SG2 Copper Coating Welding Wire AWS ER70S-6

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Product Description:


SG2 copper coating welding wire ER70s-6


depositing speed and high efficiency,stable arc,little splash,good welding seam


DIN SG2 copper coating welding mig wire AWS ER70s-6

1) welding wire ER70S-6 is a kind of mild steel copper coated welding wire, suitable for 100% CO2 and argon and CO2 mixed gas protective welding with stable feasibility, good welding seams, less spatters and excellent welding process properties. Suitable for all-position welding work.

2) applications:used to welding ship building steel (A , B, D, E, A36, D36, E36) and equivalent mild steel or 550Mpa grade mild alloy steel, such as container buildings, bridge building, machinery manufacturing, railway construction, pressure vessels for semi-auto or automatic gas shielded welding and general welding purposes etc.

3) sizes: 0.8mm, 0.9mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.6mm,2.0mm

4) weight per spool/roll: 4.5kg,4.7kg,5kg,15kg,18kg,20kg

5) package: one spool/roll into a carton,then on pallet


Package :



























































Chemical Composition:


























Mechanical Property: 


Joint Strength



succumb strength

(MPA) δ0.2


elongation index



shock value


-29 (J)










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Q:What kind of gas shielded welding wire for Q345 steel plate?
Q345 is one of the commonly used low-alloy structural steel grades, and the welding wires matching the strength are: GB ER50-6 copper plated solid low alloy steel welding wire.ER50-6 welding wire is equivalent to American Welding Association AWS's ER70S-6, Japan JIS's YGW12 classification society. In accordance with the classification society (ABS), Bureau Veritas (BV), Chinese Veritas (CCS), Norway Classification Society (DNV), Germanischer Lloyd (GL), Kr (KR), Lloyd's register (LR), ClassNK (NK) as approved by the classification society.The utility model has the advantages of strong oxidation resistance, strong oil stain and small pore sensitivity of the base material. Used for welding of 500MPa grade structural steel parts, including Q345.Can be used as protective gas welding 100 using carbon dioxide gas; can also be used for MAG welding, argon + carbon dioxide gas, mixed gas arc welding.The diameter of the welding wire is determined according to the factors such as the rated output of welding machine, welding current, welding machine load rate and base metal thickness.
Q:308, 3o9 stainless steel wire component, 309 instead of 3O8, okay?
Tolerable。 But 309 wire is more expensive than 308
Q:What is flux cored wire?
Flux cored wire is a new type of welding material which has been developed rapidly in recent years. It has been widely used in developed countries. According to the data from Japan: since 1985 the proportion of the total welding electrode decreased from 45% to 20%; and the proportion of flux cored wire has reached nearly 30%. In the United States, the proportion of welding rod drops to less than 40%, flux cored wire is close to 40%. In Western Europe, about 30% of the welding rod and about 20% of flux cored wire. Thus, over the past ten years the proportion of traditional industries in developed countries the electrode is declining, while the proportion of flux cored wire in the welding material in it has substantially increased.Flux cored wire and manual electrode has obvious advantages compared with argon arc welding, the welding process is interrupted as continuous production, thereby reducing the number of welded joints, improve the welding quality, improve production efficiency, saving energy.Flux cored wire is also called tubular wire, by type and proportion adjusting cored additives, welding material was easy to design a variety of purposes, because its alloy composition can be flexible and convenient adjustment, so many varieties of flux cored wire is solid wire to smelting and rolling.Flux cored wire is divided into welded and seamless flux cored wire, finished seamless flux cored wire for copper wire, keeping moisture performance and conductivity in the welding process are better than that of seamed flux cored wire.
Q:What welding wire will be used for welding imported aluminum AL6061-T6?
The microstructure and properties of double pulsed MIG welding seam of 6061-T6 sheet aluminum alloy were studied by using ER4043 welding wire and ER5356 welding wire. The results show that the ER5356 welding wire, 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy joint yield, tensile strength and elongation are higher than that of ER4043 welding wire as welded joint filling, welding coefficient of the former is 0.72, while the latter is only 0.65; the two joints are welding hardness of welding seam center approximate symmetrical distribution, the lowest value appeared in the area of joint thermal quenching effect of ER5356 welding wire welding joint, hardness is ER4043 high with ER5356 welding wire; weld wire as filler, 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy as cast microstructure of fine dendrite, relatively thin, with ER4043 welding wire welding, weld cast structure of thick, and branches the crystal is developed, near the joint side fusion zone between the columnar crystal, near the heat affected zone on the side of fine equiaxed grains. Compared with the original base metal, the grain of the heat affected zone has a certain degree of coarsening. Although both of them have a small amount of two phases in the quenching area, the two of the quenching zone is smaller and diffused than that of the quenching zone when the ER5356 wire is used as filler.
Q:The Atlantic Tiantai stainless steel wire and of which good?
Thailand is a first-line brand, price is the most expensive in the domestic market, the quality is also a kind of pass slightly, the Atlantic stainless steel wire can also, the price is relatively cheaper.
Q:What is the difference between 321 wire welding and 304 wire welding?
What is the composition?
Q:Loose summer welding machine two, welding 0.8 wire current and voltage how to adjust?
The welding parameters chungha two welding wire welding machine 0.8: welding voltage 17V~19V, welding current 85A~125A, inductance 0.01mH~0.08mH and carbon dioxide gas flow 6L~12L minutes and arc length 8 mm ~10 mm, straight line, Zuo Xianghan welding.The welding parameters according to the different position of welding, spot welding, arc welding arc breaking even thickness of base material, personal habits such as the use of specific welding and welding speed can be relatively large, welding current and welding voltage, beginners should choose the welding parameters of lower and lower welding speed, otherwise it will the welding speed is not uniform, directly affects the quality of welding.0.8 mm wire can be used as push wire welding, also can be used for wire drawing type welding torch. The transition form adopts short circuiting particle transition, and can be welded in all positions.
Q:What is the cause of the crack in argon arc welding at 304? It's all the same without welding wire
Temperature problem. Try preheating before welding and heat preservation after welding
Q:Does the tungsten electrode of argon arc welding point to the welding wire?
Tungsten can not contact the parent material and welding material
Q:Can ER308 welding wire be replaced by ER321?
Can ER308, the national brand is H08Cr21Ni10Si, ER321 national brand is H08Cr19Ni10Ti, ER321 and ER308 compared to Cr-Ni elements had little difference, just add ER321 stabilization element Ti can improve the intergranular corrosion resistance of weld
She adopts advanced Germany technology and facility to guarantee the product quality. All the products are manufactured according to the ISO 9001 standard. This company already pass the national welding material quality surveillance center examination and approval. Our company can manufacture welding electrodes and co2 welding wires in China.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Hebei,China
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Main Markets North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Northern Europe
Southern Europe
South Asia
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;ISO 9001:2008

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3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin port,Qingdao port
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Russian
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range Low and/or Average