Fire Board for Fireplace

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Product Description:


1 production material,golden or silver expanded vermiculite


2 max working temperture,1100°C


3 continuous working temperture,under  1000°C


4 size,2440*1220MM,2100*900MM,etc


5 thickness,20MM,25MM,29MM,38MM,45MM,etc


6 cold crushing strength,3h*800°C,3.84MPa


7 heat conductivity,0.11W/mk


8 feature,innocuous,rainproof,insulative,mothproof,fireproof


9 supply samples for u to test the composition content and property


10 price and other terms plz contact us to negotiate


11 Material:expanded vermiculite


12 Packing:pallet


13 Thickness:20 25.etc


14 Working temp:1100

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Q:1m³ M10 slurry block stone retaining wall how many mortar, sand and cement how much the proportion of each?
339 square M10 mortar (based on: construction budget fixed, fixed amount of the same, adjust the mortar strength level) 1m³M10 mortar, sand and cement how much the proportion (based on: "masonry mortar with the design rules" JGJ / T98-2010) We use the cement strength grade of 325 (M10 cement consumption 260 ~ 290 kg / m³); sand moisture content <05%, sand Of the bulk density value: 1450 kg / m³; according to the problem of water consumption into the proportion of type 1: cement: mortar: water consumption 260:1450:300 per cubic meter of cement mortar with the ratio is: 1: 558: 115 cement: mortar: the amount of cement mortar with the ratio: Water consumption 290:1450:300 per cubic meter of cement mortar mix ratio is: 1: 5: 103 so each cubic meter of cement mortar mix ratio, cement and sand ratio between 1: 5 ~ 1: 558 But asked: sand and cement how much the proportion of each? Meaning to sand as the base: 1 Then between 0179: 1 and 02: 1 If required, 0339 cubic meters, sand with the proportion of the number of cement? N, 1450 × 0339 = 49155; 260 × 0339 = 8814; 290 × 0339 = 318814 ÷ 49155 = 0 also 0179: 1; 31 ÷ 49155 = 0 also 02: 1
Q:Building sand, stone quality is good or bad how to distinguish? River pebble sand out of the stone to meet the standard?
In the 1960s, there was a special occupation, that is, specifically for the bridge and other stone workers With the development of science and technology and the needs of the market, professional stone production line has been very mature, such as the common counter-hammer crusher stone production line, production capacity, into the material effect is good, has become the most widely shipped stone stone production line With the production of mechanical words, from the raw materials (direct blasting to get the irregular stones) through the transport to the stone factory, the first break and then fine break, after the shaker sorted into different sizes of stone, and then transported to the market, The whole production process is completed The quality of the stone is generally difficult to very strict division, only about the distinction For example, with the appearance to roughly determine the quality of the stone method Mainly to see the appearance of the fineness of the stone, the light is better, no light quality is not good As well as the proportion of broken pieces in the stone (some will be carried out manual cleaning), broken more quality is not good Judgment of the quality of the stone is the most simple experimental method on the scene with a hammer hit The higher the hardness, the better the quality, whereas the quality is low
Q:Building materials according to their functional use can be divided into ().
waterproof material Such as waterproof mortar, waterproof concrete, copper water seal, expansion cement waterproof concrete cementitious materials Such as gypsum, lime, water glass, cement, asphalt and so on decorative materials Such as natural stone, building ceramic products, decorative glass products, decorative mortar, decorative cement, plastic products protective material Such as steel cladding, wharf and so on insulation materials Such as asbestos board, slag cotton, foam concrete, foam glass, fiberboard and so on Building materials are sorted by their source Natural building materials Such as commonly used soil materials, gravel material, wood and so on artificial materials Such as lime, cement, metal materials, geosynthetics, polymer and the like Therefore, this question should be selected A, B, C, E ,
Q:Can the sand in the desert be made of brick or other building materials?
In daily life it plays a clean charm: factory workers wash their hands and feet of soap, cleaning wine bottles, porcelain, metal utensils, jade, silver, etc
Q:Iron ore waste rock can do building materials? You said SiO2 content of more than 65%, that is less than 65% sulfur can be used? Thank you!
5%, SO3 <4%; 2) Mica impurities ≤ 2%
Q:Construction of the total package unit reported the goods to the supervision of concrete is to attach sand, stone, cement raw materials re-test report? Should the mixing station be provided?
The right to require the construction unit to provide sand, stone, cement raw materials re-test report
Q:What is the reason for the concrete from the skin? How to handle
There are many reasons for the occurrence of sand, there is a problem of matching, construction and conservation of the problem, cement or sand itself, the problem, only according to the actual situation to find sand causes, and thus the right medicine, for protection. May wish to try Huayan licensing sand from sand treatment agent, the construction is simple, three days can solve the problem of low sanding strength is not wear!
Q:Why the sand can not replace the river sand to do building materials
The nature of these two sand is different.
Q:What is the difference between the new exterior wall decoration material and the real stone paint?
But for the external finishes, in order to maintain the finishes, progressive stain resistance, often still need to implement the cover disposal
Q:Do a building materials processing plant should be how to apply for business license, what procedures need
Health permit is in the business license before the handle, I do not know the specific ah, health permits more difficult to handle ah
Our company has quite a wide range of business scope, mainly including mica, vermiculite, quartz, carborundum, colored sand, kaolin, medical stone, tourmaline, cobble stone, and marble etc. In addition to selling products well in domestic big cities, our products such as vermiculite and mica also sell well in Japan, Korea, America, India, Russia and other international markets. We are honored by users at home and abroad for the high quality products and rich supply of goods in time.

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