Mounting Wire uses teflon and silicone rubber as insulati

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    The wire uses teflon and silicone rubber as insulation and has excellent rsistance to oil,water,wearing,acid and soda.It is used as hookup wire in all kinds of electrical equipment,instrument and telecommunication device with a wide temperature range .

Type and Description:
TypeDescriptionAF-200silver-coated copper conductor,Teflon insulation,heat-resistance, 200℃AFP-200silver-coated copper conductor,Teflon insulation,tin-coated wire shield,200℃AF-250silver-coated copper,Teflon insulation,250℃AFP-250silver-coated copper,Teflon insulation,tin-coated wire braided shielding,250℃AFBbare copper conductor,Teflon insulation,fiber glass  braided as sheathAFBPbare copper conductor,Teflon insulation,fiber glass braid sheath,tin-coated wire shieldingAGRtin-coated copper conductor,silicone rubber insulationAGRPtin-coated copper conductor,silicone rubber insulation,tin-coated wire braided shielding

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Q:Do you have to use the defult power supply cable in PC?
The cable merely supplies the power to the PSU. You're confusing the wattage of the PSU (350/520W) with the supply voltage (110/120/240v). The cable will work perfectly with either one☺
Q:Can I buy a 6 pin power cable and plug it in to the wall?
pair it with some external 4 pin converters but i would recomend just buying a proper psu
Q:Internal to ONLY Usb no power cable portable hard drive.?
No. Not a 3.5 hard drive. You can do it with a 2.5 laptop drive because the drive mechanics and electronics require less power. A 3.5 drive requires too much power for USB to provide. Though... In the near future, you will see USB ports that are capable of supplying more power than the standard .5 amps that USB currently provides. So after they come out, you might see it being a possibility then.
Q:Why does my laptop shut off when I remove the power cable?
Your laptop hates you
Q:mac power cable quality?
It does happen quite often. Mine got damaged for no reason, guess is the weak link in your mac
Q:Where can I purchase a power cable for our Toshiba Equium laptop?
at toshiba service center
Q:do i need a phantom powered cable?
Not If you have the C-1U version, all you need to do it connect it directly to the USB port on your computer.
Q:What causes a laptop power cable to be loose?
Pulling on the cable will cause the jack to become deformed, and cause poor connections. You will have to replace the jack. On some laptops, it is an internal plug in module that is easy to replace, on others it is soldered to the motherboard, a much more expensive repair....
Q:will leaving the power cable in for my laptop hurt the battery?
No, I've always done that with no issues.
Q:Should TRS or TS cables be used for the powered signal in a 2 channel PA?
TRS cables are used for two channels, either to patch stereo signals from one component to another, or for send and return in an effects loop. TS cables are used for single-channel patching, and would typically be used between a mixer and a power amplifier. Speaker cables are different from signal cables, even though they often use the same plugs. Speaker cables should be made of 18AWG or larger 2-conductor wire, whereas signal cables shoud be made of shielded (screened) wire. Be certain to use the correct type of cable for the type of signal being conveyed. You may want to get some local help for this. Someone near you should be able to assist.

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