Porcelain Tile For Wall 600X600mm

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Loading Port:
China Main Port
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
100 Pieces m
Supply Capability:
10000 Meters per Day m/month

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Product Description:

Porcelain Tile





Glazed/Polished Porcelain Tile

1, MOQ:20FT Container

2, Packing:8pcs/ctn

3, Port:China

4, Thickness:6-9mm

5, Color:all kind of colors

6, Payment terms:T/T,L/C

7, Delivery time:12days after deposit

8, Usage:Exterior&Interior

9, Size:300*300,600*600mm

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Q:What are the requirements for preservative products for aerated brick production line products?
Mainly as follows: First, the paint is necessary to have a processability, such as dipping with dip dipping, paint necessary to meet the storage time, at this moment, no subsidence, no agglomeration, no conjunctiva, , Can adhere to outstanding mobility and stickiness (PH ≥ 12) and high temperature (180 ~ 200 ℃), high humidity (full steam) effect, do not attack the powder, the flow of the powder, Transpiration, embrittlement, or other metamorphosis Third, the coating of anti-corrosion ability should reach the rules of the standard, that should have excellent impermeability, can effectively avoid the oxygen and other corrosive gases and substances infiltration, the steel is not corrosive Fourth, through the autoclave maintenance In the future, the coating should be firmly bonded with reinforced concrete and aerated concrete In the case of a cohesive force test, the damage should occur in the aerated concrete and not between the coating and the reinforcement or coating and the aerated concrete no matter what way dip coating, the coating must be very simple adhesion to the steel, and in the appearance of a layer of steel with a certain thickness of the strong coating to ensure that the coating in the steel mesh transfer and assembly process is not damaged The The elastic modulus of the coating should be much larger than that of the aerated concrete to ensure that the sheet has an outstanding layout function under long-term load effects The quality of the aerated brick equipment must be qualified before it can make the development of aerated brick equipment products faster, for the manufacturers to earn greater benefits
Q:Will the red brick factory tax rate is how much? How to determine the tax rate of different industries, whether the reference?
You have such a question, because the local provisions of a wide range, causing you feel at a loss
Q:Now there is a kind of ground material directly attached to the name on the floor tiles
Your question is not clear, if you want to ask a new piece of tiles directly, then it should be tiles. Because the tiles are getting better now, so the water absorption continues to reduce the traditional cement and sand has been unable to meet the requirements of the tile, and the size of the tile is also growing, so more difficult to paste, so it is recommended to use professional Of the sticking materials, such as porcelain Lai stickers tile to tile. Porcelain paste paste tiles, not only the construction is simple, omit the traditional cement tile tiles of wet walls, immersion bricks, fixed and other steps, and sticking strong, not hollow, can not afford to brick, is a good performance tile Knot material.
Q:My house decoration house, I am in the building materials market, a brick shop to buy the wall and the size of a total of 7300 yuan tiles, the goods have been sent to my house decoration,
1000 yuan is appropriate, the general delivery to the home, handling upstairs, freight, .000 yuan back and forth 2 times is not necessarily enough ah
Q:How do you distinguish between shale bricks and red tiles on the outside? Is shale brick an environmental brick?
Red brick is made of clay as a raw material, by artificial or mechanical compression molding, after drying at 900 degrees Celsius at the temperature of the oxidation of the flame made of sintered building bricks
Q:County-level cities, to open tiles building materials shop, I would like to ask where to go to purchase channels?
"Drug business license" is a must, there are resident pharmacists (practicing pharmacists) there are other hardware facilities
Q:Hollow brick is the country to promote the building materials, it is better than the solid brick, please write two advantages of using hollow brick.
The propagation condition of the sound can be propagated in the gas, the solid, the liquid, and the sound propagates in the gas less than the propagation speed in the solid and the liquid
Q:I would like to ask the shale brick is a refractory material, I have seen in a book shale brick is a good refractory, please elaborate.
And please explain whether the various tests of shale brick fire test, whether it can be issued an experimental report Thank you. Thank you! More
Q:In Xiao County to sell building materials wallpaper, tile business how
You can find the nearby building materials wholesale market to buy, where there are many suppliers, right, do not know where you are? Find the supplier after they find the sample, and then in their own store samples, the supplier's general process will help you solve, you have to look at the shelf life, refers to the color of the popular, all covered high and low Price, pricing should be appropriate, because the industry has been unspoken rules is not for the profit is too low, if the broken "neighbors" you do not open the store money
Q:What are the materials needed for the renovation of the tile?
Mixed with alkaline water or other detergent to clean the surface of the construction of clean water sand leveling leveling line sub-grid Shanghai for high forging 薨 pedal for the clutches of cement mortar wipe the back of the tile used to other combinations like glue cement paste
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