Fire Board for Fireplace

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1 production material,golden or silver expanded vermiculite


2 max working temperture,1100°C


3 continuous working temperture,under  1000°C


4 size,2440*1220MM,2100*900MM,etc


5 thickness,20MM,25MM,29MM,38MM,45MM,etc


6 cold crushing strength,3h*800°C,3.84MPa


7 heat conductivity,0.11W/mk


8 feature,innocuous,rainproof,insulative,mothproof,fireproof


9 supply samples for u to test the composition content and property


10 price and other terms plz contact us to negotiate


11 Material:expanded vermiculite


12 Packing:pallet


13 Thickness:20 25.etc


14 Working temp:1100

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Cement by 330 yuan / ton, sand by 70 yuan / ton, then 2 cm thick 1: 3 cement mortar leveling layer of material costs is 5
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What you do with the need to do with the raw material than the re-test
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There are other iron red and other additives can also be added to the sand
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