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Product Description:

1.Structure of Welding Wire Descrition

Carbonsteel welding electrode AWSE6013 E7018 E7016,stainless steel electrode,

cast iron electrode

Wecan satisfy the customer's need according to each national electric voltagestandard

2.5x350mm, 3.2x350mm,
4.0x400mm, 5.0x400mm 
Co2 gas shielded welding wire

AWS ER70S-6 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm,1.6mm

Submerged arc welding wire (EL-8/12 EM-12EH-14) ,Flux cored welding wire (E71T-1 E71T-11)and so on.
Direct factory, competitive price,stable and high quality, good service for you.

2.Main Features of Welding Wire

1. stable arc

2. low splashing

3. high deposited effeciency

4. beautiful seam

5. suitable for all position

3.Welding Wire Images


4.Welding Wire Specification

Technical data for Marin Certified Copper alloy  ER70S-6 CO2 gas shield Solid MIG Welding Wire

Steel Wire

AWS Code

Chemical Composition (%)

Mechanical Properties






σb   MPa

σ0.2   MPa

δ5 %

Impact Value (J)











–29 °C≥27


Q:Are you factory?

A:Yes, we are factory not shell company. So we can promise good prices and best quality. Welcome you to visit our factory.

Q: What's the delivery time?

A: For products in stock, we can ship it within 7 days after receiving your payment. For custom order, within 24 tons, production time is 20-30 days after confirmed every details.
Q: What about the warranty?
Best price offer,On-time delivery,Strict quality control,The most comprehensive and the most attentive service

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Q:What does "free cleaning" wire mean?
Clean wire is the flux is efficient, after welding, very little residue
Q:Can gas shielded welding wire instead of argon arc welding wire?
Yes, of course. What do you ask? As long as the material is the same, you can use it
Q:What is the difference between Q235B welding with H08mnA and H08A submerged arc welding wire? Which match is better? Ask professional personage to analyse for me
H08A wire welding is used to match Q345B steel welding with H08mnA welding wire. Therefore, the use of H08mnA wire, high prices.
Q:What type of welding wire is used for 5052 aluminum plate welding?
You can use the ER5356 welding wire, 5356 chemical composition: Si:0.25; Fe:0.40; Cu:0.10; Mn:0.05-0.20; Mg:4.5-5.6; Cu:0.02--0.20; Zn:0.10- 0.20; Ti:0.06--0.20: Al; margin; 5336 mg high.
Q:Which kind of welding wire is needed for the welding of No. 20 steel and 316L?
You belong to the dissimilar steel welding I checked according to the petrochemical dissimilar steel welding procedures SHT 3526-2004 provisions (only check to 20# steel and 304L 321 welding, and no 316L, and 304 with A302) electrode (E309-16) or A307 (E309-15).Or A312 (E309Mo-16) with or can refer to 20# and 304 of the wire used. It is slightly affected corrosion resistance point of view, but the problem is not largeH1Cr24Ni13 for welding wire
Q:TP347 stainless steel pipe welding stainless steel 304 what wire?
347+304Welding wire: 1.H03Cr21Ni10Si2.H08Cr21Ni10Si3.H08Cr21Ni10Nb4.H08Cr19Ni10TiWhich is cheap and good to buy, which you use. 347 and 304 components basically consistent, that is, 347 of the ingredients, more than a Nb niobium.
Q:Q235 plate thickness 4mm-5mm what is the diameter of the wire to be selected by submerged arc welding what is the flux?
In fact, 4-5MM has a special submerged arc welding 1.6 wire, that is automatic two welding machine, remove gas and welding flux. Or use 2.5 of the wire,
Q:Can ER308 welding wire be replaced by ER321?
Can ER308, the national brand is H08Cr21Ni10Si, ER321 national brand is H08Cr19Ni10Ti, ER321 and ER308 compared to Cr-Ni elements had little difference, just add ER321 stabilization element Ti can improve the intergranular corrosion resistance of weld
Q:What kinds of brands are there for gas shielded welding wire?
Tianjin bridge, bridge, Kam, Shanghai electric power, Kunshan, Beijing, the Atlantic Tiantai group and so on.
Q:What welding wires are used for welding 12Cr1MoV and 15CrMo?
The selection of different welding alloy steel welding in recent years are based not on the high - low, according to the above principles should be based on one side of the 12Cr1MoV selection of welding materials, 12Cr1MoV belongs to low alloy heat-resistant steel, the general selection of welding wire R31 welding, and the corresponding electrode for R317

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