Micro Diameter Drill Tungsten Steel

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90% Carbide, 10%CO;



0.5um Micro Grain;

High-end material;

Pass ISO9001.


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5. Certification & Good corporation. We have passed the ISO9001.

We are willing to establish the long term business coorperation with all customers. 

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Q:What's the difference between a 2 edged cutter and a 3 edged cutter? How do you distinguish it from the surface???
2 blades and 3 blades are like fans' leaves, and so are cutters.
Q:How about the quality of end mill brand milling cutters?
To have such characteristics, 1, widely used in high speed, high hardness heat treatment of material2, up to high speed, high precision, high efficiencyBasically, it's trueBut it is better to find a formal store to buy, and by the way, the authenticity of the identification, this is only professionals know
Q:What kind of milling cutters are used to wash Steel No. 45 and A3 steel?
Korean Chi Chi Garden
Q:Why can't we get higher machining accuracy when we use the disk modulus milling cutter to process the gear?
Disc modulus milling machine is also called single milling cutter. 1., because it is a single milling cutter, it is difficult for the center. 2., the process of moving the knife depends on the accuracy of the carriage, the tension of the bar. 3., the pressure of the gears generally use the chuck and tailstock, so it is difficult to calibrate. The upper bus, then the bus bar, and therefore can not get higher machining accuracy.
Q:I would like to ask you, screw milling speed generally hit how many rpm, you can form it? Do you want to feed it several times, as in a lathe, such as machining M30X3?
I generally processing thread forming a knife; easy to cause only the rules more than the general processing: I M30 27 with 25 thread cutter tooth bottom; just do a SUS316H processing program to you you see generally to 6000N10, G90, G00, G57, X0., Y0.N20, G43, H10, Z0., M3, S6366N30, G91, G00, X0., Y0., Z-20.8009N40, G41, D10, X0., Y-13.4800, Z0.N50, G03, X15.., Y13.4800, Z0.8009, R13.5570, F318.31N60, G03, X0., Y0., Z3., I-15.., J0.N70, G03, X-15.0000., Y13.4800, Z0.8009, R13.5570N80, G00, G40, X0.Y-13.4800, Z0.N90, G49, G57, G00, Z200., M5N100 M30Through the rules and regulations
Q:What are the best brands of HSS and carbide cutters in China at present? How hard alloy Chengdu gerunte? high speed steel
Q: what are the best brands of HSS and carbide cutters in China at present?Answer: there is no best, only better, made of high speed steel for good is the four largest tool factory (above, amount), but the Far East and the day is awesome, carbide cutter is good on behalf of the Zhuzhou diamond.Q: how hard alloy Chengdu gerunte?Answer: said not heard....Q: which is the best for high speed steel, top gear and southwest CNC?Answer: in general, work more, Xigong high speed steel cutter.Q: CNC blade and Sandvik TaeguTec which good?Answer: the world's first brand may be more than a notch higher than the bar!
Q:Milling cutter cutting, selection of cutting parameters for various materials
The choice of cutting machine must be within the main driving power of the machine tool, drive power and spindle speed, feed speed range. The rigidity of machine tool tool workpiece system is an important factor to limit the amount of cutting. The choice of cutting parameters should make the machine tool tool workpiece system not vibrate greatly". If the thermal stability of the machine tool is good and the thermal deformation is small, the amount of cutting can be increased appropriately.The tool tool material is an important factor affecting the cutting amount. Table 6-2 is a comparison of the properties of commonly used cutting tools.Most of the cutters used in NC machines use indexable inserts (clamping blades) and have a certain life span. The material and shape dimensions of the clamping blade must be adapted to the cutting speed and feed in the program and stored in the tool parameters. Please refer to the manual and product samples for the parameters of the standard blade.The workpiece material to be used different workpiece with suitable tool materials, blade type, should pay attention to machinability. A good mark of machinability is the efficient formation of chips under high speed cutting with smaller tool wear and better surface quality. The cutting depth and cutting speed, high low, good surface roughness can be obtained. The cutting depth and feed rate constant cutting speed, less reasonable can obtain higher machining accuracy.The cooling liquid coolant with cooling and lubrication. Take away the cutting heat produced by cutting process, reduce the temperature rise of workpiece, tool, fixture and machine tool, reduce the friction and wear between tool and workpiece, improve the life of tool and the quality of workpiece surface processing. The use of coolant usually increases the amount of cutting. Coolant must be replaced periodically to prevent corrosion of machine tools, rails, or other parts, especially water soluble coolants, due to their aging.
Q:The problem of milling cutters in machining centers
Take the first floor directly. Don't hesitate,,
Q:What are the materials commonly used in end mills?
Kenna or Taiwan spring insurance is good
Q:UG programming, flat milling cutter road does not come, prompt: can not cut on any layer of the workpiece
There is a problem with numerical modelingTry the stitching on the extraction surface
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Factory Size: Below 1,000 square meters
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