and 70mm, or C60 concrete with that between 180mm and 220mm.
4. SNF can be used as a raw material to compound accelerator, retarder, anti-freezing agent and pumping aid to satisfy requirements from different construction projects, techniques, materials and environmental temperatures.

Features and Benefits
1. Non-toxic, non-irritating and no corrosion to steel bars.
2. High water reducing rate: over 25%.
3. Strengthening ability.
4. Improving concrete durability and impermeability.
5. Appropriate setting time.
6. Low sodium sulfate content.
7. No crystallization in winter.
8. Good compatibility with various types of cement.

Uses and Dosages
It can be added during mix or after mix, while the latter approach is preferential.
Dosage normally ranges from 0.4% to 1.0% of the weight of cementitious material, while the recommended dosage is 0.5%.

It’s packed in woven fabric bag with plastic liner. Net weight: 25kg.

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Q:What are the general types of waterproof materials, the number of years of use?
Waterproof material in general, sub-coating and coil two categories, but also points to rigid materials and flexible materials, the key depends on what you do
Q:1: 8 cement ceramic particles to find how to set the amount of slope set
1: 8 cement ceramic particles to find slope layer, according to the amount of 1: 8 cement vermiculite with the amount of vermiculite in the calculation (that is, each cubic 1: 8 cement ceramsite, cement 0.175t, ceramic 1.02 cubic). 1: 8 cement ceramsite to find slope layer cover roof insulation layer quota, and then adjust the material spread, or the preparation of supplementary quotas.
Q:What is good for the waterproofing layer of the outer wall of the basement?
masonry wall, the best, but pay attention to the wall to build the bottom of the structure of the bottom plate to prevent the foundation settlement caused by the protective wall and the relative sliding between the waterproof layer
Q:The external walls of the mortar in the insulation mortar need to do what anti-test materials? Can you provide detailed check-in format, please send to my mailbox
. tensile bond strength (with cement mortar) children powder Jujiao mad fried fur . tensile bond strength (with insulation material) . invasive water tensile bond strength (with cement mortar) . (With insulation material) . press the ratio of . after freezing and thawing tensile bond strength . the operating time
Q:Basement wall wipe 20 thick PG waterproof mortar, what is "PG waterproof mortar"?
Type: the market used in the construction industry in the species is still relatively rich, generally according to its production process in the addition of the chemical composition of the different waterproofing agent, the market can be divided into the following four categories: 1 , Chloride metal salt waterproofing agent;
Q:10 tons of dry powder mortar production line and supporting the need to invest how much money
plant another operator, the other raw materials, there are artificial, dignitaries need 2-3 people simple analysis: 2 cubic biaxial gravity mixer mixed 1
Q:The following materials, is not commonly used in building mortar cementing material is ().
For a certain field of practical experience of the candidates, this problem is not difficult
Q:Wall whitewash with 114 mixed mortar, no lime cream can be used to replace what other materials
It is recommended that you choose the product of Dongfang Yuhong Spraying Polyurea Supporting Material Rainbow PUP-261 Epoxy Primer is made of epoxy resin, curing agent, thinner and additives and other components for a concrete base Closed primer
Q:Is there any special material for tiles? Or only cement mortar?
Tile adhesives are widely used as essential materials for home furnishings. They are made of polymer-based cement-based adhesives, and special formulations can be used in almost all types of tiles. So that the kitchen, bathroom decoration has the following advantages: good water retention, easy to produce hollowing; high bond strength, do not fall off; reduce the load bearing, from the traditional paving per square meter of cement to 11 ~ 18KG Reduce the thickness of the ceramic tile to 4 ~ 5KG, thereby reducing the building settlement and cracking; tile adhesive coating thickness is much smaller than the traditional cement, saving valuable space position; on-site construction environment clean; Mixed materials; Tile adhesive construction is very convenient; no need to immerse brick wet wall; use of porcelain twitch to usurp the deductive gambling gambling Sibi single brick binding adhesive construction bond strength than cement more than 2 times, cement mortar bonding Strength in the 0.2MPA or so, the strength of ceramic adhesive for more than 0.5MPA, especially for the external walls of ceramic tiles and polished tiles.
Q:M10 mortar mix design and raw material test a total of how much material?
The requirements of each test station is different, usually cement 20KG, sand 40KG

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