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Swing Board : 

The area you can write on Swing Board is 1.5 times when compared with the conventional white board.

1. The area you can write on Swing Board is 1.5 times when compared with the conventional white  board.

2. You can write and draw on the 6 pages of Swing Board.

3. The revolution of the panels (front - back) is quick and smooth.

4. The letters written on the surfaces of Swing Board do not turn upside down because the panels  revolve horizontally.

5. You can use it at the arbitrary angles from 0 to straight angle.

6. You can use it at the corner part of the chamber when Swing Board is opened at 90 angle.

7. Swing Board is foldaway, so it can be set compactly.

8. Swing Board is easy to carry.

9. Product size (mm)

      1). When opened in maximum : 1800w x 1800h

      2). When closed : 900w x 1800h

      3). Board size : 900w x   900h

10. Attachments : 2 marker pens (red, black), 1 eraser, 6 magnets.

Price : USD $1850 / 1product

           The price is our recommended user price in Japan.

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Q:What electrode is used on the rails?
J422 is a titanium calcium type coating, acid electrode, tensile strength is more than 420MPa; the mechanical properties of rail, which is an indicator of tensile strength, mechanical properties of the rail are as follows:Steel tensile strength /MPa elongation / rail tread hardness% center line (HB)U71Mn, UIC900A = 880, 260~300 = 10PD3, BNbRE = 980, 280~320 = 9EN260 = 880 = 10 260~300 seen from the rail, the tensile strength is more than 880MPa, but the J422 tensile strength is more than 420MPa, so they will split the weld. J506 electrode for low hydrogen potassium type coating is added on the basis of the J507 formula in the arc stabilizing agent amount, the main welding electrode equivalent strength steel, low-alloy steel, ship steel and pressure vessels, such as 16Mn, 09Mn2Si etc.. Belong to the high manganese steel electrode, is the implementation of the "national standard" GB98485 surfacing electrode, electrode, the work hardening is particularly high, which improves the Mo crack resistance and wear resistance, hardened up to HB = 450-500. Higher than the rail 320, so the 506 welding rod welding rail, welding seam will not split.
Q:302 which kind of electrode should be used for welding stainless steel with iron?
A302 electrode can be cheap and matching, pay attention to welding current as small as possible, the electrode diameter as far as possible the use of small diameter welding rod, welding rod arc heat deviation to the stainless steel side.
Q:Commonly known as "white steel electrode" what does it mean?
Is used for welding of stainless steel welding rod, welding core is made of stainless steel wire. The outside pressure is coated with coating.
Q:What type of welding machine does not use electrode welding machine?
In addition to all the outside welding manual welding and manual welding AC DC do not need electrode, such as argon arc welding (filler wire or wire filling), gas welding (CO2, MIG, MAG), submerged arc welding, resistance welding (spot welding, projection welding, seam welding, butt welding), laser welding, diffusion welding, explosive welding, plasma welding, diffusion welding, brazing, etc..
Q:What are the functions of E506 structural steel welding rod, which material is suitable for processing?
You say E506 structural steel welding rod, the correct welding rod brand should be written in E5016 or J506, the former model, and the latter is the brand.E5016 welding rod is a kind of alkali and direct current welding electrode. It is mainly used for basic welding rod which is not used by DC welding machine and welding with AC welder. The material used is the same as J507, and is used for 16Mn (Q345) grade steel.When welding the electrode, the process performance is worse than that of the acid welding rod, that is, spatter is bigger and weld formation is poor. But the metallurgical properties are better, that is, the anti - parathion of welding rod is harmful, and the welding seam has strong anti - crack ability, so it is used in welding of important welding seam. However, this kind of electrode tends to be larger than the direct current alkaline electrode (E5015 or J507), so it is seldom used in welding seams (e.g. pressure vessels) that require inspection.
Q:What kind of welding rod used for cast steel?
Cast steel can be divided according to the composition of low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, different components of the electrodes used is not the same, if it is a low carbon composition, the common electrode, such as E4303 (J422) on it; if it is steel components, should be used in high strength structural steel electrode, such as E5015 (J507) E5515 (J557), welding welding and preheating, to prevent cracks.
Q:Difference between ordinary electrode and tungsten electrode
The common electrode: in the welding process, it is also the weld metal fill electrode, its edge welding edge melting, and to fill in the weld.Tungsten electrodes: non melting electrodes for manual argon arc welding. Or plasma melting non melting electrodes.
Q:What kind of welding rod should be used for welding cast iron? 506?
There is cast iron welding rod, 506 is medium carbon steel or low alloy steel welding rod
Q:What kind of welding rod is used for welding rail and ordinary steel?
1. welding electrodes for rails and ordinary steels:Dissimilar steel welds are made of materials with low strength grades. J507 electrodes can be selected with a diameter of phi 3.2 or 4, and ER50-6 welding wires shall be selected by CO2 welding.The 2. electrode (covered electrode) welding or welding filler metal in melting joint welding of the workpiece. Consists of two parts covering and core wire.
Q:Generally, how many packs are in one case and how many KG in one package?
A case of 5 bags, a pack of 5kg
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